Mindset To Create Your Company

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video and I learned some good stuff.

There is a simple trick to create your internet company. This trick allows you to have the sweetest change possible between your school/job and your job as an entrepreneur. This trick is to consider your company as an experience.

See your internet company as an experiment modifies your state of mind. Here’s how you see your company with this state of mind :

  • Your life isn’t wasted if you can’t create a profitable company to live the live of your dreams.
  • Creating a internet company doesn’t demand a large amount of resources. You don’t need to make a huge investments and spend a lot of money. Before increasing your expenses, you have to decrease your uncertainty by having a product or service that clients buy regularly. Once you have your 1000 loyal clients, you can go to the next step. Here is an article I wrote to have 1000 loyal clients, click here ].
  • The best situation is to create and develop your internet company next to your school/job. I advise you to take measured risks, evolve with baby steps and make changes smoothly. With this strategy, you’re not afraid to start. For me, stopping your school/job to create your internet company isn’t a good strategy because if this company doesn’t work, you will not have the opportunity to create another later. It’s extremely rare for a person to start a company that works really well the first time.



You know, there’s a secret to not bieng afraid to start an internet company. It’s to create a project that really motivates you. A project that makes you want to work on it, a project that is so rewarding that you no longer want to play video games or watch videos (Youtube, Netflix, etc).

With this mindset of considering internet company’s creation as an experience, it allows you to learn a lot of things. It doesn’t matter whether the company working or not, because you’re learning new things about yourself, human relations and entrepreneurship.

When you start an internet company, it’s important that you achieve several goals. Here are the goals of my blog :

  • Motivate me to have an athlete body like Men’s Physique.
  • If I can’t make this blog a profitable internet company, I know that everything I learned in the creation and development of this blog is interesting knowledge that I could apply in a new internet company.
  • Create a community around this idea of doing sports to be healthy mentally and physically.
  • Make this blog a profitable internet company.

Having a list of several goals is great because if you fail 1-2 of these goals, you still have the opportunity to achieve the goals that remain.

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How To Reduce Stress (Part 2)


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

If you didn’t read Part 1, click here

3rd step – organize yourself and communicate

organize yourself



Managing your schedule helps limit stress and to do that, here’s what you can do :

  • Prevent an additional 10 to 20 minutes on your travel times.

  • Make a list of priority tasks to do and not to do.

  • Identify bad habits, tasks to eliminate and tasks to delegate.

  • Automatize a maximum of tasks.

  • Focus on taks that immediately bring visible results

  • Avoid to scatter you.

  • Stop these time consuming habits like reading your emails as soon as they arrive of watching your smartphone as soon as there is a notification. Tamagochi  is a toy, not a lifestyle.

  • Do things in their time. Each task, even minimum, must be completed before moving on the next one. This method allows you to improve your concentration and the satisfaction of having completed a task is very motivating.

  • Pause during the day and cultivate your patience. In a situation where you have to wait, take the time to relax instead of sighing and complaining. For example in a queue for a counter, use that : Wait = relax and breathe deeply. Concentrate on yourself in a positive way and on the present moment.


  • Stress is often born from the fact that we don’t know what our interlocutors expect from us. We can’t read people’s minds, so don’t hesitate to ask clearly what people expect of you. Dare to ask questions and create a direct communication. Banish your ego and think that you aren’t absolutely right. You can also avoid sensitive topics.

  • Say « no ». If you can’t render a service someone asks you because you have no time or no resources or you don’t want to take additional responsibilities, then explain that to your interlocutor. Your interlocutors will understand the situation and you will find an arrangement. It’s better to say « no » from the start than to force yourself to keep your commitments. With this attitude, you will avoid being overwhelmed.

4th step – turn away or adapt and accept


turn away




  • Avoid the trigger elements of stress. Limit your contact with people who stress you. Be aware of your environment and control that. For example, use an alternative road to avoid traffic jams. Turn off TV to avoid listening to information that makes you anxious. If you did the analysis of 20% of sources that bring you 80% your stress, you know the people that you must see the minimum or eliminate them from your contacts.

