Wrist Pain With Barbell Curls

elbow morphology

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.

Biceps training with a EZ-bar allow to limit excessive strain on wrists.

ez bar

A) Elbow angle a little bit marked

elbow angle

B) Elbow angle marked in valgus (more common with women)

elbow angle valgus

For biceps training with a barbell, there is important to take care about individual differences in morphology.

Because the elbow opening angle then the angle between arm and forearm can change from a guy to another. Some people in anatomical position (it means arms along the body, hands in supination then thumbs outwards) will have elbow angle very marked. Forearm in valgus significantly extending outwardly. This particularity during arms flex with a standard barbell requires to excessively break wrists inward, making the exercise painful.

It’s recommended to this type of guys (like me) to relieve wrist joints to train with an EZ-bar.

Note : Elbow valgus is in general higher among women but I got it and I live well with.


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