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2 years ago, I thought to compete in the category Men’s Physique to earn money. By studying more deeply the competition’s world, I realized that I’ll earn more money without competition. Bodybuilding’s athletes really make money with their « fitness plan », their seminars, their clothes and goodies. The best example is Jay Cutler, he won fewer competitions that Ronnie Coleman but earns more money than him.

After realizing this, I focused on my websites. I continue to train intensely because I am the « fitness model » of my blog. I didn’t want to be sponsored by a product or a clothes brand, I’m only promoting what I create.

The gym where I train is growing and 14 new machines are arriving. It’s cool (now there is the calves machine) and there will have a crossfit’s area (deadlift killer). I knew the gym’s owner wanted to attract more bodybuilders and seriously he will succeed his bet.

There is a gym girl who told me she wanted to do a deadlift competition and I wanted to know if she had still wanted to do it. She said she might do a competition in 2 years but rather Miss Bikini. I can’t say I was surprised, I was happy, you know how are the Miss Bikini ! Then she asks me how is my training.

fitness miss bikini competition

I explain my periodization and oddly, I told her I’m a little interested about Men’s Physique competitions. She replies that maybe in 2 years, she will no longer want to do a Miss Bikini competition like the deadlift competition. The truth is I’ll do a Men’s Physique competition but I don’t feel ready and I don’t want to tell to everybody.

I haven’t abandoned the idea to a competition because I want to use it to promote my websites. Winning a competition will give me visibility and credibility as Christian Guzman do for his clothes brand. You see my strategy ? So I’ll do like the girl, I’ll do a competition in 2018.

Back to work !

And you ? You do a competition for fame / money or to promote what you create ?


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