High Pulley Curls

high pulley curls anatomy

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.


Standing between the pulleys, arms outstretched and take the handles with a  supinated grip :

  • Inhale and flex your arms

  • Exhale at the end of the movement

high pulley curls anatomy

This exercise is good as a movement for the muscle’s definition during a biceps session. This exercise train biceps, mostly long head because it stretched and tensed with your arms in cross. The brachialis, monoarticular flexors of elbow work too.

Don’t do this exercise heavy, the key is to be focus to feel the contraction from the internal part of the biceps. Sets with high reps give better results.

arm biceps anatomy

When the hand is in pronated grip, the distal tendon of the biceps is in part wrapped around of the radius.

arm biceps anatomy

When the biceps is contracted, the force exerted on its distal tendon rotates the radius on its axis and keep the hand in supinated grip.

arm biceps anatomy

Note : Apart from its role of flexor arm, the brachialis is also the most powerful supinator muscle

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Low Pulley Curls

low pulley curls anatomy

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.


Standing in front of the machine and takes the handle with a supinated grip :

  • Inhale and flex

  • Exhale at the end of the movement

This exercise allow to real locate the effort on the biceps and pump deeply the muscle.

low pulley curls anatomy



The brachialis cross one articulation, elbow. It’s a monoarticular because it flexes only the forearm.


biceps brachii brachialis

The biceps cross several articulations, elbow and shoulder. It’s a polyarticular. It flexes forearm, raise the elbow, bring the arm to the chest and carry forearm in supination.

low pulley curls anatomy

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Hammer Curls

hammer curls anatomy

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.


Standing or sitting with a dumbbell in each hand with a semi-pronated grip like a hammer :

  • Inhale and flex your arms simultaneously or alternatively
  • Exhale at the end of the movement


hammer curls anatomy


This is the best exercise to develop the brachioradialis. Biceps and brachialis work too. The short and long radial extensor carpi work a little bit.


arm anatomy brachioradialis

Less effort law

less effort

To save some energy, the muscle will use initially the most straight fibers and located in depths in the muscle. More effort increases, more the muscle will use superficial fibers to do the movement.

Everybody think when we train hard, we train the muscle in depth. In reality, more we train hard, more the muscle will use fibers in the outer part of the muscle.

Deep and straight fibers are generally slower for contraction but more resistant to repetitive effort than exterior fibers.

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Remove The Belly

belly fat

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and there is stuff to share.

How to have no more belly ? A machine seen on tv ? A rough diet ? A supplement like a pill ? First these things worked for you ?

Before I tell your the secret to have no more belly, listen this story.


This is the Bobby’s story. A handsome guy with a nice body. He was famous in the gym where he trained. Bobby liked his physique and make selfies everytime. Bobby was proud and everybody liked him. One time, in the gym, he discovered Stacey who made a selfie of her booty. BOOM, he looked her, she looked him and they felt in love.

3 months later, they get married. 9 months, they had a baby, Wayne. Now Bobby must work harder to support his family but the problem is he can’t train because he has no more energy. When he looks his mirror, he sees something on his abs growing and growing.

He notices than Stacey gains also weight. Bobby and Stacey are depressed because of theirs bodies. They remember the selfies and they’re more depressed. Bobby suffers and everytimes he says to himself : « This monday, I go to train ! » and when the monday comes, he has no more energy. Stacey can’t cook, she has no more energy because she take care of Wayne. So they eat burgers and pizzas. Right now, Bobby can’t see the mirror because he gained 30kg (66lbs).His best friends is the ground, he looks only it.

How to do to help Bobby and Stacey. Bobby can’t help Stacey because he can’t help himself. They need to find a solution because by this way, Wayne will be overweight. Bobby and Stacey don’t want other students laught about Wayne’s weight.

