Masturbation And Sport

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I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

My intention is to explain masturbation’s effect on a sport activity without being vulgar. Masturbation is a normal activity for some people and abnormal for others. In some religions, it’s a forbidden or ignoble activity but it’s an activity that most people do.

Type of person

type person

The open minded person

For this person, masturbation is a normal activity because it’s natural and give a good mood. It’s not something bad.

The guilty person

For this person, masturbation is an abnormal activity, ignoble but despite that, this person does it and still feels guilty after masturbation.

The obsessed person

For this person, masturbation is an obsessive activity. This person could masturbate every hour, every day.

The bored person

For this person, masturbation is an activity to kill boredom. He’s a person who has nothing to do in life or in the day and doesn’t know what to do, masturbation.

How the body reacts

body reaction

chart masturbation dopamine orgasm prolactin testosterone

  1. The intensity of masturbation increases (black line)

  2. There is a release of hormones, it’s dopamine. Before masturbation, there is a first release of dopamine that cause sexual arousal and there are other dopamine release during masturbation (blue line)

  3. Sexual arousal during masturbation will start the process to have the explosion, this explosion is orgasm (red line).

  4. Once the orgasm has happened, there is a release of hormones, it’s prolactin. Prolactin causes the loss of interest to continue masturbation. You satisfied and you don’t want to continue to masturbate. In some situation, prolactin can make you feel guilty (green line).

Stop masturbation for 1-3 weeks


chart masturbation dopamine orgasm prolactin testosterone

There is a black line in the middle of the chart. This is the line of testosterone. When you stop masturbation for 1-3 weeks, there is an increase in testosterone rate. But after 3 weeks, the testosterone rate returns to normal. You have to base on your normal testosterone rate to see if your testosterone is affected by anything.

It’s possible that during masturbation, the testosterone rate is below your normal testosterone rate. In this case, it’s another problem and it’s necessary to see your doctor for more details.

Most people think that masturbation makes you lose testosterone. So if masturbation makes you lose testosterone, it means that masturbation also make you lose muscles. The truth is that this myth is wrong.

Masturbation and gain muscle

anatomy muscle

The answer is « No » because the elements that influence muscle gain are training program, nutrition and rest/sleep. The only thing that masturbation does before or after a training session is the increase in heart rate.


Now that you have this information, it doesn’t mean that I encourage you to masturbation several times a day, every day. You do this when you want according to your desires but in moderation.

Here are several scientific studies on masturbation and testosterone :

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The Dark Side Of Bodybuilding

matrix architect

I lost a little bit my motivation to do a competition after seeing a Frederick Delavier’s video about competitions Bodybuilding (video in French) . I told you that in 2018, I would do a competition in Men’s Fitness and I was a little disturbed.

Frederic Delavier speaks with his friend Michael Gundill (a friend with he wrote several book about exercise) on the bodybuilding’s excesses . 


Synthetic testosterone that makes the body stop to product natural testosterone, which is a big problem for sex (impotence); increased aggressiveness (roid rage) but bodybuilders are bad in street fight; Internal organs are increasing causes of growth hormones (prostate becomes so big that it prevents you from peeing); Hairs grows on the back or have the mustache for women; Increase ligaments and cartilage, which decrease flexibility; etc.


Decreased libido; decreased sperm production; The bodyfat percentage is so low that it stop libido because the body thinks there is a famine. Excess testosterone in the body is converted into estrogen (female sex hormones) which makes it more sensitive (cry watching a romantic movie); etc.


Steroids are very expensive and a bodybuilder can spend $ 1000 per week for food. If the bodybuilder doesn’t work or hasn’t his own business as a personal trainer or another, he can do gay prostitution even if he isn’t gay. Find a « Sugar Daddy » who pays him in exchange for some services. There are also pay-sessions with the webcam. I wrote an article on the subject . The Gulf countries are the new destination for this kind of thing.

