Have Productive Hobbies

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video and I learned some good stuff.

There are people who are named « High Achiever ». They’re people who have extraordinary results in their field. What’s interesting is that they all have a common pattern, they have a lot of productive hobbies. That’s not to say that they don’t have hobbies like watching videos, playing video games or partying, but it’s in small quantities.

Take the exemple of Richard Branson, the billionaire founder of Virgin. During an interview, he said that the hobby that had changed his life was sport. For him, the sport is fundamenal to improve the lifestyle but it’s not the case for all successful entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs wasn’t an athlete and he was successful.


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The question is : « What hobby is unproductive that you can replace with a productive hobby and relax ? ». A productive hobby is a hobby that allows you to reach your goals, improve your lifestyle and relax at the same time.

Decreasing your unproductive hobby by productive hobby is a task to be done slowly and gradually as for sport. This is the cumulative effect. If instead of eating a piece of pizza, you eat a salad every day, after few months, you’ll have a huge difference in your weight, your energy and your well-being.

When I started to replace unproductive hobby with productive hobby, I put pressure on myself not to play video games, watch videos on internet or party with my friends. After a few months, I wanted to stop everything, I saturated with personal development information and I felt like I had no more fun living. So to decrompress, I party for 1 week.

This is where I realized that you always have to have a balance. « High Achiever » also have unproductive hobby, the difference is that they don’t spend 4-6 hours to watch videos.

Have fun and be productive

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An unproductive hobby is something that relaxes you but doesn’t bring you anything compared to your goals. In addition to the satisfaction that this unproductive hobby brings you, you feel guilty. It makes you nervous or even more stressed. Because of this frustration, you continue to do unproductive hobbies and you fall into an infernal spiral.

On the other hand, a productive hobby like sport, meditation, to read books interesting, to be in contact with the nature are hobbies which relax you, improve your lifestyle and allow you to reach your objectives. Scientific studies show that the 2 most creative activities are walking in nature and playing a musical instrument.

Make a list of unproductive hobbies that you do and replace them with productive hobbies. The idea is to reduce your unproductive hobby and increase your productive activities to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and why not your hobbies list.

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Create A Company In A Hyper Competitive Market

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What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

People often tell me that they want to create a blog, a Youtube channel or a company but the market is very competitive and they wonder if it’s worth it. It’s true that in markets like personal development, fitness or photography, these are markets where you will not start in the same way as in a market where there is little competition.



It’s not because the market is hypercompetitive that you have no chance. The main thing is to differentiate yourself from others and to allow people to connect with you. That’s what happened to me a few months ago. I was looking for podcasts on fitness and I found Shrugged Collective . But I didn’t like the guys voice so I changed to The Model Health Show  and I like this podcast. These 2 podcasts are listened to by thousands (or millions) people and what is important to understand is that these podcasts can’t please everyone, it’s impossible.

There are people who will like what you do and there are people who will hate what you do. This is why there is a place for everyone. In theory, you can offer exactly the same product/service as many other people in a market but there are people who will buy your products/services rather than others because people have more feelings with you.

Shrugged Collective and The Model Health Show are the same thing, they’re podcasts about fitness. What makes the difference isn’t the content (because now, a lot of people make good content) but the podcast’s voice. The question you ask yourself when you’re listening a podcast is : « Am I going to spend hours and hours listening to that voice and that kind of elocution ». It’s the same with companies, especially on internet when you do Personal Branding (reputation) when you allow your audience to connect with you.

Have Your Own Authentic Style

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It’s like in everyday life, there are people who will like and others who will hate you because we’re human beings. When you buy a computer or a smartphone, who will you buy it from ? You’ll buy it from people you like the most and it’s normal.

Of course, having your own authentic style isn’t the only way to differentiate yourself. But attention, it’s not because people like you that you’ll automatically have a business that works. It’s necessary to have an idea that has economic potential. What I have noticed is that people neglect the importance of connecting with the audience, the community or the clients.

I know there are people following me because they have a good feeling with me and not with my competitors. And others have a good feeling with my competitors and not with me. It’s not a problem, it’s normal, it’s human and it’s part of life.

Don’t be afraid to enter a market with hypercompetitiveness, there is always a place for you. In this case, it’s necessary to realize that it will be difficult to make your place in a competitive environment. It’s difficult because you should be in a market where there are behemoths. But the advantage of a competitive market is that you know it’s a profitable market because there are already a lot of people living on it.

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Blog Content (Part 1)

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There is a The Family’s video of Hugo Amsellem (french)about blog content that I find excellent and I want to share this with you.

When we have a passion, we can create content and the smallest step to create content, it’s a blog. But most people have excuses. Here are 4 excuses :


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Nobody will read what I write – Obviously, at the beginning there will be nobody and it’s normal. Understand that the first audience, it’s you. Then there are your family and friends who will perhaps share some of your articles. Blogs have started in 1995 and they had no social networks. They were compelled to share theirs articles by email to friends and they managed to have millions of subscribers.

Having an audience is secondary – Doesn’t consider an audience as a reward for creating content. You must create content regularly because you love doing it. You have to love to write for yourself. Have the largest number of subscribers or followers isn’t a reward.

Expresse yourself – In our society there is very little time when we can really express ourselves. Except when we take a photo on Instragram to show our life, perhaps. With a blog, you can release a creation potential, it’s worth.

