Have arms bigger, stronger ?

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Whether your goals are to have the aesthetic side or the force, these tricks can allow you to have strong arms.

Have arms bigger and stronger not only gives some proud, but they also play an essential role to lift heavy. The biceps muscle are often appointed from the muscle beach because it’s common to see people in the gym avoid the leg day, once spring arrived to devote to curl. However there comes a time in your workout where you have the opportunity to work the muscle groups that help biceps lifted or pull.

Here are some tips that will boost your arms while building a massive force.

A. Add pullups and chinups in each workout.


Yes, I said to each workout. I heard Brandon Lily, a super superhuman powerlifter who says he has never meet a guy with a big back be weak. Follow me, build a strong back requires you to have strong arms. If you loose your arms before finishing a series of pullups, you never develop that power. By adding pullup to your workout, you build muscle and strength. I suggest doing a mix of chinup (palms facing you) and pullup (palm out). Integrate a pullup at the end of your workout, after all your multi-joint exercises, but before the specific work of the arms. Set light weight with high reps and heavier with low reps. And of course, max reps with your bodyweight.

B. Made the deadlift heavy 1 time per week


If you can lift in the Olympic way with a good execution of the movement, you can do it or alternating from week to week. Either way you need to lift at least 1 time heavy weekly. My 2 main reasons are the grip and tension. When you lift intensely you have to grip the bar with everything you have. Some exercises require this kind of activation of your forearm. It sends signals to your body that will wake up the warrior in you.

Don’t forget the tension. Strong people are really good at creating tension through their bodies. After heavy lifting, I can feel spasms in my chest. This means that even if you can feel your lift on your legs, remember, your arms hold the weight. The tension in your arms to stabilize the weight is amazing and allows impressive muscle gains.

C. Make bench 2 times per week

bench press

A session should be heavy 1 time or a sets of 3. This means that you can’t do more than 1-3 reps with the weight that is on the bar. The other bench press session must be with a lighter weight. Session 2 should be 10 sets of 10 reps with a weight that allows you to do everything. This kind of split will work a particular arm activation of triceps.

D. Start your training with arms squat


If you insist on an “arm workout”, which is only dedicated to exercise arms, start with the squat. I think time is an important commodity and to work for one hour without heavy lifting is a missed opportunity for several reasons. Such a possibility is the release of essential hormones that keep your body balanced and growing. I recommend adding 5 sets of squat before working your arms to stimulate the release of hormones in your body. You may think you are working intensely when doing your arms with heavy weights, but when is the last time you threw while biceps curling ? First, your body turn on your central nervous system before you start working on your arms, then he looks at your energy levels, then increase the strength of your arms.

E. Keep a small arsenal

high reps

Run your arms- specific work effectively by choosing only 2-3 exercises with reps and sets high. Instead of all arms exercises by making 5 sets of 12-15 repetitions. I find that people are too focused on small muscle groups don’t focus on the different exercises. Instead, you worry about the volume and intensity. We must focus on labor intensity with simple movement, more arm movement is traditional, better are the results.

I hope that I armed you with some ideas to get bigger and more powerful arms to lift or pull. Remember your body functions as a unit. When all parties are listening and ready to work, your results are better.



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