Your Resolutions? Forgot ?

new year resolutions

Do you remember of your resolutions for this year ?

Me neither. I’m sure you woke up on January 1st , hungover with the vision of you in one year, completely different. « This year, things will be different ! ».

I’ll train 5 times a week

I’ll eat better

I’ll go to sleep earlier

I’ll take care of my teeth

Today, how are your daily habits ? Which resolutions you do and which you abandoned ?

If you’re like most of the population of this planet, you’ve probably given up all your resolutions. And you’ve probably tell you :

Damn, I’ve failed again

What doesn’t work with me

A new year where I haven’t kept my promises

Yeah, it’s annoying to feel that you let yourself down. Especially if you made a big statement on your blog or social networks to family and friends.

I have one thing to say : CONGRATULATIONS !


Congratulations because from my point of view, you tried one method that doesn’t work with you. As a scientist, you don’t feel offended when a hypothesis doesn’t. You analyze the data, then you choose a new hypothesis to test.

So your old hypothesis: I CHANGE ALL doesn’t work. That’s done !

Now in your process you can cross off the method: « change all my life at once ».

So next time, change a thing. For example, reduce junk food more slowly this time. I don’t care that you have failed, it happens !

We need to get you back in the game, to make you respawn like in a video game.

The faster you cross off methods that don’t work, the faster you can try something new and see if it works.

Let me show you some alternatives :

I’ll change something today and I’ll stay focused on this thing for 30 days.

Instead of starving and hate my life, I’ll focus to eat a healthy meal every day.

Instead of forcing myself to run on a treadmill that I don’t like, maybe I should try an exercise that I like.

We all struggle when we try to make new changes. We fall on our path until we find the right way to move forward.

« Remember, life isn’t a sprint, or a marathon. It’s a labyrinth » (David Bowie).

So stop to hurt yourself, stop taking it personally and especially stops using the same method each time that never works. « If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always gotten ».


Come back in the game, press Start, respawn and rejoin us !


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