The Reasons For An Asymmetric Body (Part 1)

asymmetircal body

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

When I look in the mirror, I see that my right biceps is bigger than my left biceps. And I also see that my left calf is bigger than my right calf. I think you too, you have weak points and an asymmetrical body like me.

I tried several technique to clear the weak point of my left biceps by doing more reps or lifting heavier with my left arm. But it didn’t work as I thought and I realized that there were even more factors that caused my asymmetrical body.

You have to know that there are real weak points and false weak points. And yes, there are 2 type of weak points.

Past sports


These are the sports that you have done regularly before you train seriously at the gym. For exemple, I played soccer for 2-3 years so I developed a lot of my legs and calves. I have been doing karate, kung-fu and taekwondo for years (I have more than 15 years of martial art) so I developed a lot my back, my arms, chest and my abs. My past sports allows me to develop all these muscles (calves, legs, back, arms, chest and abs) even more easily.

Now I’m going to tell you about the difference between a real weak points and a false weak points. In my case, I have nice abs, nice, chest. My arms are correct (I have one arm bigger that the other) and my legs are correct (I have one leg bigger than the other).

For example, a soccer player or a cyclist will use his/her legs and calves more often. A boxer will use his/her arms, back and abs more often. This shows that the past sports is important in muscle development because people developed more rapidly the upper body’s muscles rather the lower body muscles or the reverse.

So don’t worry because absolutely everyone has an asymmetric body (if you know a person who has a 100 % symmetrical body, attention, it’s a robot).



It’s the moment to go to the higher level. Now, you understood that there are people who can easily develop the upper body’s muscles rather that the lower body’s muscles or the reverse. In both case, there is the same problem : an asymmetry.

We’re human beings, we are not perfect and that is normal. Professional bodybuilders also have an asymmetric body like you. It’s for everyone like that. When we look at the mirror, we have a more developed part than the other.

Here are the causes.



Because of your bones, there is one side of you body that can lift easily heavier weights that the other. So the side muscles that can lift easily heavier develop faster.

A) clavicle length

We all have a longer clavicle than the other. Take you time, check the length of your clavicles, you will be surprised. When the clavicle is longer, this affects the leverage when you lift weights. This means that it boost your strength and your muscular growth.

But, there is a solution to avoid that there is a big difference between the 2 sides. It’s learning to isolate and feel your muscle. I use a technique called « magic touch ». Before doing a set, I touch with my fingers the muscle that I have to work. This allows me to be focus and stay focus on muscle sensations. This is to create the connection between my brain and my muscle.

This is why it’s important to take light weights to learn how to perform a movement to learn the muscles sensations. For example, bench press. There are people who use too much shoulders when the arms are straight. Bench press is an exercice to work mainly chest and not shoulders. So pay attention to your muscles sensation when you to an exercise and adjust.

B) Short and long muscles

This is really a genetic case. There are people with short muscles or long muscle. Take as an example a short biceps and a long biceps.

A short biceps responds slowly to training because the muscles is less close to insertion with the joint.

A long biceps respond quickly to the training because the muscle is closer to insertion with the joint.

As you can see, there are some similarities with the clavicle’s length. When the muscle is long, it’s easier to develop the muscle.

This is something you can’t change and doing an operation to lengthen your muscle is useless. It’s your genetics that decides whether your muscles are short or long.

dorian yates

Wait, it’s not over yet, there’s still plenty of other things in the genetics that influence muscle development. In your training, you can use several techniques to stimulate your muscle fibers like « High Intensity Training » . Dorian Yates (6x Mr. Olympia), used this technique during his career as a professional bodybuilder. This technique stimulates muscle fibers even more that hypertrophy .

There is also nerve genetics. It’s the ability to isolate and feel the muscle you’re working on. It’s an ability that improves only with experience and time.

Here is the end of the Part 1. The Part 2 comes soon.

Share this article if you think it can help someone you know. Thank you.


From Exercise Machines To Free Weights

machine free weights

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

Very often in gym’s advertisements, we watch a lot of high-tech machines to do exercises and the free weight zone is a small hidden room.

