Low Back Pain

 low back pain

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and I learned good stuff.

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The most common painful affection of lumbar region is low back pain.

Usually it’s not serious because it’s often due to the cramps to the small paraspinal deep muscles of the back that connect mainly the bony processes of the vertebrae between them.

This happens during an uncontrolled extension or rotation of the spine. When one of these small muscles has an excessive tear or stretch, it contracts right away. The results is that all small neighboring muscles and erector muscles contracting. The back blocks itself and there is a pain but this blocking of the back allows to limit the movements that can aggravate the tear of the small paravertebral deep muscle.

low back pain

This general contraction of the lower back lasts a certain time and disappears most often with the healing of the small paravertebral muscle’s tear. But it’s possible that some people after healing have these contractures localized for several weeks or years.


These back muscles contractures which are generally not severe may accompany more severe vertebral pathologies such as fractures, ligament tears, muscle tear or herniated disc.

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