3 Words To Say Everyday

do it now

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff.

When I was a child, I was reserved and I was full of nonsense. I let go of thinks in my bedroom and I was doing everything at the last moment.

Few years later by doing research on internet about personal development, I found 3 words that help me to build health habits, improve my strength training, prepare meals in advance and pay my bills.

It’s very effective and simple. These 3 words are : Do it now.



Often after using something , I left it there and there were tasks that I would leave aside to do the when I was less busy. Do you do that ?

When I came home, I played video games. I bought preprepared foods to save time in the kitchen. And of course, I had beers in my rucksack.

Looks at what was going on :

  • I went looking for a plat but all plates were dirty in the sink

  • After cleaning a plate and eating, I left the dirty plate in the sink.

  • After playing video games, I wanted to sleep but there was a bunch of clean clothes to put on my bed. Bam, I put my clothes on the side and I sleep.

  • I woke up and all my clean clothes were on the floor.

  • I went looking a plate for my breakfast and I saw a bunch of dirty plates in the sink, Bam, I shouted insults in the kitchen.

Every morning, I had a negative state of mind. I was a lazy dumb

Avoid overworking


When I was looking personal development website, I found this Art Of Manliness video . It’s Do It Now  .

When I watched it I said : « Shit, it’s me. It’s sucks ! ». When I wanted to change, I found some tips of Leo Babauta  and this motived me to :

  • Buid new healthy habits

  • Put my clean clothes in the closet instead of throwing them on furnitures

  • Clean plates immediately after eating. Now in the morning, everything is ready for my breakfast.

  • When I receive a mail, email or a message from my social media, I answer immediately instead of doing a reminder and responding later.

It’s my responsability


Do you noticed when you put something aside, you should manage it some day ? But I noticed when it happen, I must manage a lot of stuff in the same time that I had set aside.

Be indifferent to things

When we put something aside, it means that we’re indifferent. The problem is the day where we should manage it, we’re too tired.

Mental stress

Without knowing it, we accumulate mental stress by seeing things that have to be done. By exemple when I see a bunch of dirty plates in the sink. I know I need to clean them but I don’t do it.

Wait the deadline

A great exemple of a time when indifference and mental stress reach the maximum. I need to have more time to make my tax return and I have some hours left. Watch this beautiful Homer Simpson’s video , you’ll like it.

Wait, I’ll show how it went. It’s funny because my brother to the same thing now :

Clean clothes on my bed

It was always a problem before sleep, especially when I brought a girl back to my bedroom.

Train later in the day

Somedays, I was able to train in the morning but I didn’t do it. All of a sudden, it’s 23h (11pm) and I still don’t train. I trained at home because the gym closed.

Don’t write an article

Somedays, I didn’s write an article on my blog because there were a lof of cool stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat ou this on Youtube . I had to write 2 articles the next day.

Do it now

do it now

By putting things aside, we find ourselves doing a lot of work because everything ends up at the same time. « Do it now » allow us to do 3 importants things :

Less work

We can work less and have the same results. Why work more and have more stress ?

It’s done

Anyway we have to do this task so let’s do it now. In this way, it’s done.

Less mental stress

Each time we make procrastination, we worry more about this task in our subsconscious. Improve our subsconscious, it’s improve our lives.

Do you know the 3 seconds techniques to talk to a girl ? it’s the same to do a task, more you wait and more doubt will make you become lazy.

Train today

If you do your training at the end of the day, do a micro train when you wake up. Do pushups and abs to be in mode « I’m in good shape ». This is will help you to stay motivated to do your training after school/work.

Cook meals for all the week

If you cook all your meals for the week, do it on Sunday. Prepare all your meals in advance to avoid to eat unhealthy during school/work. You don’t have excuses.


If you want save time with your emails, read and answer immdiately or archive.

Dirty plates

If you want clean plates everytime, clean your plates after eating.

Clean clothes

When your laudry finished, immeidately put it in your closet.


Open the letter and manage it immediately.

Do you have a funny story and the conclusion is « I can’t believe I was so lazy » ?


P.S. Do you want free workout programs ? Click here 

Smartphone apps :

To track my calories, I use MyFitnessPal 

To track my workout program, I use Jefit 

Lazy To Train ? Test Temptation Pack

lazy fitness

In life, there are things we should do, things we need to do and things we want to do.

You and me, we know, it’s always the things that we want to do they have priority over things we should or need to do.

So that we have situations where we do the important things at the last minute and often with enormous stress.