What I see in my gym, it’s people start their training with a little bit cardio and they use machines. They do this because it’s easier and this look more secure. Unfortunately, this is not the reality. The Matrix trap us with these machines.

Attention : If you have a medical prescription or you need to use machines for a special reason, continue to follow your training program prescribed by your doctor or physiotherapist.



The truth is that machines force muscles and joints to make movements that aren’t natural.

Machines force your body to move weights in a single pattern (up – down or left – right). Our bodies naturally don’t move like it, this is the problem. Movements or our bodies aren’t straight lines, it’s rather « S ». The result is that machines develop our muscles in a way that isn’t balanced and they endanger our joints and spine.

Like you can see, machines don’t put your body in safety and in addition, they don’t work your stabilizing muscles. Don’t work stabilizing muscles is very bad for everyday activities.

When you bent forward to take something on the floor, you body use a dozen and a dozen muscles at the same time. But since you no longer work your stabilizing muscles because of machines, your muscles don’t know how to work together so your body uses a muscle.

Study case

« Smith Machine » is famous to do squat in safety so it protects your back. Lie ! This machine is perfect to destroy your back and compressed your spine because this machine force your body to move only up and down. The real squat allow to do the fundamental movement and when you do it, you notice that your body doesn’t do a straight line from up to down. With the real squat you do a natural movement.

Do exercise with weight or with bodyweight is more efficient to burn calories than machines.

Full body

full body

All exercises classified in 2 categories : pull and push

I remember, I did a full body training program for 1 year before lift weight. This is what my Taekwondo’s teacher advised me and he was right (wow, Korean wisdom). A full body training program, 3 times per week is more efficient than a machines training program, 5-6 times per week for beginners. If you want to train more, you can do Tai-Chi or walking during rest days.

Full body is important

With full body, you learn to each body’s muscle to work together, you synchronize you body. This is allow you to be healthy, avoid using too much a muscle and avoid injury due to a weak stabilizing muscle. To maximize your body, eat healthy and you’ll burn more fat, build muscle and build a body of which you’re proud.

What is great with a full body training program, it’s when you skip a training day, it doesn’t matter. You’ll not have certain muscle more developed than any others because each training session work all body’s muscles

Bodyweight (full body)

bodyweight training

Mastering basics movements with bodyweight is perfect to prepare you for a training with weights.

It’s primitive movements therefore natural that allow you to become stronger without material.

The best example are gymnasts. Look gymnasts body, it’s amazing, impressive and the majority of their training are with bodyweight exercises.

Basic exercises

  • Push = push up, dips, handstands

  • Pull = pull up, body rows

  • Legs = bodyweight squat, pistols squats, lunges, box jumps

For each exercise, you do 2-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

No it’s too simple  ! => Do this training program and if it’s too easy, increase the difficulty. You can do push up with one hand or pull up with one hand (like my friend Inti). You can also add more set ou repetition.

No it’s too difficult => Do this training program and if it’s too difficult, decrease the difficulty. You can do sets of 3 repetitions. The principle is you progress to do 4 sets of 10 repetitions. Take your time but be regular.

No I want abs => When you do squat, push up and pull up, you keep your core tight and by this way you work your abs. But if you want to do an exercise specially for abs, you can to plank and side plank.

Strength training (full body)

strength training

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, dumbbells and barbells are your friends.

Basic exercise

  • Push = Bench press, Overhead Press

  • Pull = Deadlift, Bent Over Row

  • Legs = Squat, Deadlift

For each exercise, you do 2-4 sets of 8-10 repetitions.

No I don’t like squat => Do you think squat is an useless exercise ? I advise you to read the book of Mark Rippetoe. If you seriously want to train, this book is for you !

No I afraid of weights => Don’t panic. Most people in free weights section are too busy to look at themselves in the mirror, they will not look at you. You can use a barbell or dumbbells for each exercise to improve your pure strength. I advise you dumbbells.

No I’m afraid of being ridiculous => Everybody don’t care if you life a dumbbell of 4kg (8.8lbs) or you squat 181kg (400lbs) because everybody struggle to do their training program. Forget people, stay focus and do you training program until the end.

