Understand How Your Workout Works In Your Body (Part 1)

body anatomy

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff.

I will talk about the training or workout. It’s a simple subject but everyone is lost because of theories and training systems.

A training is a physical activity and we will return to the basic seeing the effects of a training in your body.

Why when we train we like to look at ourselves in the mirror and that makes us happy ? This is what we will see.


training workout

Whenever we do an action, there is a reaction. When we’re training (lifting weights), there is an increase in oxygen consumption then, an increase in blood circulation and then, congestion of the muscle. Congestion depends on 3 important things : nutrition, H2O and muscle isolation.

Nutrition must be the best as possible. Water consumption must be high. Learning to master to isolate the targeted muscle during a exercise allows you to increase the possibility of having a huge muscle.

After the congestion (nutrition, H2O, isolation), there is sweat then, there is the release of hormones called endorphins. Endorphins will make you feel good. It’s happiness and it’s at this moment that you will look at the mirror to appreciate your body.

It’s the process of your body when you do a physical activity (training).

All training programs don’t work for everyone

training workout program

There are training programs that are good for you and some are not. To discover this, there are 2 principle :

  • Execution and mastery of the exercise

  • The experience that comes with time

These 2 principles aim to improve your ability to isolate muscle during exercise. Which means working the targeted muscle without the help of another dominant muscle. I wrote an article about it .


joints body

To master an exercise, it’s also necessary that you know your joints like oversupination, overpronation or valgus. Choose intelligently your exercises allows you to not break your joints (injury, tendinitis and muscle tears). Don’t do an exercise because someone told you it’s the best exercise in the world, choose an exercise adapted to your morphology.

For example for me, I know that I have the valgus , which means that when I do barbell curls to work my biceps, I have pain wrist. When I do barbell curls with an EZ bar, I have less pain. When I do dumbbell curls, I have no pain, it’s perfect. So for me, the best exercise for my biceps is the dumbbell curls and not the barbell curls because I know my joints.

Another example. When I walk, my feet are outside so when I squat my feet are outside and that’s happiness. If a person tells me that I have to squat with my feet in parallel because it’s the best position in the world, I could say : « Shut up, I know my morphology better than you because I have studied my morphology ».

The elements that influence the exercice’s performance are experience, joint’s flexibility and the respect of the biomecanics laws.

That’s why I’m telling you that you shouldn’t validate a piece of advice without having tested it on yourself. On internet, you can find video like « The 5 worst exercises ». These videos aren’t based on different type of morphologies, so they are not relevant information, it’s just to make buzz. If you want to work on your biceps, try several different exercises and keep the one that suits you best.

Here is another story. I watched a Christian Guzman’s video where he was doing the overhead triceps extension with an EZ bar. I did this exercise for 1-2 months and I noticed that I didn’t have a good feeling even if I had a good execution of the movement. I started looking for another exercise of the same type to work my triceps and I found the lying dumbbell triceps extension and now, it’s perfect.

I needed time to learn the exercise, realize that this exercise didn’t fit my morphology and find another better fit.

You may think I lost time testing this exercise for 1-2 months but I gained experience with this story. It’s by testing yourself the things you can know what is good and what is not good for you. Experience is the knowledge of things voluntarily acquired through pratice in the reality of life.

Share this article if you think it can help someone you know . Thank you.


Triceps Extension

triceps extension anatomy version

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and there is good stuff.

Lying on the bench, you take the barbell with a pronated grip with your arms in vertical :

  • Inhale and flex your arms. Taking care to not spread too much your elbows to go down the barbell at your forehead or behind your head.

  • Back to the start position and exhale at the end of the movement


triceps extension anatomy version

  1. Barbell at your forehead level: Works mainly your medial head and lateral head of triceps muscle.
  2. Barbell behind your head: Works mainly your long head of triceps muscle.

triceps extension anatomy version

To make this movement easier, you can use an overhead triceps machine. This allows for greater concentration on the triceps long head. 

triceps muscles long head medial lateral

Note : Like we have each different morphology like have shoulders more or less wide, valgus of the elbows more or less pronounced, wrist more or less flexible, hands may be more or less outspread and elbows more or less open during the movement execution.

ez bar

Use the EZ-bar allow you to do this exercise by avoiding excessive tension on your wrist joints.


Wrist Pain With Barbell Curls

elbow morphology

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.

Biceps training with a EZ-bar allow to limit excessive strain on wrists.

ez bar

A) Elbow angle a little bit marked

elbow angle

B) Elbow angle marked in valgus (more common with women)

elbow angle valgus

For biceps training with a barbell, there is important to take care about individual differences in morphology.

Because the elbow opening angle then the angle between arm and forearm can change from a guy to another. Some people in anatomical position (it means arms along the body, hands in supination then thumbs outwards) will have elbow angle very marked. Forearm in valgus significantly extending outwardly. This particularity during arms flex with a standard barbell requires to excessively break wrists inward, making the exercise painful.

It’s recommended to this type of guys (like me) to relieve wrist joints to train with an EZ-bar.

Note : Elbow valgus is in general higher among women but I got it and I live well with.


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