  • Adjust yourself by being willing to compromise. Be assertive by adapting your requirements and avoiding perfectionism.

  • Reframe conflicts by analyzing the problem in a positive way. Look at good things and find benefits of the situation. Focus on positive elements.

  • Accept the trigger of stress and admit that you can’t control everything.

  • Looking for opportunities to improve yourself. Concentrate on what this stressful situation can teach you. Follow the principle of this quote : « What doesn’t kill you , make you stronger » and ask yourself these questions : « How can I get better with this experience ? What did I learn ? ».

  • Forgive. Accept that others make mistakes (because you also make mistakes) and try to evacuate any feeling of anger. When you free yourself from all this negative energy, it’s easy to resume your projects.

In summary « The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another » as William James said.

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Have A Lot Of Ideas For Articles Or Videos


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Here is an idea for having several ideas to create articles and videos. This idea is to write a book of at least 50 pages.

The concept is to share regularly with your audience your reflections and the development of your book.

While you’re writing your book, you’re going to learn new things because you really want your book to help people. It’s for this reason that you show your book’s content before your publishing it.

Maybe for you it’s something stupid because your audience can read your book’s content for free but here is the detail of the process.

Infinite source

When you’re writing a book, you’re in a research mood much more powerful and motivating than usual and your brain will look for ideas for your book constantly with information, scientific studies, case studies, etc. All this will stimulate your creativity to make articles or videos.



Share your book’s contents as quickly as possible, allowing you to see how people react to a theme or a chapter. When you know people’s reaction, you can correct your content if you see that it doesn’t interest anyone or change the way you present or write that. There are also people who will give you additional information.

Share allows you to avoid losing 2 years of your life writing a book in your bedroom and on the day of publication, no one wants to buy it because it’s not interesting.

Now it’s up to you to choose the content’s type with which you are most comfortable, written or video version. As you know, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

But it’s always possible to give an excerpt from your book on a theme and start doing trailer videos while waiting for the book’s publication.

Write your book

It’s really interesting to write a book at any stage of your entrepreneurial life (beginner of expert) and it’s easy to write a digital book (e-book). All word processors convert a text file into PDF and it’s really cool.

Share your book’s content regularly with you audience in a text or video format to update your book’s contents and meet the needs of your audience with a theme that interests you. In addition with this process, this will create you unexpected opportunities that will help your to grow your business.

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Meet People In Shape

meet people

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff.

This has been scientifically proven that we look like the 5 friends we see most often. Think about your 5 best friends :

  • Are they successful ?

  • Are they happy ?

  • Are they healthy ?

  • Do they to exercices ?

When you see a friend’s group, they all have about the same state of mind. When a person of this group want to change, it becomes complicated. Once case that has all happened to us is that on the day we decided to work to be healthy, we were the only person in the group to do it.

And when you’re the only person who want to have a better health, it happens :

  • You decrease your consumption of sugar => your friends complain that you’re in a good physical condition and force you to go eat in a fast-food

  • You go to train at lunch => your classmates or co-workers make fun of you because you’re weird and force you to go eat at the best restaurant in the town.

  • You have a new pullup record => your friends complain that you didn’t come to the bar after school/work.

Don’t worry, these situations also happen to me. It’s hard to reach its goals when people around you want you stay like them. But be healthy is one of the best goal in the world and you aren’t the only person to know this pressure.

This is the moment, yes, it’s the moment to meet people who want to be healthy. Be surrounded by people who are healthier, stronger and faster than you is extremely motivating.

How to find people in shape

how to find people

Here are some tips :

  • Google

    Do a search like : « your activity + your town » and see results. It’s easy and effective. You want to do Tai-Chi, Taekwondo or badminton, you’ll find about 20 clubs in your town.

  • MeetUp

    It’s really cool. Do a search of your activity within 4-8km (3-5miles) of your town. You’ll find about twenty clubs. In 5 minutes, you subscribe on MeetUp.com  and you find 20 interesting clubs, easy !

  • Ask a person who is in a good shape that you see regulary

    This can be a classmate or a co-workers or on Facebook. You can start the conversation with : «  Hey, you’re in shape, what’s your secret ? ». This person will tell you his/her sport and his/her days of training.

