Entrepreneur loneliness

entrepreneur loneliness

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

Many entrepreneurs experience this loneliness. It’s not the loneliness type: « I have no family and I have no friends ». It’s a loneliness type that there is no one in the family or friends who is also an entrepreneur. Because of this, it’s difficult to share the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial profession.

When an entrepreneur shares his/her problems with a person who is not an entrepreneur, here’s the answer he/she often hears: « Oooh no, you’re crazy! Stop being an entrepreneur! Find yourself a quiet job and like that, you’ll don’t have this kind of problem ».

And when you’re an entrepreneur, it’s real, it’s really not the answer you want to hear. An entrepreneur has chosen to be an entrepreneur, it’s simple.



I think you imagine it’s complicated but it’s so simple that most people think it’s complicated.

Metting with other entrepreneurs

Meet people who live the same thing as you. You’ll understand what they’re going through and they’ll understand what you’re going through.

To find them, you can go find them in the entrepreneur’s associations, the chamber of commerce of your city, training for entrepreneurs, etc.

There are also events in your professional field. Usually, in these events, there are hundreds or thousands of entrepreneurs (you can also find potential partners or customers)

To break this loneliness, it’s up to you to act. Inform yourself to the entrepreneur’s associations, the chamber of commerce of your city, training for entrepreneurs and events of your professional field and meet entrepreneurs. If you’re shy, it’s not an excuse. Be afraid and do it, you’ll see. You are not the only shy entrepreneur in your city.

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