Be Unplugged From The Matrix (Part 3)

matrix agent smith

If you struggle to improve your lifestyle, here following the list of the most important elements that I wrote in all my articles.

Imagine that you talk to Morpheus :

matrix morpheus neo

I’m not happy => Change something in your life or change you mindset (meditation)

What do I have to change ? => Choose one thing and change it. Track results

I am overwhelmed => Breathe deeply. Selects a thing. Change what you can control now.

Will I be happier with more money ? => Yes, but only up to a certain amount

What is more important than money ? => Time, the time you spend with the people you love or doing things you love. This time never return.

I don’t have enough time to do things that must be done => You have mismanaged your priorities.

But I have to do something => No excuses, improves your agenda

But I might offend someone by saying NO => No excuses, better to not go if you don’t want to be there.

But the timing isn’t good => The timing is never perfect. If you wait for the perfect moment, you have nothing. Begins now.

How to make a good impression ? => Look into the eyes and smiled. Speak slowly, stand up straight. Wear clothes fit with your physique.

I’m in a bad relationship => Stop this relationship

What happens if I can’t find a better person ? => What happens if you find a better person ? What happens if you get hit by a car tomorrow ?

I got dumped, I’m heartbroken => But you’re still alive so there is hope for you.

But nothing is easy => I know ! If that was it, everyone would be happy with everything !

I’m not the type of person who does that => Stop sabotaging your life with limiting thoughts. You’re not the type of person who did this or that until you do. Now you’re the type of person who acted

It doesn’t work for me => OK, continue to do what works

But what I’m doing doesn’t work => If you always do what you always did, you always get the same results

But why ? => Evolve or die !

When should I start ? Now !

matrix morpheus neo blue red pill

Now you must be unplugged from the matrix, the adventure begins seriously, congratulations !


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