Old School Better Than The New School

old school vs new school

« New training designed to target your abs and obliques ! »

« A revolutionary supplement that will increase your fat loss ! »

« This recent discovery on performance optimization that scientists don’t want you to know ! »

These things make me laugh ! With scientific discoveries, there are daily new training programs and new equipment for better shape never experienced before.

These products and systems aren’t created for you to be in better health, they are created to increase your insecurity about your body and to earn more money to companies. It’s like trying to catch a cloud.

I will share with you the truth about modern mainstream fitness and encourage you to see through this crap and start thinking old school.

It’s time to think like Makunouchi Ippo

hajime no ippo Makunouchi Ippo

« With scientific discoveries, human performance are in a record levels and technology improved our lives ».

Yes, yes I agree with that.

The technologies have facilitated our lives with apps like Zombie Run! to run faster, Evernote or JeFit to track our training programs and Fitbit to track your steps throughout the day.

On the other side, we must understand the importance of real life without technological breakthroughs and be successful before you start looking for a technology to assist your performance.

Do you think the new hi-tech sports clothes help you to increase your performance ? Your T-shirt helps you lift heavier ?

Examples of Old School that better than New School :

  • The Ewoks with their old school fighting techniques beats the Empire on the moon of Endor
  • Old fashion ice cream against new ice cream “low fat” (which contains much more sugar)
  • Grass fed beef against grain fed beef
  • The original movies of Ninja Turtles against Michael Bay’s crap
  • The Old School Break Dance rather than Twerk

It’s time to return to Old School and when problems arise, ask you what your favorite hero would do ?

What kind of old school solutions you want to add in this battle against non-sense new school ?


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