The conclusion of this video is to do the difference between training and competition. It’s really two different things ! Competition is entertainment like seeing a rock concert, rap or music. Because seriously, musical artists, usually, they have a shitty life with a lot of drugs, but we like their music and concerts and everyone don’t cares about artists’s health ! Bodybuilding competitions is the same.

bodybuilder natural vs steroid

This is why I wondered if it was a good idea to do this competition because I don’t take steroids. I never have a hyper shredded and muscular physique like those who take steroids and I would be next to them on stage. But I remembered the article I had written about the competition I’m going to do. I don’t do the competition to win a medal. I do the competition because it’s my challenge, I want to see how my body can naturally evolve and to promote my blog too.

Jay Cutler had said that bodybuilders were too muscular for their bodies. It’s like being obese but instead of fat, it’s muscle. My challenge isn’t to have the buzz, it’s to show to my offspring how they can have a muscular and healthy body. This is a part of my legacy. If other person found my advice interesting, it’s cool but my priority is to build my legacy.

The matrix is here to entertain you and make you forget the truth !

And you ? What do you think of bodybuilding competitions ?


La Face Cachée Du Bodybuilding

matrix architect

J’ai perdu un peu de motivation pour faire une compétition après avoir vu une vidéo de Frédéric Delavier sur les compétitions de Bodybuilding (vidéo en français). Je t’avais dit qu’en 2018, je ferais une compétition en Men’s Physique et j’ai été un peu troublé.

Frédéric Delavier parle avec son ami Michael Gundill (un ami avec lequel il a écrit plusieurs livre sur les exercices physiques) sur les dérives du bodybuilding.


La testostérone synthétique qui fait que le corps arrête de produit de la testostérone naturel, ce qui est un gros problème pour les relations sexuelles (impuissance) ; agressivité augmenté (roid rage) mais les bodybuilders sont mauvais en bagarre de rue ; Les organes internes augmentent à causes des hormones de croissances (la prostate devient tellement grosse que cela t’empêche de faire pipi) ; Les poils qui poussent sur le dos ou avoir la moustache pour les femmes ; L’augmentation des ligaments et des cartilage, ce qui diminuent la souplesse ; etc.


Diminution de la libido ; diminution de la production de sperme ; Le taux de graisse corporelle est tellement basse que cela stop la libido parce que le corps croit qu’il y a une famine. L’excès de testostérone dans le corps est transformé en oestrogène (hormones sexuelle femelle) qui rend plus sensible (pleurer en regardant un film romantique) ; etc.


Les stéroïdes coûtent très chers et un bodybuilder peut dépenser $1000 par semaine pour la nourriture. Si le bodybuilder ne travaille pas ou n’a pas sa propre entreprise comme coach sportif ou autre, il peut faire de la prostitution gay même s’il n’est pas gay. Se trouver un « Sugar Daddy » qui lui paie tout en échange de quelques services. Il y a aussi les séances payante avec la webcam. J’avais écrit un article sur le sujet . Les pays du Golfe sont la nouvelle destination pour ce genre de chose.

La conclusion de cette vidéo est qu’il faut faire la différence entre l’entraînement et la compétition. C’est deux choses réellement différente ! La compétition est un divertissement comme voir un concert de rock, rap ou musique. Parce que sérieusement, les artistes de musique, d’habitude, ils ont une vie de merde avec pleins de drogues mais nous aimons leurs musiques et leurs concerts et tout le monde s’en fout de la santé des artistes ! Les compétitions de bodybuilding c’est pareil.

bodybuilder natural vs steroid

C’est pour cela que je me suis demandé si c’était une bonne idée de faire cette compétition car je ne prends pas de stéroïdes. J’aurais jamais un physique hyper sec et musclé comme ceux qui prennent des stéroïdes et je serais à côté d’eux sur scène. Mais je me suis souvenu de l’article que j’avais écrit sur la compétition que j’allais faire. Je ne fais pas la compétition pour gagner une médaille. Je fais la compétition parce que c’est mon défi, je veux voir comment mon corps peut évoluer naturellement et pour faire la promotion de mon blog aussi.

