Do you know Sadik Hadzovic  ?

sadik hadzovic

Height:  5’11” (180 cm)

Weight:  194 lbs (86 kg)

Origine : Montenegro
sadik hadzovic


NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix 2011 – 2nd

NPC Eastern USA’s 2011 – 3rd

NPC Metropolitan NY 2012 – 1st & Overall winner

NPC Jr USA’s 2012 – 2nd

NPC Jr. Nationals 2012 – 1st & Overall winner

NPC Athlete of The Month June 2012

IFBB Greater Gulf States 2012 – 2nd

IFBB Orange County Pro 2012 – 2nd

IFBB Valenti Gold Cup 2012 – 1st

IFBB Houston Pro 2012 – 4th

IFBB Orlando Europa 2013 – 2nd

IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 2013 – 4th

IFBB New York Pro 2013 – 1st

Olympia 2013 – 4th

IFBB New York Pro 2014 – 2nd

IFBB PBW Tampa Pro 2014 – 1st

IFBB Olympia Weekend 2014 – 2nd

IFBB Arnold Sports Festival 2015 1st

*This list may not reflect all shows for this athlete
sadik hadzovic

Sadik is someone who always like the physique of characters in Comics book and Action movie when he played with his friends in childhood. Teenager, his weight was 140 pounds and thought it was impossible to gain muscle. With the time things changed and the image of himself too. He always dreamed about to to have a body like a superhero and one day he said to himself NOW IS THE TIME. He started to do some exercises in his bedroom and when he had enough money, he bought a bench press and weights. After several months, he joined a gym. At this moment, he understood he wanted to go to the next step.

sadik hadzovic

His motivation come from everybody he have inspired to train. People who send him a message to tell they joined a gym because of him or they lost 20 pounds are the better source of motivation to push him to be better in the gym and in his diet, everyday.
sadik hadzovic

His best routine is the same than he trained in his bedroom: heavy weights with high reps.

sadik hadzovic

He is proud of his victories, 3 IFFB Pro and qualified 2 times for the Mr.Olympia without forget his pictures and articles in magazine like Muscle & Fitness and FitnessRx for men.
sadik hadzovic

An athlete to follow, maybe he will win Mr. Olympia soon ?


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