But if I do bad => At the beginning use light weight to do movements with the good form, the good technique. When you’ll stronger, you’ll can add weight slowly each week to reach your limit. You can hire a personal trainer for 1-2 sessions to learn and improve basic exercises techniques or form.

No I want only lose weight => It’s simple, you do basic exercises and you eat less. The training is the same for lose weight or gain muscle. It’s diet that make the difference ! It’s a science :

  • Eat more calories than you burn = gain weight

  • Eat less calories than you burn = lose weight

Your physical condition, it’s 80 % diet and 20 % training. If you want bulk, you need to have a specific diet to do this.

Track and adjust slowly your training program and your diet to see your progress.

No matter what you do, don’t be afraid of the free weight zone. Remember than 90 % of people inside are focus to do their exercises by looking in the mirror therefore don’t worry. Do your exercices, become better and become stronger.

What do you feel when you train with free weights ?


All Food Will Kill Us

surprised face

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I want to share this with you.

It’s true that life is simpler when we know nothing. We eat at fast food, we do exercises once a week and we’re going to work because it’s like that. Our existence is like « Ignorance is bliss ».

One day when I was talking with girls (it always starts because of a girl), I decided to have the 50 Cent’s physique. I was doing Taekwondo but I wasn’t paying attention to my diet so I started to study nutrition.

The food that kills

food killer

That’s how I learned that fat and cholesterol are bad so I started to eat less eggs. But I didn’t understand why « Rocky » ate it every morning.

Later, I learned that the gluten was bad. As I haven’t gluten intolerant, I don’t pay attention to that. With all this information, I told myself that if I had a farm, I would eat better. But I’m a city boy, I don’t know if I could live a whole year in the country side.

Later, I learned that the meat was bad. There is a group of people in China who don’t eat meat and they have less risk of heart disease. The idea of living longer pleases me but completely stop meat. No ! And I tested tofu.

Later, I learned that fish had mercury and mercury kills people. Even Tommy Lee Jones use fish to create a bomb in the movie « Blow Away ». Don’t laugh, go watch the movie!

It remains fruits and vegetables with that we’re safe. Cool, 600gr of fruit’s sugar per day and it’s perfect. But wait ? Steve Jobs was a fruitarian, he ate only fruit at every meal and he died of cancer !

No fruit, no meat, no fish. Fortunately there are vegetables. Ah shit, vegetables are now genetically modified. Well, I’ll go live on another planet, people are crazy here.

What !?! Wine is good for health because of antioxidants and resveratrol ? Look, I live next to France and I live in Switzerland, here we are drunk with wine. At every meal, there is a bottle of wine on the table.

How to do

how to do

It hurts the heart and gives headache to learn all this information. We have two choices :

  • Create an environment where all is sterile like a hospital room

  • Use common sense. Do your best with what you have and not take anything to the extreme.

I choose to use common sense :

  • Enjoy all in moderation

  • Eat more to gain weight. Eat less to lose weight

  • Drink mostly water and occasionally something else like rum.

  • Doing physical exercises several times per week

  • Don’t eat only one type or one category of food. Lot of vegetables, some meat, fruit, nuts

  • Focus on long-term goals and stop stressing about unimportant details.

And play video games or read manga if my mother said it rot the brain.

What is the craziest thing you have learned to be healthy and how you used it to extremes ?


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Toute La Nourriture Va Nous Tuer

surprised face

J’ai lu un article de Nerd Fitness  et j’ai envie de partager ça avec toi.

C’est vrai que la vie est plus simple quand nous ne savons rien. Nous mangeons au fast-food, nous faisons des exercices une fois par semaine et nous allons au travail parce que c’est comme ça. Notre existence est du type « L’ignorance est un bonheur ».

Un jour en parlant avec des filles (ça commence toujours à cause d’une fille), j’ai décidé d’avoir le physique de 50 Cent. Je faisais du Taekwondo mais je ne faisais pas attention à mon alimentation alors j’ai commencé à étudier la nutrition.

La nourriture qui tue

food killer

C’est comme ça que j’ai appris que la graisse et le cholestérol étaient mauvais alors j’ai commencé a manger moins d’oeufs. Mais je ne comprenais pas toujours pas pourquoi « Rocky » mangeais ça tous les matins.

