Be Radical For Success

be radical

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Here is a trick to radically solve one of your problem. I know a lot of people who come home in the evenining after school/work and each evening they think playing video game for only 1h. Unfortunately, they all end up playing at 1:00 in the morning. Everydays they think they will stop to play so long but it doesn’t work. They do procrastination and their projects don’t advance. They don’t have time to work on their projects.

I have a solution for you, sell your Playstation ou your Xbox on eBay ! I know what I’m talking about, I like video games. I bought video games when I was in Tokyo. But you know, since I play radically less video games, I don’t miss. Not yet played Final Fantasy XV (my brother finished it) doesn’t stop me from sleeping at night.

By doing that, I won several hours a day to train and develop my blog.


eliminate delete

This solution is simple, effective and it works for other things. This radical solution frightens us but it’s simple to use it and it sovle 99 % of the problem.

Imagine you want to lose 5kg (11 lbs). There is 2 options :

  • When you go home and you want to cook something, your fridge is filled with pizzas, ice cream and soda.

  • When you go home and you want to cook something, your fridge is filled with chicken, vegetable and water.

Which fridge is the most effective ? The truth is that it much simpler to not resist because there is no temptation. So the radical solution to solve your problem is to eliminate temptations that prevents you from reaching your goals.

We all have goals to reach in 6 months or 1 year and we need to protect our dreams. Be radical to protect your dreams and don’t procrastinate. Each day, one step closer.

To ensure your success, what is the thing that you must eliminate radically ?


Sleep Well

night stars

This article is the first article of « Body Massacre » that document my body’s evolution. I thought to do an article about my physique with a picture, my bodyfat percentage and my measurements but I’ve changed my mind.

In the locker room, I was talking with a gym’s member who telling me he was happy because he had spent three days without training. He thought train today was going to be difficult but he had a lot of energy. I explain it’s normal because the body needs to rest to repair and build new muscles. Sleep as much hours as possible and have a day to rest is super important.

He knows that I train everydays but I told him that I sleep 7 hours per night (I sleep at 23h30 / 11:30 pm) and Sunday, my day off, I only do 50 minutes of cardio and sometimes a nap. He replied that he usually sleeps at 2h00 in the morning (2:00 AM)! Have less than 6 hours of sleep everydays of the week will absolutely not gonna help to get a better health !

smiley sleep

It’s true that there are people who can sleep 4 hours per night. The people I know who do that, the weekends, they sleep a lot , a lot to re-balance the sleep’s hours and they’re not athletes. The body needs a certain number of sleep’s hours and athletes need more sleep hours. When we sleep not enough we are in a bad mood, bad mood = bad day, it’s simple.

Me too, before I slept late but it was to do what ? I’ll tell you, watching a TV show, playing video games, watching a porno. It was really anythings that improved my lifestyle, right ? When I realized good sleep could improve the quality of my mindset and my muscles, I created a new habit to do meditation before bed and put my smartphone on the other side of the room to not be tempted.

Since I do that, I’m better mood, I have more energy and my periodizations are better, the quality of my skin is better and there are lots of other benefits. When we were kids, this one who slept late was a « gangster » ,now, we are adults and life is so stressful that it’s really stupid to age faster due to the lack of sleep.

And you ? You always sleep late ? What is your tips to sleep better ?


Lazy To Train ? Test Temptation Pack

lazy fitness

In life, there are things we should do, things we need to do and things we want to do.

You and me, we know, it’s always the things that we want to do they have priority over things we should or need to do.

So that we have situations where we do the important things at the last minute and often with enormous stress.

But what’s the temptation pack

treadmill laptop

Katy Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on this concept . Here the study’s subject :

Participants were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group (full) has access to a gym with the option of listening audiobooks. The second group (intermediate) has access to a gym with a limited time for listening audiobooks.

51% of participants in the first group (full) and 29% of participants of the second group (intermediate) went to the gym more frequently.

It’s cool as an idea to be more consistent in his training program. Now we can adapt this concept for other things :

  • Do you like a TV show or a youtuber ? Take your laptop or your smartphone and watch it during your cardio (treadmill / elliptical)

  • Do you like your video game on your smartphone ? Play during your rest time between sets.

  • Do you like listening audiobooks or podcasts ? Listen to it while you clean your house, doing the laundry or ironing. This can be a task not very motivating as cook healthy meals.

Do you understand the pack temptation’s concept, it’s cool. Do things we should and we need to do by combining an element that we find cool. Tasks we find boring become less boring !