Fitness History – National Period in Europe (1700 – 1850) Part 7

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denmark 1700

Frank Nachtegall who started teaching in his home, has informed and helped popularize gymnastics programs through Denmark. He was especially interested in the development of gymnastics programs in school systems. The interessed of early childhood for physical activity triggered the Nachtegall’s fascination for fitness. Finally he taught at a private school which was entirely devoted to physical training and later he became the director of a program designed to prepare future fitness instructors called gymnastics training teachers.

Great Britain

great britain 1700

With Great Britain, the medical student Archibald MacLaren spread the word about the benefits of fitness and regular exercise. Archibald MacLaren like Pehr Henrik Ling of Sweden, was fascinated in the scientific components of fitness. His lifetime works in these areas are registered in the National Systems of Bodily Exercise and Training in Theory and Practice. MacLaren made several observations based on his work that are remarkably similar to the exercices recommendations of current day . First, MacLaren believed the cure for stress and weariness was physical action. Second, he noted that recreational exercises found in games or sports weren’t sufficient to achieve an adequate fitness level. Finally, McLaren realized that boys and girls required increasingly to make physical exercises regularly. In the agreement with Ling, McLaren has also recognized the need for individual variation in training programs. In addition, he has documented the importance of progression in the training program.

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