Plus tard, j’ai appris que le gluten était mauvais. Comme je ne fais pas d’intolérance au gluten, je ne fais pas attention à ça. Avec toutes ces informations, je me disais que si j’avais une ferme, je mangerais mieux. Mais je suis un gars de la ville, je ne sais pas si je pourrais vivre toute une année à la campagne.

Plus tard, j’ai appris que la viande était mauvais. Il y a un groupe de personne en Chine qui ne mange pas de viande et ils ont moins de risque d’avoir des maladies cardiaques. L’idée de vivre plus longtemps me plaît mais arrêter complètement la viande. Non ! Et j’ai testé le tofu.

Plus tard, j’ai appris que le poisson avait du mercure et le mercure tue les gens. Même Tommy Lee Jones utilise du poisson pour faire une bombe dans le film « Blow Away ». Rigole pas, va le film !

Il reste les fruits et les légumes avec ça nous sommes en sécurité. Cool, 600gr de sucre de fruit par jour et c’est parfait. Mais attends ? Steve Jobs était un fruitarien, il mangeait que des fruits à chaque repas et il est mort d’un cancer !

Pas de fruits, pas de viande, pas de poisson. Heureusement il reste les légumes. Ah merde, les légumes sont modifiés génétiquement maintenant. Bon, je vais aller vivre sur une autre planète, les gens ils sont fous ici.

Quoi !?! Le vin c’est bon pour la santé à cause des antioxidants et du resvératrol ? Ecoute, j’habite à côté de la France et je vis en Suisse, ici nous sommes ivres avec le vin. A chaque repas il y a une bouteille de vin sur la table.

Comment faire

how to do

Cela fait mal au coeur et mal à la tête d’apprendre toutes ces informations. Ce qui faut que nous avons deux choix :

  • Créer un environnement où tous est stérile comme une pièce d’hôpital

  • Vivre de bon sens. Fait de ton mieux avec ce que tu as et ne prend rien à l’extrême.

Je choisi de vivre de bon sens :

  • Profiter de tous avec modération

  • Manger plus pour gagner du poids. Manger moins pour perdre du poids

  • Boire principalement de l’eau et occasionnellement autre chose comme du rhum.

  • Faire des exercices physique plusieurs fois par semaines

  • Ne pas seulement manger un type ou une catégorie de nourriture. Beaucoup de légumes, de la viande, des fruits, des noix

  • Se concentrer sur des objectifs à long terme et arrêter de stresser sur des détails sans importance.

Et de jouer à un jeux vidéo ou lire un manga même si ma mère dit que ça pourri le cerveau.

Quelle est la chose la plus folle que tu as appris pour être en bonne santé et comment tu as utilisé ça à l’extrême ?


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Rest Day

rest day

I read a Nerd Fitness article  about rest day and I want to share this with you.

Training program

In each training program, there is at least one rest day. During your training, you make micro breaks in your muscles and it takes around 24-48 hours to repair. There are no mental or physical benefits of training non-stop. We don’t want to destroy our muscles without giving them a chance to become stronger.

What we’re supposed to do during the rest days ?

It’s coming, it’s coming.

Plan your rest days

The problem with most people is that they use rest day as a « cheat day ». Because it’s a day without training, they don’t think to stay physically fit and do anything.


Remember that training only corresponds to 20% and food 80% of the equation to have a good physical condition.

Program your rest days as your program your training days. This isn’t a day off like at school or at work, it’s a rest day.

Program activities in your rest day like stretching or prepare all the meals for the week.

My rest day is cardio and stretching.



After a training day, our muscles have micro breaks and are very tight during weight lifting. For this reason stretching is great to do during rest day to work on your flexibility and your mobility. It’s a good idea to have a strong body but if you can’t move your body correctly to use it well, all this is useless.

A fun activity

Genetically we’re designed to move, we aren’t designed to sit more than 60 hours per week. This means that during our rest days, we have to work on our happiness and stay active simultaneously.

