One Arm Rear Deltoid Fly With Cable

One Arm Rear Deltoid Fly With Cable

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and there is good stuff.

Place the pulley at your waist and place your body in profil in relation to the machine. Take the handle and stick your arm along your body with your elbow flexed and your forearm against your stomach :

  • Do an external rotation of your arm trying to keep your arm against your body and your elbow flexed

This exercice work mainly infraspinatus, teres minor and a little bit deltoid posterior beams. If at the end of the movement you bring your shoulder blade to the center of your body, you will also work rhombroids and middle and lower portions of your trapezius.

This exercice is often recommended for rehabilitations after a tear or partial removal of infraspinatus. For rehabilitations, this exercice is do with very light weight.

Note : This exercice is also used to target work on deltoid posterior beams. To do this, you have to take off your arm of your body slighty and extend your elbow at the end of the movement.

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