    You need to do a training session with this person, even if you don’t like his/her sport. Imagine that during the training session you meet a person who share the same interests as you. You would never have met this person if you hadn’t done this new sport, right ? In the beginning, it’s important to say « yes » to have new contacts.

  • Think different

    Don’t be afraid to think differently to do different activities. There are clubs of soccer, dance, ice-hockey, yoga, etc. Chose something that interests you and give a try. If it’s an activity you’ve never done before, it’s even better. How can you know if you like something if you have never tried ? This is exploring, adventure.

Say « YES »

say yes

It’s important to say « yes » to everything when you do a new activity. Let’s me explain, all these activites have events with social media. Say « yes » to participate to these events to meet more people and have new opportunities or discover a new activity that is implanted in.

Now, I’ll tell you the truth. It’s important to say « yes » more often than « no » if you want that people continue to offer you new activities.

Imagie that you offer regularly to 2 of your friends to do new activities. Your 2 friends always answer the same thing and that’s it :

  • Friend A : « Ooooh no, I can’t today. I have a lot of things to do. Maybe another time ».

  • Friend B : « Mmmmmmmh, what is that ? Ok, we go there together of we find ourselves there ? »

After a while you’ll not propose anything to Friend A and you’ll only talk to Friend B. So for yourself, you want to be the Friend A or the Friend B ?

Go to a MeetUp alone


When you go to a MeetUp arrange you to go with somebody to stay motivated. But be careful, this often prenvents us from having new contacts. If it’s not possible, you need to be prepared to go to a MeetUp alone.

If you don’t usually go to events on your own, there are skills you can learn like confidence and social interaction.

Here a plan to have new conctacts during a MeetUp :

  • Smile

    This is the most crucial thing. Who like to talk to a scared person and who has a closed face ?

  • Don’t look for another person alone

    It’s easier to talk to a person alone than a group but there is a trap. This person is like you and is to shy to talk to someone else and you’ll spend the rest of the time to talk together in a corner without meeting anyone.

  • Make eye contact, give them a firm handshake and introduce yourself

  • Ask «  Are you here for the _______________ MeetUp ? »

    Continue the conversation with : «  Ok, cool. I signed up yesterday and I didn’t know what to expect ».

  • Ase open questions

    « What brought you here ? » or « Where are good places to do this activity in the city ? » or « Why did you start this activity ? »

  • If the conversation starts to be annoying

    Ends the conversation with : « Great to meet you. I’m gonna run to the bathroom/grab a dring ». You do the thing you said and you go to the another group.


In a Meetup, you’re surrounded by people who want to meet people. Don’t do the anti-social and profit to have new contacts. Here a video  and an article  of Ramit Sethi to help to improve social skills.



It’s not with magic or thniking very strongly (Mmmmh, The Secret ?!?) that you’re going to have new activites or meet new people in shape. It’s for this reason you need to do the first step because they are not going to come to seek you, it’s up to you to be the hunter.

It’s worth looking for them because they’ll help you reach your goals, encourage you to be healthier, be stronger and be faster.

Then goes hunting for people in shape

How it went when you joined a new club or met new friends when you decided to be healthier ?


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Smartphone apps :

To track my calories, I use MyFitnessPal 

To track my training program, I use Jefit 

Power And Expansion

first step

I walk fast ! It’s like that and I’m a bit irritated when someone in front of me walk slower than me. Often people ask me why I always walk fast. I never thought about this question but I think walking fast is a sign of my aggressive attitude with the life.

I find that a passive attitude isn’t something productive for me. It’s an attitude that constraint the mind in a small circle of opportunities and the truth is for the human mind, everything the mind can store can be a potential tool to improve the lifestyle.

All can be used for my wellness, my environment, my situation. I say this all the time and I really believe. This is cliché but life is what you make it. I do everything to create opportunities, I don’t expect that others create opportunity for me. I’m busy creating opportunities in my life.

first step

You can’t wish, wish, wish, pray for something to happen and without do something, it happens. It’s your job to make that happen.

