Back To The Source Of Equipment (Part 1)

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I read a Nerd Fitness articles  and I learned good stuff.

When I began, I went is a small gym at Sous-Moulin . It was a gym in sport center for volleyball, basketball, soccer players. There were only machines (because people stole dumbbells) and when we were 10 people, the gym was full.

2 years later, I went in a real gym. I’ll not lie to you the first time I was alone and I was afraid to the free weight section because I was afraid of hurting myself. But I had so much desire to have the 50 Cent’s body that I watched several times exercice’s video on Youtube and I did it.

On internet, there is a lot of excellent video that explain how to do squat, deadlift, etc. I downloaded videos of my workout program on my smartphone to heard instructions in the gym to do it right. It’s funny, I still have these videos on my smartphone and on my Cloud.

Now I feel good in a gym, I share with you gym’s basic principles and equipment that you’ll see most often. You’ll not have a loser’s head like me the first time.

Gyms filled to the maximum of equipment but you don’t need to use all of them to do an effective strength training. I’ll talk to you about basic equipment.

First time

first time

It’s easy to lose your mind the first time when you go in a gym. There is a lot of things and everyone seems to know what to do.

The most of gyms have :

  • Cardio zone (treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, etc)

  • Free weight zone

  • Group fitness room

  • Locker rooms

There are gyms that have pool, sauna, jacuzzi but it depends.

The fist time you go in a gym, it’s normal to ask for a visit. It’s important to do it because even if you’re used to gyms, you don’t know where are equipements you want to use. It would be a shame if you miss something. I don’t really remember but it was 6 months that I was in a gym and I discovered by chance, hidden in a corner, a machine to work calves.

Free Weight

free wieghts gym

During the visit you’ll see a lot of equipements. Personally I find that the gym’s staff concentrates enormously on machines and cardio during visits. It’s a shame because it’s the least interesting part. Let’s go to the free weight zone.

Barbells can have a size from 1.2m to 2.4m (4’-8 feet) long and a diameter from 25mm – 51mm (0.98’’ – 2’’).

Olympic bar

olympic bar

It’s the standard training barbell (Olympic men’s barbell). This bar is 2.2m (7.2 ft) long and weight 20kg (45lbs). The Olympic bar has bearings that make it spin nicely to help assist the Olympic lift, snatch and the clean and jerk.

There are also gyms that have « woman bar » is 2.1m (6.9 ft) long and weight 15kg (33lbs). There is also smaller bar to lift weight between 4.5kg – 13.6kg (10lbs – 30lbs).

Fixed weight bars

fixed weights bar

This is a small barbell with weights already fixed on it. They’re usually located next to dumbbells.



There are several dumbbell’s design but it’s just for the style. Weights are from 0.45kg to 90kg (1lbs – 200lbs).

Ez-Curl bars

ez-curls bar

This bar is special because it is short and it has « W » form. This bar is only use for curls. I use this bar to do curls because with a normal bar, I have wrist pain, it’s my morphology (read this article). So if you hurt when you do curls with a normal bar, use that one.

Trap bar

trap bar

You can also name this bar « hex bar ». This bar has a hexagonal shape and allows you to be in the middle to lift weights with a neutral grip. This bar allows you to do deadlift and shrugs but it’s not an indispensable bar. Olympic bar is indispensable.

Safety squat bar, Cambered bars, Apollon’s axe, Strongman logs (and others)

safety squat bar cambered bars strongman logs

Theses bars aren’t necessary but it doesn’t mean that it’s useless to use them from time to time. If the gym specialized for Powerlifting, you’ll find these bars.

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Lazy To Train ? Test Temptation Pack

lazy fitness

In life, there are things we should do, things we need to do and things we want to do.

You and me, we know, it’s always the things that we want to do they have priority over things we should or need to do.

So that we have situations where we do the important things at the last minute and often with enormous stress.

But what’s the temptation pack

treadmill laptop

Katy Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on this concept . Here the study’s subject :

Participants were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group (full) has access to a gym with the option of listening audiobooks. The second group (intermediate) has access to a gym with a limited time for listening audiobooks.

51% of participants in the first group (full) and 29% of participants of the second group (intermediate) went to the gym more frequently.

It’s cool as an idea to be more consistent in his training program. Now we can adapt this concept for other things :

  • Do you like a TV show or a youtuber ? Take your laptop or your smartphone and watch it during your cardio (treadmill / elliptical)

  • Do you like your video game on your smartphone ? Play during your rest time between sets.

  • Do you like listening audiobooks or podcasts ? Listen to it while you clean your house, doing the laundry or ironing. This can be a task not very motivating as cook healthy meals.

Do you understand the pack temptation’s concept, it’s cool. Do things we should and we need to do by combining an element that we find cool. Tasks we find boring become less boring !




I do my cardio every Sunday morning (sometimes I don’t do it when I drank too much alcohol on Saturday). I do this for my breath work, transfer of weight on my legs and keep my bodyfat level. I am 175 cm (5.74 ft), 78kg (171.9 lbs) and 8% bodyfat, I have a proper physical.

