10 Things You Need To Know About The Games Crossfit 2015

Ben Smith

As you know the games are ended July 26 and you know what ? Almost nothing went as planned. Some of the best athletes were very bad in the early stages of the competition and new faces have appeared on the podium. Of course, some veterans proved they still had their places and were ready to face new challenges but the most important, the CrossFit continues to grow at international level.


1. It starts on the beach

The games start on the beach with swimming suit on Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles. Think of “Baywatch”, athletic girls with sunglasses.


2. A ton of fans

Located in the Stub-Center (site of the Women’s World Cup of soccer in 2003, perfect for boxing matches and some Taylor Swift concerts), the CrossFit Games attracted 50,000 people over the six days of the event.

fan crossfit games 2015

3. The Games needs crazy equipment

57 trucks of equipment from 200 pounds (90 kg) of ketterbells to enormous sandbags. The games have been a huge fan gear and more facilities as needed for traditional sports.

crossfit games equipment

4. It was the Rookies Games

Nobody knew who go on the podium this year. For the first time Tia Clair and Ragnheidur Sara, Toomey Sigmundsdottir were placed 2nd and 3rd. For men, a new 22-year old, Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsoon, finished third behind Matt Fraser and Ben Smith.


5 Icelandic dominate

If you were not familiar with the suffix – dottir – before the 2015 Games, you should be now. Icelandic athletes dominated the game by winning half the podium men and women in the individual events.

icelandic crossfit games 2015

5. legend fought to the end

The most famous of the Icelandic athletes, 2x champion Annie Thorisdottir, might have done better in his native climate. She suffered from heat stroke during “Murph”, a practice which must be running 2miles (3.2 km), do 100 pushups, 200 pumps and 300 squats in the Californian heat. The favorite of the podium had to withdraw from the competition.

Annie Thorisdottir

7. But another legend held firm

Rich Foning won the team competition after winning the men’s individual competition four years in a row. His team “CrossFit Freedom Mayhem” is composed of James Hobart, Matt Hewett, Elly Kabboord, Jackie Cox, Lauren and Kristin Reffett Neal.

Rich Foning

8. A familiar face takes all.

Ben Smith arrives at the top of Men individual competitions and became the No. 1 in this 7th CrossFit Games.

Ben Smith

9. There were a lot to win.

The winners shared a total prize $ 2,000,000 of them. Ben Smith won $ 275,000 for his first place.

10. This was a good time for everyone.

According to the website of the CrossFit Games when Tia Clair Toomey saw that she had obtained the 2nd place, she burst into tears. Lindsey Valenzuela, the favorite, was comforted by telling her she had to be proud of its performance. But Tia Clair replied, “I do not want to come at the last minute.” Support among athletes was evident through social networks. They were sending message on twitter as if they were a pat on the back of each.

Tia Clair Toomey

– Steph

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