Body Update 21aug2016

body golden ratio

As the category « Body Massacre » is the documentation of my body’s evolution, it’s important that I show you my progress. My goal is to reach the golden ratio to get my body in X-shape. My goal isn’t to have 6-packs but to have a symetric and proportioned body.

The X-shape body X : It’s broad shoulders, thin waist, well-developed legs. All symbolize virility and strength.

Golden Ratio : This is a mathematical term that is comparing two things that led to the proportion between the two in an ideal way. The face is an excellent example, the face forms a golden rectangle with eyes in the middle. The mouth and nose are each placed at golden sections of the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the chin. Look at your face.

Comparing results have a ratio of 1: 1.618. For example if the length of your hand has a value of 1, the combined length of your hand + forearm has an approximate value of 1.618.

There are internet sites that allow you to calculate your ratio here and there

I use my app JEFIT  to track my evolution :

body progress jefit

This is the screenshot of my smartphone and yes, it’s in kilo and cm. When it’s green, it means I don’t reach the ratio.

For bodyfat’s percentage, I use the caliper and his table. It’s not super accurate, but it gives an idea of the situation. The day I want accurate informations, I would go to a laboratory to use a machine but for the moment the caliper is fine.

Here are my measurements :

  • Taille / Height : 175cm / 5.7ft
  • Poids / Weight  : 76.9kg / 169.5lbs
  • Graisse corp % / Bodyfat %: 5.6
  • Taille / Waist : 81.4cm / 32inches
  • Pectoraux / Chest : 95.8cm / 37.1inches
  • Bras / Arms : 33cm / 12inches
  • Avant-bras / Forearms : 29cm / 11.4inches
  • Epaule / Shoulder : 119cm / 46.85inches
  • Hanche / Hips : 92cm / 36.2inches
  • Cuisse / Thighs : 55.5cm / 21.85inches

Here are photos of 21 aug 2016, the morning fasting:

body update 21aug2016

You have seen, there are several green areas so I have progress to do, it’s cool. I’m not trying to be perfect, reach the golden ratio will give me a solid foundation.

And you ? Do you want to reach the golden ratio ?


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