High Pulley Curls

high pulley curls anatomy

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy »  and there is good stuff.


Standing between the pulleys, arms outstretched and take the handles with a  supinated grip :

  • Inhale and flex your arms

  • Exhale at the end of the movement

high pulley curls anatomy

This exercise is good as a movement for the muscle’s definition during a biceps session. This exercise train biceps, mostly long head because it stretched and tensed with your arms in cross. The brachialis, monoarticular flexors of elbow work too.

Don’t do this exercise heavy, the key is to be focus to feel the contraction from the internal part of the biceps. Sets with high reps give better results.

arm biceps anatomy

When the hand is in pronated grip, the distal tendon of the biceps is in part wrapped around of the radius.

arm biceps anatomy

When the biceps is contracted, the force exerted on its distal tendon rotates the radius on its axis and keep the hand in supinated grip.

arm biceps anatomy

Note : Apart from its role of flexor arm, the brachialis is also the most powerful supinator muscle

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