Lying Barbell Triceps

In the gym where I train there work because the gym will be enlarged to 700 m2 (7534 ft2), that’s cool. I can’t wait to see how the gym will become after the work. For now, the work doesn’t interfere with my training, it’s excellent. Today was chest – triceps – calves. There is an […]

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Horrible Romanian Deadlift

I told you that I had added weights in my training program and exercises I couldn’t do all reps in a good form, I kept the same weight but I do 5 sets of 6 reps for work technique. But there is an exception for squat and Romanian Deadlift because I make another periodization. For

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Security At The Barbell

Today it was Chest – Triceps – Calves. A good session, I progress on exercises I still can’t do 4 sets of 10 reps, I’m happy. While I was changing up to another exercice, I see a person make bench press. Suddenly, I see the barbell moving and weights drop down ! The guy gets

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