Write – Write a blog about an industry, a subject or a passion, it’s the first step of entrepreneurship. This helps to organize ideas and thoughts. We have full of ideas all the time, we get a lot of output that gives us ideas. If we keep these ideas, they will not give a place to new ideas and that’s what kills creativity. Expressing these ideas regularly allows you to be more creative. Creativity is the key to entrepreneurship.


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I write badly – Seth Godin himself says that early in his blog, he was bad. Now he writes bestsellers and this is one of the most respected people in marketing. To reach that level, he disciplined himself to write one article per day, no matter if it’s 2 lines or 10 pages. Articles by articles, he became better from day to day. We must realize that all superstars, at the beginning, were bad in their field. Good writing from bad writing. People who are born with a talent for writing are in art or literature schools, these aren’t people who want to start a business. As Seth Godin says :, « The first draft is always exist and no one started with something other than a bad draft thinking – what am I going to say ? ».

Spelling mistakes – It’s not an excuse because now there are brilliant spell checkers. People consume content so that when they find great content with a few mistakes, it’s okay. Are you dyslexic ? You have no excuse, do it.

Courage – When we publish an article on a blog or elsewhere, we must be told who we are authentically. When we’re genuine, we put ourselves naked. Writing is the organic extension of ourselves. The word courage comes from the Latin phrase heart and courage, originally meant : « Tell who you are with your heart in your hand ». So when we start, we are bad and we must remember it because no one has started already good.

And you ? What prevents you to create content ?

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Contenu Blog (Part 1)

blog content

Il y a une vidéo de The Family par Hugo Amsellem sur le contenu de blog que je trouve excellente et je veux partager ça avec toi.

Quand nous avons une passion, nous pouvons créer du contenu et la plus petite étape pour créer du contenu, c’est un blog. Mais la plupart des gens ont des excuses. Voici les 4 excuses :


blog audience

Personne va lire ce que je vais écrire – Evidemment, au début il n’y aura personne et c’est normal. Il faut comprendre que la première audience, c’est toi. Ensuite il y a ta famille et tes amis qui vont peut-être partager certaine de tes articles. Les blogs ont commencé en 1995 et ils n’avaient pas de réseaux sociaux. Ils étaient obligé de partager leurs articles par email à leurs amis et ils ont réussi à avoir des millions d’abonnés.

Avoir une audience est secondaire – Il ne fait pas considérer une audience comme une récompense pour créer du contenu. Il faut que tu créés du contenu régulièrement parce que tu aimes le faire. Il faut que tu aimes écrire pour toi-même. Avoir le plus grand nombre d’abonnés ou de followers n’est pas une récompense.

Exprimes toi – Dans notre société, il y a très peu de moment où nous pouvons nous exprimer réellement. Sauf quand nous prenons un photo sur Instragram pour montrer notre vie, peut-être. Avec un blog, tu peux libérer un potentiel de création, ça vaut la peine.

Ecrire – Ecrire un blog sur une industrie, un sujet ou sur une passion, c’est les prémices de l’entrepreneuriat. Cela permet d’organiser les idées et les pensées. Nous avons pleins d’idées tout le temps, nous recevons pleins de messages qui nous donne des idées. Si nous gardons ces idées, ils ne vont pas laisser la place à de nouvelles idées et c’est ce qui tue la créativité. Le fait d’exprimer ces idées régulièrement permet d’être plus créatif. La créativité est la clé de l’entrepreneuriat.


seth godin

J’écris mal – Seth Godin dit lui-même qu’au début de son blog, il était nul en écriture. Maintenant il écrit des bestsellers et c’est une des personnes les plus respecté dans le domaine du marketing. Pour arriver à ce niveau, il s’est discipliné pour écrire un article par jour, peut importe que ce soit 2 lignes ou 10 pages. Articles par articles, il est devenu meilleur de jour en jour. Il faut se rendre compte que toutes les superstars, au début, étaient nuls dans leur domaine. La bonne écriture vient de la mauvaise écriture. Les personnes qui sont né avec un talent pour l’écriture sont dans des écoles d’art ou de littérature, ce ne sont pas des gens qui veulent créer une entreprise. Comme dit Seth Godin : « Le premier brouillon existe toujours et personne n’a commencé avec autre chose qu’un brouillon pourri en se disant – qu’est ce que je vais dire ? ».

Fautes d’orthographe – Ce n’est pas une excuse parce que maintenant il y a des correcteurs d’orthographe géniaux. Les gens consomment tellement de contenu que quand ils trouvent un excellent contenu avec quelques fautes, c’est pas grave. Tu es dyslexique ? T’as pas d’excuse, fait le.

Courage – Quand nous publions un article sur un blog ou ailleurs, il faut raconter qui nous sommes de façon authentique. Quand nous sommes authentique, nous nous mettons à nu. L’écriture est le prolongement organique de nous-même. Le mot courage, vient du mot latin coeur et la phrase courage à l’origine voulait dire : « Raconter qui tu es avec ton coeur dans la main ». Donc quand nous commençons, nous sommes nuls et il faut se souvenir de ça parce que personne n’a commencé déjà bon.

Et toi ? Qu’est-ce qui t’empêche de créer du contenu ?