Monday’s Mentality (Part 1)

monday mentality

What is The Monday’s Mentality ?

When you’re trying to gain muscle, to be healthier or to lose fat, there are 3 things you need to change: your diet, your attitude and (perhaps most importantly) your attitude about your diet.

Having the right mentality allows you to avoid pitfalls. Wait, I’ll show you.

You follow your diet and everything is good. One day you’re going to eat lunch with your buddies. Everyone takes a hamburger except you. You take a spinach salad with chicken and olive oil.

You follow the plan as expected. You fibers and antioxidants from the spinach, proteins from chicken and healthy monounsaturated fats from olive oil.

You should be proud of you, you respect the plan but you lose your mind, you go nuts, you’re going berserk.

Because you want a burger.

hello monday

You’re in a state of extreme emotional dissonance. You do the opposite of what you must do. It’s been so long that you are in this psychological dissonance that you can crack.

You want to stay strong but at the end of the meal, you’ll decide to take a dessert.

Yes, yes, there is, you’ve cracked.

Well, it’s not because you had dessert that your body fat is not going down and it will not completely sabotage your efforts but usually it’s the beginning of problems.

Oddly people when they make a misstep in their diets thinking, « Damn, I’ve ruined today. Well I eat what I want today and tomorrow I do everything well ».

This is not bad in itself. However for many people, they make the same mistake the next day and the next day and finally « I do everything well tomorrow » becomes « I start again Monday ».

Monday’s Mentality

hello monday

Since time immemorial, the gym is full on Monday. It’s funny, new resolutions always begins on a Monday.

This is why I call it the Monday’s mentality:

  • « I’ll go to the gym on Monday »

  • « Starting Monday, I’m doing cardio every day »

  • « Monday new diet plan ! This will be my last “bad” meal »

It reminds you someone, right ?

When you already have an exercise and diet program, Monday’s mentality’s excuses are:

  • « I already missed two workouts, it’s a busy week. I should rest and start again on Monday ».

  • « Well, I eat cookies. The whole day is dead, I’ll start again on Monday ».

  • « I drank a few beers during the evening. I begin again on Monday but this time more seriously. No more alcohol ».

I call name it the best deception. All these excuses prevent you from reaching your success (that you deserve). This prevent you from making progress in limiting beliefs that you can’t correct yourself in the week. Even worse, it encourages you to give up when you almost have a week without fail.

You’ve already heard it was useless to repeat the same things and expect different results. Yet so many people do it, they fall in the trap of Monday all their life.

That is why in Part 2, I will show you 2 things to do to finish it: Remove the reset button of the plan and learn to make small mistakes

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