But what’s the temptation pack

treadmill laptop

Katy Milkman of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on this concept . Here the study’s subject :

Participants were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group (full) has access to a gym with the option of listening audiobooks. The second group (intermediate) has access to a gym with a limited time for listening audiobooks.

51% of participants in the first group (full) and 29% of participants of the second group (intermediate) went to the gym more frequently.

It’s cool as an idea to be more consistent in his training program. Now we can adapt this concept for other things :

  • Do you like a TV show or a youtuber ? Take your laptop or your smartphone and watch it during your cardio (treadmill / elliptical)

  • Do you like your video game on your smartphone ? Play during your rest time between sets.

  • Do you like listening audiobooks or podcasts ? Listen to it while you clean your house, doing the laundry or ironing. This can be a task not very motivating as cook healthy meals.

Do you understand the pack temptation’s concept, it’s cool. Do things we should and we need to do by combining an element that we find cool. Tasks we find boring become less boring !


Fitness History – National Period in Europe (1700 – 1850) Part 7

europe fashion 1700


denmark 1700

Frank Nachtegall who started teaching in his home, has informed and helped popularize gymnastics programs through Denmark. He was especially interested in the development of gymnastics programs in school systems. The interessed of early childhood for physical activity triggered the Nachtegall’s fascination for fitness. Finally he taught at a private school which was entirely devoted to physical training and later he became the director of a program designed to prepare future fitness instructors called gymnastics training teachers.

Great Britain

great britain 1700

With Great Britain, the medical student Archibald MacLaren spread the word about the benefits of fitness and regular exercise. Archibald MacLaren like Pehr Henrik Ling of Sweden, was fascinated in the scientific components of fitness. His lifetime works in these areas are registered in the National Systems of Bodily Exercise and Training in Theory and Practice. MacLaren made several observations based on his work that are remarkably similar to the exercices recommendations of current day . First, MacLaren believed the cure for stress and weariness was physical action. Second, he noted that recreational exercises found in games or sports weren’t sufficient to achieve an adequate fitness level. Finally, McLaren realized that boys and girls required increasingly to make physical exercises regularly. In the agreement with Ling, McLaren has also recognized the need for individual variation in training programs. In addition, he has documented the importance of progression in the training program.

That’s all for today. Soon the rest of the fitness history


10 Things You Need To Know About The Games Crossfit 2015

Ben Smith

As you know the games are ended July 26 and you know what ? Almost nothing went as planned. Some of the best athletes were very bad in the early stages of the competition and new faces have appeared on the podium. Of course, some veterans proved they still had their places and were ready to face new challenges but the most important, the CrossFit continues to grow at international level.


1. It starts on the beach

The games start on the beach with swimming suit on Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles. Think of “Baywatch”, athletic girls with sunglasses.


2. A ton of fans

Located in the Stub-Center (site of the Women’s World Cup of soccer in 2003, perfect for boxing matches and some Taylor Swift concerts), the CrossFit Games attracted 50,000 people over the six days of the event.

fan crossfit games 2015

3. The Games needs crazy equipment

57 trucks of equipment from 200 pounds (90 kg) of ketterbells to enormous sandbags. The games have been a huge fan gear and more facilities as needed for traditional sports.

crossfit games equipment

4. It was the Rookies Games

Nobody knew who go on the podium this year. For the first time Tia Clair and Ragnheidur Sara, Toomey Sigmundsdottir were placed 2nd and 3rd. For men, a new 22-year old, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsoon, finished third behind Matt Fraser and Ben Smith.


5 Icelandic dominate

If you were not familiar with the suffix – dottir – before the 2015 Games, you should be now. Icelandic athletes dominated the game by winning half the podium men and women in the individual events.

icelandic crossfit games 2015

5. legend fought to the end

The most famous of the Icelandic athletes, 2x champion Annie Thorisdottir, might have done better in his native climate. She suffered from heat stroke during “Murph”, a practice which must be running 2miles (3.2 km), do 100 pushups, 200 pumps and 300 squats in the Californian heat. The favorite of the podium had to withdraw from the competition.

Annie Thorisdottir

7. But another legend held firm

Rich Foning won the team competition after winning the men’s individual competition four years in a row. His team “CrossFit Freedom Mayhem” is composed of James Hobart, Matt Hewett, Elly Kabboord, Jackie Cox, Lauren and Kristin Reffett Neal.

Rich Foning

8. A familiar face takes all.

Ben Smith arrives at the top of Men individual competitions and became the No. 1 in this 7th CrossFit Games.