Oh stop, I found a super important stuff: 4 beers cancels the training of the day and it’s useless to train the next day because the testosterone level has fallen too much to help recover. I’ll write about it.

People often wonder what distance I do or how many calories I burn. I do a hill program on the treadmill at the level 9 of 12 for 50 minutes => Calories: 645; Distance: 7.04 km (4.37 mi); Speed: 8.5 km/h (5.2 mph); Incline: 3.3%. Everytime it’s the same reaction: « Oh only ?!? » and they explained that I should normally have better results.

3 years ago when people gave me this kind of remark that annoyed me and it made me doubt of my performance. Yesterday, a member of the gym told me that with the elliptical machine, he burned the same number of calories in 30 minutes.

cardio types

Now, you know in my head, I say « Fuck you ! Who do you think you are, if you have a better physique than me I hear you, otherwise, Fuck you ! » and it’s rare I meet someone who has a better physique than me. I don’t live in a city where there are a lot of professional athletes.

I like running, I like to stompling the ground, I like to feel the weight of my body on each leg. Small, my karate teacher made me run and I learned to like it. I run for 50 minutes at an average speed of 8.5 km/h (5.2 mph) with an average incline of 3.3%. I know I can do better because there are people who do better than me but people that think I didn’t do enough can do it ? I don’t think so, NO !

How is possible that people who have less good physical than you can afford to tell you that what you do isn’t enough ? They’re HATERS, it’s the only answer I found. Trying to understand why they say this type of comment is useless.

Doing the type of cardio that you like and progress. People will tell you to do this and that but they don’t do the quarter of what you’re doing. Dr Dre said something like that in his latest album « Compton », it’s « All in a day’s work ». You must stay focus on your progress and ignores the others. You’re doing this for you, not for someone to congratulate you. It’s to make you congratulate yourself, that’s all.




Je fais mon cardio tous les dimanches matins (des fois je ne le fais pas quand j’ai trop bu d’alcool le samedi). Je fais cela pour travailler ma respiration, le transfert de poids sur mes jambes et maintenir mon niveau de graisse corporelle. Je fais 175 cm (5.74 ft), 78kg (171.9 lbs) et 8 % de graisse corporelle, j’ai un physique correcte.

Oh stop, j’ai appris un truc super important : 4 bières annule l’entraînement de la journée et ça ne sert à rien de s’entraîner le lendemain parce que le niveau de testostérone a trop baissé pour aider à récupérer, je vais écrire sur ça.

Souvent les gens me demande quelle distance je fais ou combien de calories je brûle. Je fais un programme colline sur le tapis roulant au niveau 9 sur 12 pendant 50 minutes => Calories : 645; Distance:7.04 km(4.37 mi) ; Vitesse : 8.5 km/h (5.2 mph) ; Pente : 3.3 %. Chaque fois c’est la même réaction : « Ah seulement ?!? » et ils m’explique que normalement je devrais avoir de meilleurs résultats.

Au début quand les gens me faisait ce type de remarque, ça m’énervait ou ça me faisait douter de mes performances. Hier encore, un membre de la salle me disait qu’avec la machine Elliptical, il brûlait le même nombre de calories en 30 minutes.

cardio types

Tu sais maintenant dans ma tête, je me dis « Fuck you ! Pour qui tu te prends, si tu as un meilleur physique que moi je t’écoute sinon Fuck you ! » et c’est rare que je rencontre une personne qui a un meilleur physique quoi moi. J’habite pas dans une ville où il y a beaucoup d’athlètes professionnels.

J’aime courir, j’aime piétiner le sol, j’aime sentir le poids de mon corps sur chaque jambe. Petit mon prof de karaté me faisait courir et j’ai appris à aimer ça. Je cours pendant 50 minutes à une vitesse moyenne de 8.5 km/h (5.2 mph)avec une pente moyenne de 3.3 %. Je sais que je peux faire mieux parce qu’il y a des personnes qui le font mieux mais est-ce que les personnes qui trouvent que je n’en fait pas assez peuvent le faire ? Je ne crois pas non !

Comment c’est possible que des personnes qui ont un moins bon physique que toi puissent se permettre de te dire que ce que tu fais ce n’est pas suffisant ? C’est des HATERS, c’est la seul réponse que j’ai trouvé. Essayer de comprendre pourquoi ils disent ce type de commentaire ne sert à rien.

Fais le type de cardio qui te plaît et progresse. Les gens vont te dire ceci et cela mais ils ne font pas le quart de ce que tu fais. Dr Dre dit un truc comme ça dans son dernier album « Compton » c’est « All in a day’s work ». Il faut que tu restes concentré sur tes progrès et ignore les autres. Tu fais ça pour toi, pas pour que quelqu’un te félicite. C’est pour que tu te félicite toi-même, c’est tout.