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This article is the first article of « Body Massacre » that document my body’s evolution. I thought to do an article about my physique with a picture, my bodyfat percentage and my measurements but I’ve changed my mind.

In the locker room, I was talking with a gym’s member who telling me he was happy because he had spent three days without training. He thought train today was going to be difficult but he had a lot of energy. I explain it’s normal because the body needs to rest to repair and build new muscles. Sleep as much hours as possible and have a day to rest is super important.

He knows that I train everydays but I told him that I sleep 7 hours per night (I sleep at 23h30 / 11:30 pm) and Sunday, my day off, I only do 50 minutes of cardio and sometimes a nap. He replied that he usually sleeps at 2h00 in the morning (2:00 AM)! Have less than 6 hours of sleep everydays of the week will absolutely not gonna help to get a better health !

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It’s true that there are people who can sleep 4 hours per night. The people I know who do that, the weekends, they sleep a lot , a lot to re-balance the sleep’s hours and they’re not athletes. The body needs a certain number of sleep’s hours and athletes need more sleep hours. When we sleep not enough we are in a bad mood, bad mood = bad day, it’s simple.

Me too, before I slept late but it was to do what ? I’ll tell you, watching a TV show, playing video games, watching a porno. It was really anythings that improved my lifestyle, right ? When I realized good sleep could improve the quality of my mindset and my muscles, I created a new habit to do meditation before bed and put my smartphone on the other side of the room to not be tempted.

Since I do that, I’m better mood, I have more energy and my periodizations are better, the quality of my skin is better and there are lots of other benefits. When we were kids, this one who slept late was a « gangster » ,now, we are adults and life is so stressful that it’s really stupid to age faster due to the lack of sleep.

And you ? You always sleep late ? What is your tips to sleep better ?


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