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I read a Nerd Fitness article and there is good stuff. We need to set up our own environment to build our success. I mean create the headquarter.

Do it like a superhero, look :

  • Bruce Wayne has his Batcave to create tools to fight crime.

  • Superman has his Fortress of Solitude

  • Tony Stark has his lab and J.A.R.V.I.S for his Iron Man suit.

It’s our turn to create our own headquarter to have success.

Our brain


We’re creatures of habits. More we do an activity regularly, more our brains need to use less his energy to do this activity.

Remember when you learned to drive a car, you very focused because you had to be attentive to :

  • Check mirrors

  • Hands at 10 and 2

  • Turn on blinker

  • Step on the right pedal

  • Look car mirrors and watch out for other cars

When you learn to drive you’re always tired after a session with a car and it’s normal because you create new habits. Now, you know to drive, it’s a habit. You don’t think about what you must do when you driving, it’s almost instinctive.

It’s the same thing with other activities like brush teeth, make a phone call or ride a bike.

When you do an activity a lot of time, your brain creates a new and faster pathway that needs less brain energy.

We need to build better habits by decreasing the amount of brain energy needed to do them.

Your decisions, your environment

home draw

There are 2 places where you spend most of the time :

  • Your home

  • Your School/work/spaceship

Objects from these environments influence your behavior. Your brain analyzes every time what is around you and what you do when you see these objects :

  • If you see a vendor machine, your brain will say: « I can buy something to eat ».

  • If you see candy on your desk, your brain will say: « I can eat a lot of sugar »

  • When you see a couch and a big TV, your brain will say: « I can have a lot of hours of entertainment here »

Now, look at new habits we want to build :

  • If you want running after school/work – you need to avoid to sit on your comfy couch and avoid your refrigerator. The solution is to go straight to your bedroom to put your sport’s clothes and sport’s shoes and you go straight outside. You avoid all the house’s distractions.

  • If you want to cook healthy meals – you need to eat before to go shopping at the supermarket. You need to avoid all the fast-foods on the road and go straight to the supermarket. In the supermarket, you buy only what has on the list and you go back straight to home to cook a healthy meal.

  • If you want to stop to check your messages on your email or social media 25 times per day – You need to try and force your brain to say: «I’m focused on the task I’m doing ». This case is the same thing that to type a blog’s article in the middle of Disney’s World Park.

Audit your headquarter


There are several examples of how you can do an audit of your own headquarter to make better decisions.

  • Watch too much TV?  Cancel your annual subscription tv or cable (you will save a lot of money). Buy an Android TV (Google), Apple TV or Netflix and paid only for the shows you want to watch. It’s difficult to watch shitty shows and you can’t change to watch your favorite shows.

  • Lose your time on your computer?  Block yourself of the website you check every 5 minutes (Facebook, etc). I will write an article to increase your productivity with your computer.

  • Do you want running every morning? Sleep with your sport’s clothes and your sport’s shoes next to your bed. Put your clock alarm across your bedroom.

  • Do you want to train after school/work? Prepare your sports bag before you sleep and put your sports bag in front of your front door to don’t forget it. In this way, after school/work you will go straight to the gym.

  • Do you play to much in video games? Unplugged your system. In this way each time you want to play, you have to plug everything and when it’s finished, you unplug everything. Video games are cool but we must not forget the real game of life.

  • Tired to eat junk food? Throw out all the junk foods of your house. Because you know, it’s hard to eat junk food at 9 PM when you have only healthy foods.

Note: Don’t make a lot of change at once. Stay focus to build one new habit to delete a bad habit. It’s easier to replace a bad habit with a good habit.

Which new habit do you try to build for your headquarter?


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