Fitness History – National Period in Europe (1700 – 1850) Part 7

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The 18th and early 19th centuries witnessed a surge in national fitness movements across Europe. Part 7 of our series delves into the pioneering efforts of Denmark and Great Britain in promoting physical activity and overall well-being.


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In Denmark, physical education champion Frank Nachtegall played a pivotal role. Driven by a passion for early childhood development and fitness, Nachtegall popularized gymnastics programs throughout the country. His dedication extended to establishing a private school focused entirely on physical training. Furthermore, he led a program specifically designed to train future generations of “gymnastics training teachers,” ensuring the continuation of his vision.

Great Britain:

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Across the English Channel, medical student Archibald MacLaren emerged as a leading advocate for fitness. Mirroring the scientific approach of Sweden’s Pehr Henrik Ling, MacLaren meticulously documented his findings in his life’s work, “National Systems of Bodily Exercise and Training in Theory and Practice.” His observations on exercise resonate even today.pen_spark

  • Combating Stress and Fatigue: MacLaren, much like modern fitness experts, recognized physical activity as a powerful tool to combat stress and fatigue.
  • Beyond Games and Sports: He emphasized the limitations of recreational activities for achieving optimal fitness levels. Structured exercise programs were essential.
  • Individualized Training: Similar to Ling, MacLaren championed the need for personalized training plans to cater to individual needs and abilities.
  • Progression is Key: MacLaren also stressed the importance of gradually increasing exercise intensity over time for sustained improvement.

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