The Secret


The secret ? Be responsible of your body. Stop to listening bullshits like with a diet, pills or exercice, you can make your belly disappear ! Be organized ! Seek the person inside of you who want a better health. Be organized to reach your goals.


negative people

Change your friends. Negatives friends, friends with bad health, don’t see them no more except if they want to change theirs lifestyle with you.

Change food in the kitchen. Throw out all junk food and buy healthy food like fruits, chicken, tuna, oatmeal, olive oil, peanut butter (homemade), etc. Learn to cook healthy meals. Cook together it solidifies the family. You are a team.


Prepare meals in advance for all day. By this way you don’t eat junk food and you don’t lose your money. Women, naturally, have more fat than men and it’s normal because it’s to be pregnant. Men don’t have excuses. When you manage your foods, you don’t have overweight’s problem. It’s true, plan meals in the day.

When you have the time to watch a tv show, you have the time to cook. You can watch your tv show in the weekend. Foods before tv shows ! Internet is a beautiful source of healthy recipes, it’s simple.

Stop eat pizzas, ice-cream, etc. Move, find the person inside you who want do something, no one who wait for a magic spell. This one is lost forever !


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Study Case An Overweight Father

overweight father

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and there is good stuff.

This is a study case from a Jamcore DZ’s fan. It’s a guy who know he has a weight problem. He’s afraid but he doesn’t know what to do. Be careful, if you are not careful it could happen to you in the future then stay focus everydays.

Study case

study case

This guy watch often Jamcore DZ’s video with sweet drink and cookies and dreaming to have an athletic body. He’s 40 years old, 110kg (242.5lbs), 109cm (6’2’’) and he likes cookies, nutella, sweet dring et he drink very little water. He likes when his wife cooking and he eat everything she cooks. Now, he is motivate and he bought a traning program for endomorph (it’s a guy who store fat quickly). His story, he’s a public servant. When he began his job 14 years ago, he weighted 70kg (154.3lbs). Sitting and snacking, he weight 110kg (242.5lbs). There is a gym in his workplace but he never went.



This guy is in a situation that can cause heart problems, blood pressure problems and heart attack. People with a lot of fat in the stomack have often heart attacks. This isn’t to scare but this is the truth. The fact that he reconizes the problem and he bought a training program is excellent.

One obstacle is that his wife don’t cook meals good for the body. Why she cooks these meals ? Because she just want to please him, it’s normal. It’s hard for him to change because he lacks of discipline. He’s a victime of his own routine et sugar killing him. Yes, sugar.

Help is there

hepl is here

Firstly, an agreement in the couple must be done, he must discuss with his wife to speak about this situation. Children can be include in this agreement by this way all family work to have a better health and a better life style. This is the most important thing, all family want reach the same goal.

Secondly, change food. Throw out junk foods of closets et replace them with healthy foods. Really, throw out junk foods. No more white sugar, cakes, sweet drinks, white bread, fruit juices, sweet yogurt, sweet cereals. Buy fruits, oatmeal. Learn to cook healthy meal. Study ingredients, it’s easy now with internet. Why we’re tired after school or work ? It’s because we ate junk food all day. We ate sugar et we don’t do physical exercices.

If all family do it, results will come fast and together. Be organized. People who take care of their health do it with all their family, cook together, share healthy meals et training exercices. Be with friends who have same interests to be in a good health. Don’t be with people who don’t care about their health because they’re screwed and they want to make you sink with them. Be with people who like to train too.

Take one day per week to eat something you like, everything you want. One day, breakfast or lunch or diner. This is will not destroy your progress and it’s good for your morale.

Follow a training program and do it seriously. People prays but don’t act. We need to act everydays to change ours lifestyle. A important thing is to organize in advance because if you’re not organize in advance, you’re screwed. If your foods is organize in lunch boxes, in the morning, when you wake up, every meal of the day are ready. From the morning to the night. Rice, tuna, vegetable and a fruit. Event if your friends said to you it’s weird, don’t heard them.

