Future Of Entrepreneurship Is Knowledge


I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff.

Knowledge is the future of web entrepreneurship. Bill Gates published a text on 1st march 1996 « Content is king » . Read these sentences :

« Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting ».

Since 1996, we see that his prediction is confirmed.

Today with content, we can do more than most of companies did until now. Usually companies try to have loyal customers. With content we can create a truly tribe of fans. Seth Godin explains this in his book « Tribe » .

Seth Godin is a marketing’s visionary of 21st century. He anticipated a lot of change with the irrution of new technologies. As the way how companies communicate with theirs prospects, customers and now theirs communities.

All companies should create content even bakers, shoemakers or plumbers. We know today, content allow you to create a tribe of fans to have a truly privileged relation with your community.

The future

the future

Content is the future because more and more functions in the job will be done by softwares, robots or outsourcing to low-cost countries. It’s the last years we can see humans taxi drivers and truck drivers. Quickly automatic cars will come and they will disrupt the entire industry of taxi and truck. Uber made its first delivery with an automatic truck (https://www.wired.com/2016/10/ubers-self-driving-truck-makes-first-delivery-50000-beers/). Uber invest a lot in automatic truck technology.

A lot of jobs will be do by algorithms. A book talk about this « Homos Deus » . Even a job as doctor will be disrupt by new technologies. Within 20 years, we will have sensors in our body or in watches, jewels, smartphones. Theses sensors will measure a lot of parameters in our body, upload those data in the Cloud and we will have access to diagnostic softwares more efficient than doctors. It already exist, IBM sell its Watson’s system to hospitals to reduce the number of medical error .

The truth is we can’t guarantee to anyone that his/her job will still exist in 20 years. And if you job still exist in 20 years, it will be deeply disrupt by new technologies.

It’s here knowledge’s economy intervent. We had agricultural revolution then industrial revolution and now we’re in information revolution. It means if you’re in information industry in 2016, you will be placed among jobs which are going to be the most difficult to disrupt by softwares, robots and outsourcing in low-cost countries. I can’t guarantee you that your job will still exist in 20 years but you will be well placed to accompany this wave of change. May be you can cause it a little bit on your scale.

The key to ressources and wealth in 21st century, it’s how to circulate information and knowledge freely. Old companies try to stop this revolution, they try to stop companies like Uber, Airbnb, etc. but it’s like beavers that make dams to stop a tsunami. We must embrace change, we must have a flexibility of mind and initiative that allow is to adapt to 21st century. If not all industries will be finished like music industry. Do you remember Napster  ?

Learn online

learn online

There will be more and more important place for people who teach this kind of state of mind because school don’t do it. Beyond this state of mind, there will be an ongoing need for training on key competencies because the school has a too much great inertia. If you follow a computer course at the school, you can be sure that school is behind on what is happening now on the internet. It’s cool to have the basics but it’s better to have computer courses online with competent person.

There will be enormously weath that will be exchanged for richess of content,because this content is necessary to be able to adapt continuously to the change of 21st century.

If today, you want to be in the knowledge’s economy like blogger, youtuber, eBook writer, etc. Don’t hesitate, it’s now to create your place and consolidate it to be among people well placed in 21st century to bring value to others and generate value (added value).

Each entrepreneur should check the value he/she brings to the world. Create a new Pepsi is good but like said Steve Jobs : « it’s just sell water with sugar to people. It’s not what will improve the world ».


Have A Goal

night stars ocean

During my vacation, I like to relax in the evening next to the ocean or sea. It’s dark, you see and you hear the waves and there are stars in the sky. When I see all this, I tell myself that I am a little thing in the universe. Do you already think of that ? The human being is small and fragile in this immense universe and this is a good time to become humble.

In life, there are times when everything goes well. Family, studies, work, relationship and you feel invincible, you feel like the king of the world. But looking at the universe, you realize that you are not very important for the universe and it made you humble. We are human being made of flesh and bone and we can disappear very quickly.

Water is very powerful ! You saw tsunamis, WOW ! Water exists for millions of years before I was born and before you were born. How can I feel better than water because without water a human being dies. This a good perspective to never feel too great, not to feel the king of the world and forget where we came from.

have purpose

It helps growing to be humble to not forget why you’re doing this. Things you do in your life is to achieve a goal. My goal isn’t to have 1 billion readers per day on my blog, my goal is to help and encourage people to become stronger mentally and physically. I often say to myself : « Now I need more readers » and the fact of remembering my goal puts me on the right path.

When I do something, it’s to achieve a goal. What you do in your life, your career for example, is to achieve a goal that helps people. Do something constructive rather than do something cool. Sometimes there are people who wonder what to do to be a fitness model. I tell them : « I don’t know ! What is a fitness model ? what is it to help people ? What do you learn from this ? ».

You have to plant seeds in fertile soil. When you do something, don’t do it for reasons that look cool but for deeper reasons. Later you’ll have a lot of great things to improve your lifestyle, you’ll have a solid foundation when your tree will grow, you understand. That’s what I wanted to share with you.


Avoir Un Objectif

night stars ocean

Pendant mes vacances, j’aime bien me détendre le soir à côté de l’océan ou de la mer. Il fait nuit, tu vois et tu entends les vagues et il y a les étoiles dans le ciel. Quand je vois tout ça, je me dis que je suis une petite chose dans l’univers. Tu as déjà pensé à ça ? L’être humain est petit et fragile dans cet immense univers et c’est un bon moment pour redevenir humble.

Dans la vie, il y a des moments où tout va bien. La famille, les études, le travail, la relation amoureuse et tu as l’impression d’être invincible, d’être le roi du monde. Mais en regardant l’univers, tu réalise que tu es pas très important pour l’univers et ça te rends humble. Nous sommes des être humains fait de chair et d’os et nous pouvons disparaître très vite.

L’eau est très puissante ! Tu as vu les tsunamis, WOW ! L’eau existe depuis des millions d’années avant ma naissance et avant ta naissance. Comment je peux me sentir meilleur que l’eau parce que sans eau un être humain meurt. Cette une bonne perspective de ne jamais se sentir trop important, de ne pas se sentir le roi du monde et d’oublier d’où nous venons.

have purpose

Ça aide à grandir d’être humble pour ne pas oublié pourquoi tu fais ça. Les choses que tu fais dans ta vie, c’est pour atteindre un objectif. Mon objectif n’est pas d’avoir 1 milliards de lecteurs par jour sur mon blog, mon objectif est d’aider et d’encourager les gens pour qu’ils deviennent plus fort mentalement et physiquement. Souvent je me dis : « Maintenant il me faut plus de lecteurs » et le fait de me souvenir de mon objectif me remet sur le bon chemin.

Quand je fais quelque chose, c’est pour atteindre un objectif. Ce que tu fais dans ta vie, ta carrière par exemple, c’est pour atteindre un objectif qui aide les gens. Fais quelque chose de constructif plutôt que faire quelque chose de cool. Des fois, il y a des gens qui me demande quoi faire pour être un fitness model. Je leurs réponds : «  Je ne sais pas ! C’est quoi un fitness model ? ça sert à quoi pour aider les gens ? Qu’est que tu apprends de ça ? ».

Tu dois planter des grains dans un sol fertile. Quand tu fais quelque chose, ne le fait pas pour des raisons qui ont l’air cool mais pour des raisons plus profonde. Plus tard tu vas avoir beaucoup d’excellentes choses pour améliorer ton style de vie, tu auras des fondations solides quand ton arbre grandira, tu comprends. C’est ce que je voulais partagé avec toi.