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Do Fat Burners Help Lose Body Fat

We live in a culture obsessed with beauty. The fitness and weight loss industry is growing every year. Fat burners are supplements that many companies offer for faster weight loss. Fat burners They may contain natural and/or artificial ingredients. The goal is to improve the weight loss process by: Increase your metabolism to burn more …

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Fear Of Success (Part 2)

I watched an Oliver Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff Fear of rejection is embedded in fear of success The fear of rejection is even more insidious. Because to succeed, you have to do something that is not accepted by everyone. Typically what scares a lot of bloggers who start to succeed is to …

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Deadlift Correctly (Part 3)

If you didn’t read the first parts, click Part 1 and Part 2  I read a Nerd Fitness article and I learned good stuff. Grip the barbell The strength of the grip is an important part of the deadlift. There are 2 types of grip: Overhand grip => The palms of your hands are towards …

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Masturbation And Sport

I watched a Jamcore DZ’s video  and I learned good stuff. My intention is to explain masturbation’s effect on a sport activity without being vulgar. Masturbation is a normal activity for some people and abnormal for others. In some religions, it’s a forbidden or ignoble activity but it’s an activity that most people do. Type …

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Squat Correctly (Part 1)

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff. I’m sure that in your gym, everyone says it’s good to do squat ? But who do your see really doing ? There’s not a lot of people, it’s weird, no ? I do the squat on leg’s day but the truth is that it’s actually a …

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How To Plagiarize Others Smartly

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there is good stuff. Plagiarize others smartly without copy what they do but have an efficient inspiration. It’s possible copying something people don’t think about. Olivier Roland talked with a youtuber and this youtuber told him he has completely plagiarized Casey Neistat. Casey Neistat  is a famous youtubers …

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