At the beginning, people will criticize you but when they will see your body and your behaviour change, they will ask you a lot of questions, you will attract people. Your energy is different because your food is different. Your belly disappears, you buy new clothes (don’t spend all your money in clothes, be careful). You feel good, your wife and children love you more, it’s happiness.

Body is mind.


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The Bulking’s Myth


I read an article on T-Nation  and here is what I learned

Here’s what you need to know :

  • After a certain point, your ability to gain muscle will not go faster by consuming more food.

  • The body can’t build more than a few kilograms (pounds) of muscle in a month. Remember that the weight you gain is not only muscle.

  • There is a better way to gain muscle. Don’t used the bulking period as an excuse to eat junk food.

The gluttony game

To have more volume you have to eat more, we agree. You will be able to gain a large amount of muscle mass only if you eat enough calories and nutrients to help your body to build muscle. For those who take steroids, that’s another story. In fact, if you don’t eat enough, it’s possible that you lose muscle even if you train hard. More you eat, more you grown.

But not so fast

If you don’t eat enough, your muscle growth will stagnate but that doesn’t mean that if you eat more, you will gain much more muscle.

A major mistake that you can do when you train to have a muscular physique and aesthetic, it’s eating too much junk food and have a high percentage of body fat to boost your muscle growth.

When you are natural, your body has a limited ability to build muscle. The amount of muscle you can build depends on the ability that your body has to synthesize new muscle tissue from protein you eat.

The ability of your body to synthesize the protein depends on your natural testosterone levels, your testosterone with your cortisol ratio, your insulin sensitivity and your genetics.

You can eat the amount of food that you want, you can’t change your ability to synthesize protein. Overeating will increase your body fat percentage.

Your body is a construction worker

body under construction

Imagine that your muscles is like a house you trying to build. The bricks are amino acids (from proteins) and the money to pay construction workers are carbohydrates and fat you eat.

If you don’t give enough bricks (protein), they will not be able to build the house as fast as they can. A deficiency in protein means a slow muscle growth.

If you don’t pay your construction workers enough with nutrition, they will not be motivated to work hard. If you really don’t pay your construction workers, they will even destroy your muscles (catabolism due to a too low calories intake ).

In summary, if you don’t eat enough protein and calories, you will gain muscle very slowly.

Giving more bricks (protein) to your construction workers , they will be able to build the house faster. But at some point, sending too many bricks will not speed up the construction speed. For example, your construction workers can add 1000 bricks per day in a wall. If you give them 2000 bricks, it will be useless because it will exceed their ability to work. This is the same thing for the salary (calories).

The athletic threshold

« But I gained 6.7kg (15lbs) in 3 months and I didn’t gain fat »

This is something we often hear. If it’s possible to gain only a few kilograms (pounds) of muscle per month, why so many people say they have gained much muscle without gaining fat ?

It’s possible to gain muscle without gaining much fat and the answer is : an athletic body. An athletic body isn’t the body you see in bodybuilding competitions. An athletic body has a body fat percentage between 10-20%.

The guy believe he gained 6.7kg (15lbs) of solid muscle because visually, he looks to have kept the same body fat’s percentage. But if we look in detail, he gained 2.7kg (6lbs) of muscle, 3.1kg (7lbs) of glycogen and 0.9kg (2lbs) of fat in a period of 3 months.

Here are two situations :

Situation A

  • Go on a bulking phase

  • Gain 11.3kg (25lbs) over a period of 6 months

  • The details of 11.3kg (25lbs) is 2.2-4.5kg (5-10lbs) of muscles and the rest is 0.9-1.8kg of glycogen (2-4lbs) and 4.5-6.8kg (10-15lbs) of fat.

  • To lose the excess fat, you have to do a strict diet. If you are extremely strict, you can expect to lose 0.4-0.9kg (1-2lbs) of fat per week without losing muscle.