Jay Cutler avait dit que les bodybuilders étaient trop musclés pour leurs corps. C’est comme être obèse mais au lieu d’avoir de la graisse, c’est du muscle. Mon défi, ce n’est pas d’avoir du buzz, c’est pour montrer à ma descendance comment ils peuvent avoir un corps musclé et sain. Cela fait partie de mon héritage. Si d’autre personne trouvent mes conseils intéressant, c’est cool mais ma priorité c’est construire mon héritage.

La matrix est là pour te divertir et te faire oublier la vérité !

Et toi ? Que penses-tu des compétitions de bodybuilding ?


8 powerful fruits for better health ?

phytonutrients fruit

They protect everything from your prostate to your erection. This selection comes mainly from the world’s best doctor: nature.

There is something important to not to do and you are far from the only one in this case. Most people are just as lax as you are on that. Too many people don’t follow a half of the recommendations to have a balanced meal with fruits and vegetables. And if you’re part of that crowd, there’s something you should know, your diet is probably deficient in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. All that your body needs in order to have a healthy health and canned fruits and fruit juices aren’t helping, it’ even the opposite.

If eating an apple a day keeps you away from medical visits, informations in this post will help to don’t see him.

Here is the famous list of fruits:

A) Pomegranate


If you have ever suffered from erectile dysfunction, adding this “natural Viagra” to your daily diet. Research has shown that the powerful antioxidants in the seeds and pomegranate juice may help reverse oxidative damage, according to Oz Garcia (Ph. D), called “natural rusting“, the vascular system which plays a major role in the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. That is probably why some theologians believe that the pomegranate, not an apple, was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

B) Apple


A medium apple is a snack, a pack of 4 grams of soluble fiber, which represents 17% of the required daily value. “This is important for controlling blood sugar levels and colon health” says Elson Haas (MD), author of Staying Healthy with Nutrition. It‘s also a good source for stimulating the immune system with vitamin C. “Apples also contain quercetin, which has antihistamine and anti-allergy

C) Grape


Studies have shown that carbohydrate intake to high glycemic index after training produces a greater amount of glycogen to replenish what you have depleted after a hard session. “The grape is a fruit with a high glycemic rate,” says nutritionist John Kiefer, “making it an ideal post-workout snack.” It’s also rich in vitamins A, C, B6, folate and several essential minerals.

D) Cherry


Jonny Bowden (Ph.D), author of The 150 Healthies Foods on Earth, says that inflammation in the body is the root cause of most diseases and discomfort. “Chronic inflammation can cause havoc on your vascular system,” he says, “but many people also suffer from acute inflammation caused by sports injuries”. Studies suggest that weekend warriors eating tart cherries can relieve pain. Those that have the highest concentration of anthocyanins 1 and 2, enzymes that help to calm inflammation.

E) Blackberry


Garcia recommends blackberries for the exceptional power of its phytochemicals and vitamin K. “This is important for men, because it was proven that it helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer,” he said . “It is also rich in mineral manganese, which helps to support the production of testosterone.” Blueberries and raspberries are also rich in lutein, which helps to improve the health of the eye and helps prevent muscle degeneration.

F) Grapefruit


The famous study of the Scripps Clinic “Grapefruit Diet” found that participants who ate half a grapefruit before each meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds (1.6 kg) in 12 weeks. “There is a great appetite suppressant,” said Bowden. “It also contains pectin, a soluble fiber that slows the progression of atherosclerosis”. Avoid eating grapefruit if you are under medical prescription because it interacts with enzymes of liver, so that the drug can stay in your body longer than expected.

G) Lemon


“The citric acid in lemon helps break down fat and stimulates the digestive juices,” says Haas, which do 10 days of lemonade cure each year to reduce fat and cholesterol. “Add the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water every morning to support the function of liver and the gallbladder. “Drink a little fresh lemon juice before an exam or meeting. It has been proven that the energizing scent of lemon could alleviate fatigue, anxiety, nervousness and increase concentration and alertness. “

H) Papaya


Papain, an enzyme in papaya is useful in relieving indigestion gas. Another of its enzymes, chymopapain, relieves inflammation. A cup of fresh papaya has only 60 calories and a good dose of vitamin C (88 mg). “When you’re purchasing papaya, seek out those who are more yellow and feels slightly soft when you touch“, says Dr.Garcia.