Monday’s Mentality (Part 2)


A) Remove the “Reset” Button From The Plan

What makes that Monday is special. It’s a magical day we can have better results ?

The fact that the calendar says that Monday is the start of the week doesn’t mean you’re going to lift more weight and burn more fat than Thursday.

Take 5 minutes to meditate on this: Monday is just a day.

reset button

Is it because it’s the beginning of the week of school or work, it’s the beginning of everything ? Once you have done this, you can start (restart) your program any day of the week and it’s easier to stay on track.

I have a friend who advised me to start my program on a Thursday. My motivation was boosted throughout the weekend to continue. Usually Monday is the chest’s day , in my case it’s another day of the week so that I have all benches for me.

I even know people taking Monday as a rest day. It arranges them for their job because, it’s a really busy day.

B) Learning To Make A Small Errors.

If you think that what prevents you from achieving your results is not to follow your diet at 100%, you’ve got minimized your foods mistake, minimized the impact.

mistake error

Learn to manage your small food mistake means you’re comfortable with the fact that sometimes you’re cheating with food. People aren’t perfect, especially with food and eat half a cookie doesn’t ruin your body’s transformation.

If you accept that, it will be easier for you to continue your program rather than stopping for several days.

Your Health Is A Wealth

Look this situation: You’re traveling abroad and you lose 500.-. If you’re like most people, you’re not gonna spend the rest of your money anyhow, you will reorganize your budget for the rest of the trip. Your diet is the same.

Imagine that you have a bank account of calories. If you cheat, you spent your calories in some frivolous things. Once you have spent your money on “frivolous calorie”, done everything possible to stop spending anyhow. Start your budget with 300 or 400 calories per week and manages it.

You’re going to have discipline on your diet and have a different attitude on your diet and cheating. Of course it will take some time to tame these little mistakes and forget Monday’s mentality.

But your first step is to be aware and just read this article you have an inestimable value to help you make those changes that will help you to achieve your objecives.

health wealth

Whether to remove the temptation to make a new start or attitude to cheat about food, your best plan is to solve the problem faster. 1 of 4 spoil food is not the end of the world, nor spoil 1 day of 7.

Develop a true understanding and using these concepts give you the best opportunity for success.

The diet you follow depends on your tastes and your goals but the above strategies will help you to stay on track.

Taking control of the Monday’s mentality and learn to manage small errors are 2 steps needed to avoid the worst disappointments and walk on the path of success.

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