  • The best scenario is 6-12 weeks to lose fat. Otherwise 12-20 weeks.

Situation B

  • Increase your calories but just enough to give your body the nutrition needed to maximize your muscle growth.

  • You gain 0.6kg (1.5lbs) of muscle per month with less fat.

  • After 6 months, you gain weight 2.2-4.5kg (5-10lbs) but only 1.3-2.2kg (3-5lbs) of fat.

  • To lose fat, you need to do a diet for a month.

The best way

Many people ruin the potential of their body with the internet gurus tips that advise eating as much as possible (even junk food). Result, a lo of unnecessary fat that gives the impression of being muscular.

Many people don’t eat enough to help muscle growth but eating too much or eating junk food isn’t the solution. We must calculate the number of calories that we have to take a day and select food throughout the year.

Did you go in a bulking period ?


Entraînement Adolescent (Partie 3)

teenagers training

La Session 2 de l’entraînement pour adolescent, garçon ou fille, des vidéos de JamCore DZ . C’est ce que j’ai envie de partager ça avec toi.

Tu es un adolescent (garçon ou fille) et tu veux avoir un meilleur corps. Ici tu vas apprendre ce qu’il faut pour atteindre cet objectif. Première chose : Arrête de manger du sucre, ça te tue lentement.

Dans cette Session 2, nous allons utiliser 2 grandes bouteilles d’eau (1,5l / 0.40gal). Ce n’est pas un poids très lourd mais c’est une résistance suffisante pour te préparer à un entraînement avec de beaucoup plus lourd.

water bottle

Désolé, je n’ai pas trouvé d’images d’exercice avec des bouteilles d’eau donc j’ai choisi des images d’exercice avec des haltères.

Session 2

Rowing avec les bouteilles d’eau

dumbbell rowing

Entraîne le dos

Tu te mets debout, le haut du corps penché à 45°, tes bras sont tendus avec une bouteille d’eau dans chaque main et tu tires les bouteille en contractant le haut du dos. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétitions

Elévation latérale les bouteilles d’eau

lateral raises

Entraîne les épaule

Tu te mets debout, poitrine haute sans remonter les épaules, tes bras sont tendus avec dans chaque main une bouteille d’eau. Tu lèves tes bras tendus jusqu’à la hauteur des épaule. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétitions

Curl avec les bouteilles d’eau

dumbell curls

Entraîne biceps

Tu te mets debout, les bras tendus avec une bouteille d’eau dans chaque main. Tu plie ton bras pour faire remonter la bouteille jusqu’à ta poitrine. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétitions

Squat latérale

lateral squat

Entraîne jambes

C’est comme le squat de la Session 1 sauf que dans cette version, tu commences avec les pieds joints et tu fais un pas sur le côté pour faire un squat. Ensuite tu reviens à la position de départ avec les pieds joints. Tu fais un pas à gauche et un pas à droite. Le mouvement est à faire lentement.

Fait 2-3 séries de 10-12 répétions



Entraîne gainage

Tes coudes sur le sol sont en ligne avec tes épaules. Tu fais rentrer le ventre et tu reste stable.

Cette exercice te permet d’avoir une excellente posture pour améliorer ta confiance en toi dans la vie de tous les jours.

Fait 2-3 séries de 30-120 secondes

Relevé de jambes

knee raises

Entraîne les abdos

Ramène tes jambes vers ta poitrine doucement. Pour les adolescents qui ont des problèmes de poids, il faut faire le maximum de répétions, pas d’excuse.

Fait 2-3 séries de 15-30 répétions

Exemple d’une semaine:

Lundi : Session 1

Mardi : Cardio

Mercredi : Session 2

Jeudi : Cardio

Fait très attention à ton alimentation pour avoir des résultats. Si tu mange de la merde, tu vas ressembler à de la merde. Si tu manges bien, tu vas avoir un beau corps.

Dans le prochain article, la dernière partie la Session 3.