A fun activity can be different for each person :

  • Ride a bike

  • Jogging

  • Play football / basketball

  • Swim

  • Go hiking

  • Rock climbing

  • Learn a martial art like Taekwondo, Kung fu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Take a dance class

  • Try Live Action Role-Playing

No matter what it is, do an activity you like to do, an activity that makes you smile. The only important thing is to do an activity that moves your body and it doesn’t need to be an exhausting activity.

Yoga or Tai Chi


tai chi

These two activities are a perfect complement to your training. Training makes you stronger but it makes stiff our muscles too.

Yoga or Tai Chi lengthens our muscle and our tendons, aids in their recovery and helps our body to develop a better mobility and flexibility.

Now with YouTube, you can find videos about stretching and Yoga or Tai Chi but maybe you prefer to subscribe to a class, it’s up to you.

Stay focus on your goal even a day without training.

What is your rest day program ?


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Jour de repos

rest day

J’ai lu un article de Nerd Fitness  concernant le jour de repos et j’ai envie de partager ça avec toi.

Programme d’entraînement

Dans chaque programme d’entraînement, il y a au moins un jour de repos. Pendant ton entraînement, tu fais des micros cassures dans tes muscles et il faut environ 24-48 heures pour les réparer. Il n’y a pas de bénéfices mental ou physique de s’entraîner non-stop. Nous ne voulons pas détruire nos muscles sans leurs donner une chance de devenir plus forts.

Qu’est-ce que nous sommes supposer faire pendant les jours de repos ?

Cela arrive, cela arrive

Programmer tes jours de repos

Le problème de la majorité des gens, c’est qu’ils utilisent le jour de repos comme « cheat day ». Parce que c’est un jour sans entraînement, ils ne pensent plus à rester en bonne forme physique et font n’importe quoi.


Souviens-toi que l’entraînement correspond seulement à 20 % et l’alimentation à 80 % de l’équation pour avoir une bonne condition physique.

Programme tes jours de repos comme tes jours d’entraînement. Ce n’est pas un jour de congé comme à l’école ou au travail, c’est un jour de repos.

Programme des activités dans ton jour de repos comme faire du stretching ou préparer tous les repas de la semaine.

Mon jour de repos c’est du cardio et du stretching.



Après un jour d’entraînement, nos muscles ont des micros cassures et sont très tendu durant les soulevé s de poids. Pour cette raison le stretching est excellent à faire durant le jour de repos pour travailler ta flexibilité et ta mobilité. C’est une bonne idée d’avoir un corps puissant mais si tu ne peux pas bouger ton corps correctement pour bien l’utiliser, tout ça ne sert à rien.

Une activité amusante

Génétiquement nous sommes fait pour bouger, nous ne sommes pas fait pour être assis plus de 60 heures par semaine. Ce qui signifie que pendant nos jours de repos nous devons travailler sur notre bonheur et rester actif en même temps.

Une activité amusante peut être différente pour chaque personne :

  • Faire du vélo

  • Faire du jogging

  • Faire du football/basketball

  • Nager

  • Faire une randonnée

  • Faire de l’escalade

  • Faire un art martial comme le Taekwondo, Kung Fu ou Jiu Jitsu Brésilien

  • Prendre un cours de danse

  • Faire un jeu de rôle en grandeur nature

Peut importe ce que c’est, fais une activité que tu aimes faire, une activité qui te donne le sourire. La seule chose importante c’est de faire une activité qui fait bouger ton corps et cela n’a pas besoin d’être une activité épuisante.

Yoga ou Tai Chi


tai chi

C’est deux activités sont un parfait complément pour ton entraînement. L’entraînement nous rend plus fort mais cela rend nos muscles plus raides aussi.

Le Yoga ou le Tai Chi allonge nos muscle et nos tendons, les aide dans leur rétablissement et aide notre corps à développer une meilleur mobilité et flexibilité.

Maintenant avec YouTube, tu peux trouver des cours sur le stretching et le Yoga ou le Tai Chi mais peut être que tu préfères t’inscrire dans une classe, à toi de voir.

Reste concentrer sur ton objectif même un jour sans entraînement.

Quel est le programme de ton jour de repos ?


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