Destroy your inner demons like Skywalker 

inner demon

In all stories of heroic fantasy and science fiction, the hero has to struggle with his inner demons. Do you remember Luke Skywalker who fights against his double who is dressed in Darth Vader ? It’s cool but in life, it’s a little different. In fact, it’s less spectacular because demons are things like skip a workout, avoid confrontations, smoke or eat junk food.

Find the struggle

Determine things we use to do that prevents us from living the life we want is an important step. For example :

  • Fear of rejection

  • Be always unhappy

  • Addicted to alcohol

  • Addicted to caffeine

  • Addicted to food or sugar

It’s really a habit that prevents to make us happy. A little trick I use to identify is that often I regret that I did.

Avoid it until you’re ready

inner demon

Considers inner demons like a video game’s Boss. From this point of view there are two scenarios :

  1. You attack the Boss, you lose every time and you tell yourself « I’m not good enough ! ».

  2. You admit that the Boss is a level 10 and you’re a level 1, so you have to train yourself to be better equipped to attack.

As you can see the solution b) is the best to achieve victory. Here are some ideas for strategies :

  • If you want to drink less alcohol, avoid bars

  • If you want to eat less, avoid buffets

  • If you want to eat less junk foods, avoids fast food

  • Buys healthy food for your home until you’re better equipped to handle junk foods

  • Takes a different path to school or work to avoid fast foods

  • Avoid the bars for a month to put order in your life before returning to this environment

Study the Boss’s style and memorize it

Analyzes situations that triggers inner demons to put a strategy in place, for example:

  • Do you drink or smoke when you’re anxious ?

  • Do you eat when you are unhappy or bored ?

  • Do you buy sodas packs to stay awake at school or work ?

The strategies I use are : walk around the school or workplace to stay awake instead of drinking a soda or eat fruit instead of junk foods. Find your strategies to bring us closer to victory : Destroy our inner demons.

What is the inner demon you’re fighting ?


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