Often I have an idea but I don’t know how I’ll do it but when I make the first step, while the process, I understand better and better how I can do it. If you don’t make the first step, you’re planning, you’re planning, you’re planning to have the perfect plan before executing. The perfect plan is to make it and stumble on the way to understanding.

When you stumble and you get you, you’re stronger and wiser do what you have to accomplish.


A Word Of Wisdom


I want to share something important with you that I noticed with my friends.

I don’t want people to think that I tell myself : « Wow, I’m a genius, people follow my advice ! » Because I’m not. I’m like you. There are things that I learned in my life, I internalized and I try to use them in my life. And things that I have received that are good, I share them because other people have done this with me.


Often in your life, people tell you what you have to do and they do it to help you to make decisions, but sometimes you have to follow your instincts. Following your instincts can you make mistakes. Often you have to make mistakes to learn in the hard way and it’s by making mistakes that you improve your instinct. You always learn something from your mistakes.


There is something I see as an undeniable fact, it’s that nothing happens by coincidence, no matter whether good or bad, you have attracted them in your life. We are a direct demonstration of our thoughts. It’s like when you think of a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and a few days after you see him/her or someone speaks of him/her. When you see a person who is successful in life, it’s that this person wanted so much that it came true.

You can pray or wish to have something, that’s cool, you put that thought in your head (work, home, money, girlfriend, etc.) but just feel like it is done is not enough. This is just the first step then you must act. Once you have the opportunity to realize your wish, do it. Think about your desire every day and think about how you can achieve it. Write it, read books, studied so that your wish comes true in your life.


I like being around people who take care of me. You take care of me, I take care of you, you don’t take care of me, I don’t take care of you. This is the person I am, you give 100% to me, I give you 200%. Being a winner is also good to be well surround because you’re not only a winner in sport, it’s in life in general. You’re the only person to define your success. There are people who earn millions and are unhappy. And there are people who have 1 million and are happy.



One thing I do to be a strong man is to train my mind as I train my body. A day has 24 hours, one hour is sufficient to train your body, it’s the same thing for your state of mind. Take 1 hour to read something to develop your mind. Being strong in the sport is good, but being strong in mind is great !

Sometimes when I’m tired, I have a trick, I take an audio book is more practical. You see, build your state of mind, reading books or magazines that teach you things in an area that interests you, something than sports. If you want to be a complete person, you must be obsessed with somethings other than sport. Anyway, who chose but I know that to be successful in life, be only obsessed with sport is not enough.

I know you’ve seen it, there are people who have a good physique but all day they speak of only one thing: « How to develop the body, arms, legs, etc. ». This is not an interesting topic for the majority of people on the planet and I know you don’t want to be that type of person, me too. Just have and maintain a good physique isn’t a solid foundation for a successful life.

Do a training program and track your progress to exceed your limits, allows you to do the same process in other areas of your life. You want to be a better friend ? You want to be best in your studies or your work ? This process is perfect to give you challenges and take problems as challenges.

When you you’re interested in something other than sports, you improve your knowledge and knowledge is the retention of information. From the moment that you really understand something, you can apply it in your life and explain it to others to help them to understand. You can give back to the people to improve their lives because you make a transfer of knowledge. This can be any knowledge as the origin of musical styles, It’s cool, many people are interested by this topic.

What I say is true for girls. You can have a beautiful physique, a beautiful face but if your head and your heart are empty, you’ll be sad in your life. Ok, there are boys who like this kind of girls but you know that these situations never lasts long. People want a deep intimate interaction, a greater thing than the physical.


There is a time, I read a lot of books but now I can’t explain some books I read. Now I take my time to read a book, I want to understand the definition of each word. It takes longer, but it works the brain to understand this new knowledge. Throughout your life, your brain learns new things when you stimulates it. If you don’t do it, your brain become weak. You can play games such as crossword puzzles or chess to exercise your brain. Stimulates your brain and train your state of mind as you train your body, it’s simple.



