Do Fat Burners Help Lose Body Fat

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We live in a culture obsessed with beauty. The fitness and weight loss industry is growing every year. Fat burners are supplements that many companies offer for faster weight loss. Fat burners They may contain natural and/or artificial ingredients. The goal is to improve the weight loss process by: Increase your metabolism to burn more …

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Drinking Water But How Much

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I wanted to share this with you. As you know we have to drink water to stay hydrated but how much ? 8 glasses of water per day Water is good for you. A big part of your body is composed of water and you lose your fluids with …

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Destroy your inner demons like Skywalker 

In all stories of heroic fantasy and science fiction, the hero has to struggle with his inner demons. Do you remember Luke Skywalker who fights against his double who is dressed in Darth Vader ? It’s cool but in life, it’s a little different. In fact, it’s less spectacular because demons are things like skip a …

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