Ben Smith

9. There were a lot to win.

The winners shared a total prize $ 2,000,000 of them. Ben Smith won $ 275,000 for his first place.

10. This was a good time for everyone.

According to the website of the CrossFit Games when Tia Clair Toomey saw that she had obtained the 2nd place, she burst into tears. Lindsey Valenzuela, the favorite, was comforted by telling her she had to be proud of its performance. But Tia Clair replied, “I do not want to come at the last minute.” Support among athletes was evident through social networks. They were sending message on twitter as if they were a pat on the back of each.

Tia Clair Toomey

– Steph

10 Trucs Que Vous Devez Savoir Sur Le Crossfit Games 2015

Ben Smith

Comme vous le savez les jeux se sont terminé le 26 juillet et vous savez quoi ? Presque rien ne s’est déroulé comme prévu. Certains des meilleurs athlètes ont été très mauvais dès les premières étapes de la compétition et de nouveaux visages ont fait leur apparition sur le podium. Bien sûr quelques vétérans ont prouvé qu’ils avaient toujours leurs places et étaient prêts à relever de nouveaux défis mais le plus important et que le CrossFit continue à croître au niveau internationale.

1. Tout commence sur la plage


Les jeux ont démarrer sur la plage avec des combinaison de natation sur Hermosa Beach à Los Angeles. Pensez à « Alerte à Malibu », des filles athlétiques avec des lunettes de soleil

2. Il y avait une tonne de fans

fan crossfit games 2015

Situé au Stub-Center (site de la Coupe du Monde féminine en 2003, parfait pour les match de boxe et quelques concerts de Taylor Swift), le CrossFit Games a attiré 50 000 personnes au cours des 6 jours de l’événement.

3. Les Jeux ont besoins d’équipement de fous

crossfit games 2015 equipment

57 camions remplient d’équipements de 90 kg (200 pounds) de ketterbells à d’énormes sacs de sables. Les jeux ont eu un énorme éventails engins et d’installations bien plus que nécessaire que pour les sports traditionnels.

4. C’était les Jeux des Rookies

Tia-Clair Toomey

Personne de savait qui irait sur le podium cette année. Pour la 1er fois Tia-Clair Toomey et Ragnheidur Sara Sigmundsdottir se sont placé 2ème et 3ème. Pour les hommes, un nouveau de 22 ans, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsoon, fini 3ème derrière Matt Fraser et Ben Smith.

5 Les islandais dominent

icelandic domination

Si vous n’étiez pas familier avec le suffixe – dottir – avant les Jeux de 2015, vous devriez l’être maintenant. Les athlètes islandais ont dominé les jeux en gagnant la moitié des places sur le podium hommes et femmes dans les compétitions individuelles.

5. Une legende s’est battue jusqu’au bout

Annie Thorisdottir

La plus célèbre des athlètes islandaise, 2x championne, Annie Thorisdottir, aurait peut-être fait mieux dans son climat natal. Elle souffrait d’un coup de chaleur durant le « Murph », une séance d’entraînement dont on doit courir 3.2 km (2miles), faire 100 tractions, 200 pompes et 300 squats sous la chaleur californienne. La favorite du podium a dû se retirer de la compétition.

7. Mais une autre légende a tenu bon

Rich Foning

Rich Foning a remporté la compétition par équipe après avoir gagné la compétition individuelle masculine 4 années d’affilée. Son équipe « CrossFit Freedom Mayhem » est composé de James Hobart, Matt Hewett, Elly Kabboord, Jackie Cox, Kristin Reffett et Lauren Neal.

8. Un visage familier rafle tout.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith arrive au top des compétitions individuelle homme et devient le numéro 1 de ces 7ème CrossFit Games.

9. Il y avait beaucoup en jeux.

Les gagnants se sont partagé une cagnotte d’un total de $ 2 000 000 entre eux. Ben Smith a gagné $ 275 000 pour sa 1er place.

10. Cela a été un bon moment pour tout le monde.

Tia-Clair Toomey

Selon le site internet du CrossFit Games quand Tia-Clair Toomey a vu qu’elle avait obtenu la 2ème place, elle a fondu en larmes. Lindsey Valenzuela, la favorite, est allé la réconforté en lui disant qu’elle devait être fière de sa perfomance. Mais Tia-Clair lui a répondu : « Je ne voulais pas venir à la dernière minute ». Le soutien entre athlètes était évidente à travers les réseaux sociaux. Ils s’envoyaient des message sur twitter comme s’ils se faisaient une tape dans le dos de chacun.

– Steph