Dramatic Mistakes

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff. Usually beginner entrepreneurs make 3 dramatic mistakes. Don’t be focused on sales When we run a company, the most important thing to do is make sales. Find first customers as soon as possible to have enough sales to achieve breakeven. Breakeven is the moment where we earn enough money…

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Content Blog (Part 2)

No inspiration Attention ! If you didn't read the Part 1 click here Wait for inspiration to write is like waiting for inspiration to speak. If every time we needed to be inspired to speak, we wouldn’t say a lot. Just do it - Start before you feel ready because we're never ready. « Being ready » means what ? It's not ready,…

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Priorities Of The Dieting (Part 2)

  Self-protection and the warning is clear that I have to make here to avoid some sarcastic haters remarks « again, not an exact science » and « this is basic information » and « blah blah blah ». With that said, I first want to make a presentation and talk about variables. Energy intake - This is the total number of calories you take in.…

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