Trick To Be More Productive

What's up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland's video  and I learned some good stuff. Have you ever finished a day completely exhausted and after analysis, have the impression of having accomplished nothing ? Don't worry, it has happened to me and it happens to everyone a few times. The truth is that it's important to understand…

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Have A Lot Of Ideas For Articles Or Videos

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff. Here is an idea for having several ideas to create articles and videos. This idea is to write a book of at least 50 pages. The concept is to share regularly with your audience your reflections and the development of your book. While you’re writing your book, you’re going…

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Company Creation And Taxes

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff. It’s true that a frequent question, how to optimize taxation when we start a company. Solid foundation It’s extremely simple. Here are the 3 most important steps to do when we create a company : First step => sell Second step => sell Third step => sell The only thing…

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