Be like an average persone isn’t motivating, it’s not acceptable. Don’t be like an average person is much more interesting and that much more valuable. Yes it takes a lot of effort but it’s better than having just enough to pay bills and hangout with friends. To achieve that, you have to give the best of yourself in every things you do, do it really well. Whether you like or not your studies or your work, by this way you will create opportunities. Be an average person don’t create exceptional opportunities.

Don’t accept that your friends are happy to be like everyone else because this is not an environment that pushes you to give the best of yourself, find other friends. My friends are people who do everything to be better everydays and it’s super motivating. It wasn’t easy to find them but now that I have, my life has changed dramatically for the better.


Enjoy life. I am a very serious person but for those who know me when I decided to make party, I put me in the « idiot » mode and we laugh a lot. We have one life and we must also know how to decompresse. All I’m doing isn’t to make my life difficult but getting somethings easily, I’ll lose them easily. By getting somethings difficult, I keep them, tihis is life gains.

I love my life and people feel it. I’m proud of what I have because it was difficult to get them. When you work hard, the fruit of your work is extraordinary. I have a great life but it comes from hard work. It was never ever good or positive, I often had to struggle, I have often struggle to create a solid foundation and it’s not over.

You work hard now and you enjoy after. I work hard, I have no social life, it’s my choice, but when you work hard, you benefit more out of life.

You have one life takes pleasure in your life with solid people. You don’t want to be with people that attract problems, people who take everything you got, you want to be in a relationship of exchange with people. We all have different qualities and personalities but when a person takes everything you have and abuse, this is not a good situation. Be surrounded by productive and smart people. Be surrounded by people you admire.

This is what I advise you but it’s your choice to follow or not. I wish you to have the best life you can have.


Strong Mind

strong mind

I would like to talk about strong mind . There are certain principle that you must develop to have a strong mind.

A strong motivation and a strong desire to win or be successful

You need to believe in you. You need to have a great confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. Another thing, when you fail, you need to be able to recover from that to keep moving forward. You need to see your obstacles as potentials opportunities. Viewing a obstacle and see it as an exciting challenge. Be like « Okay, that look difficult but it will make me stronger when I will have succeeded ». Obstacles are springboards and opportunities to improve your attitude.

So don’t be discouraged, don’t be sorry for yourself, don’t be sorry for your friends. If someone made a mistake, let him know. Fix yourself, head up, chest up and back to work. There is no time to « Ooooh I don’t know why it happened blah blah blah ». No, no, no, you’re a strong person, you have a strong mindset. Don’t be overwhelmed by a negative situation, learn from your mistakes and good things will happen to you.

You have your conscience and your subconscious, your subconscious doesn’t differentiate between what is good and what is bad. It doesn’t understand this concept. Your subconscious takes what you give him and made it a reality. Some people call it the Secret, others prayers, no matter the name, it’s still the same way.

guts berserk

Put yourself in your mind that you are the boss and that you can handle any situation that happens. Don’t say you think do it, tell yourself that you do it. If you say to yourself « Oh, I don’t know, it’s too hard », you’re right, you will not succeed. You are always right, no matter what you tell to yourself, you’re right. If you tell to yourself you know you can do it, you’re right. If you say to yourself that you can’t do it, you’re right. It’s a cliché but life is exactly what you want to do.

So why not live like a boss. Be a lion in the jungle. Don’t be the wildebeest, be the predator. Become the king of your domain, control your own body, control your own mind. Control situations happens to you and being positive. When you really understand that, you’ve really got it and you are using it is better than having riches.

I’m not a very religious guy but I always admire King Solomon. King Solomon was like « I don’t want money or wealth, I want wisdom and I can get everything I need with wisdom ». That’s the thing.

Talking to yourself

There is another thing I do is talking to me myself. I know it sound crazy, especially when you do something very difficult, but it increases your self-esteem. This increases your self-esteem for a difficult task. Say to yourself « I can do it, I really can do it », it boost your self-confidence to achieve your goal.

talking to yourself

This trick is not physical, it’s mental. Your mind can allow you to exceed the limits of your body. Put yourself in survival mode, get out of your comfort zone and you become stronger mentally, spiritually and physically.