Understand This Human Behavior To Boost Sales

human behavior

What’s up ? This is THE stephane ANDRE !!! I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned some good stuff.

There is human bias that needs to get around to get your company up to the next level. What’s interesting with marketing is that it exposes human behavior. Marketing allows us to understand good and bad human behavior


This one of the most common human misbehavior. Take the example of a registration page for online training. There are 200 prospects interested in this training who gave you their emails to know the start date.

You divide the prospects into 2 groups, group A and B. For group A (100 prospects), you ask them to write their first names and emails and click on the OK button in the form to register. For group B (100 prospects), their first names and emails are already pre-filled in the form, just check the information and click on the OK button. In group B, there will be about 10% more registration compared to group A.

Which means that in group A, there are about 10% of prospects who don’t have enough energy or motivaton to write their first names and emails in the form.



This is one of the most common good human behaviors. Take the example of a guarantee of 30 days without conditions satisfied or refunded. Technically, there are plenty of people who could benefit from this guarantee by saying : « I’ll use this product for 29 days and I’ll ask for a refund ». Of course, there are people who do that, but it’s always surprising to see that it’s a small minority. It’s something nice to see.


Unfortunately, there are limits in honesty and it’s necessary to understand some human bias to have a good company. Otherwise your company is in jeopardy.

In a detective tv show, there is a perone who is looking for the best detective for his problem. The hero of this tv show is a detective.

The person sees the hero and says : « I did some research and you’re the best in your field ».

The tell him : « You did some research, but what exactly did you do ? ».

The person answers : « It’s simple, I went to see all your competitors, I asked them who was the best detective and they all said it was them. Then I asked them who was the best second detective after them and they said it was you, that’s why I realized you were the best ».

Did you see the human bias in this example ? When you ask a pro who is the best, he’ll answer you : « Me ! ». The pro does this because he wants to sell, he has his personal pride and maybe he really believes he’s the number 1 compared to others.

Which shows that it’s difficult to have the most objective answer possible with this question. By understanding this human bias, you can use a question that gets around that. This question is : « Okay, it’s obvious you’re the best but who’s second best after you ? ». In the majority of cases, the answer is objective.



Let’s take another example. An entrepreneur conducts a survey with his prospects to determine the selling price of a product. The question is : « What is the price you would pay to buy this product ? ». If you ask your prospects how they want to help them, they’ll be honest but when you talk about the selling price, it become complicated. When you ask the question about the selling price, they will always tell you a lower price compared to the price they could pay.

There are 2 reasons :

  1. When a person ansers this question, she thinks : « If I tell him I’m willing to pay 100 dollars, he’ll sell it to me at $100. So, I’ll tell him $50 like that it will be cheaper ». It’s a behavior that all human beings do (me and you included).

  2. There are people who don’t know how much they would be willing to pay because they can’t see the product. When they see the product and see what it can improve in their life, they’ll decide whether to buy it or not.

To solve the problem of the 1st reason, ask the question this way : « As you’re one of the people who helped me to create this product, you’ll have a special price, but what do you think the price is that the rest of the world should pay ? ». With this question, the prospect knows that he is going to have a special price so he can give a more objective answer.

To solve the problem of the 2nd reason, there is only one way. It’s showing the product to prospects.

When you do a survey to prospects for the sale price, it’s very important that prospects understand that they’re going to have a special price. Ask the questions : « What price would you pay to buy this product ? » and «  As you’re one of the people who helped me to create this product, you’ll have a special price. But what do you think the price is that the rest of the world should pay ». You will be surprised by the different answers you will have. Test it !

Obviously, it’s not only with this question that you will determine your selling price, it will be just a clue. It’s very useful to understand human psychology otherwise you risk choosing a selling price really too low that should be and earn really less money.

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Useless To Have A Better Body ?

body transformation

I’ve wanted to look like people on magazine cover or in music videos (50 Cent), it’s already happened to you ? I think that it’s already happened for everybody. Having an athletic body seemed to be really cool. But as you can see in fitness’s world and bodybuilding, there are several types of athletic physique. Some may be achieved naturally and other with steroids.

Confidence or obsession

body transformation

Why you want to have a better body ? This is to feel better in your body and have more self-confidence or you want to make money with your physque (personal trainer, fitness model, competition, etc.) ?

It’s interesting to ask you this question because there is an important point : « We always feel small ». When your goal is based on physical appearance, so like a pro, you always seem to not be quite muscular. I say this because I live it. I look at a picture and I look at me in the mirror and I think : « Damn, there is still a lot of work ! ». At this point, it can become an obsession.

Shit, I’m obsessed with my muscles !?! Well, what I meant was there is some tricks to avoid that this obsession becomes too big with stuff like :

  • If I have 6-packs, I’m happy

  • If I fit in these pants, I’m happy

Those little things show you that you have made some progress and it’s always good to remember.

Finding Balance

body transformation

Having obsession to have a better body isn’t a bad thing as long you find the balance. The purpose of having a better body is to be healthy and happy, right ?

Health: You aim to have a healthy body with no physical problems. You change in a healthy and sustainable way.

Happy: You can do activities you want without your body prevents you from doing. You feel good about yourself. You’re naked or swimsuit, you trust in you because you determine your personal « look ».

Having a better body is something very motivating but when you get always compared with someone else, this can become a poison. Not to lose myself, I tell to myself :

Be better than yesterday

Be a better version of yourself

And you, have you found a way to improve yourself without fixate on your flaws or compare yourself to another person ?


Do You Want To Build Your Body Naturally ?

katniss eerdeen daniel craig

Ah ! You want to look like Katrnis Everdeen, Daniel Craig and Captain America. And immediately like Homer Simpson !

You’re in luck because there will always be magazines, products and supplements that promise you that you can have this body type in a few weeks/months. But you have no chance because the reality is not that. You can have these results, yes, after devoting time, energy, effort, discipline and dedication.

You wonder how to get there ? Most people think it’s necessary to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time to become a superhero. I talked about it in this article.

If you read the article, you know that my recommendations are to start to lose fat and then gain muscle. I’ll talk about it today and if you’re a very thin person, this article will help you.

My recommendations:

  • Lift heavy, gradually lift heavy

  • Include squat, deadlift and compound movements in your workout program

  • Sleep as much as possible

  • Eating more calories especially training days with a lots of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables.

  • Repeat month after month after month after month after month

  • When you doubt, eat more than you think

  • If you gained too much fat, reduces carbohydrate calories on non-training days.

For skinny people, you’ll have to struggle to eat more because you don’t eat enough. By eating more you’ll build muscle and add fat. After a few weeks, you can lose fat if you notice that your bodyfat percentage continues to rise.

« And Steph, I have a problem, I can’t go to the gym ! Can I gain muscle with bodyweight exercises ? »

bodyweight workout

Hear me well, you can gain muscle with bodyweight exercises, gymnasts trains mostly like that. But it will be damn hard like Metal Gear at the most difficult level, especially for your legs. If you want to gain muscle as fast as possible, it’s almost a requirement to have a barbell for squat and deadlift.

This world isn’t a Disney movie and there’s something important, genetics – there are people who are naturally thin, people who gain fat easily or gaining muscle easily. In all cases we must struggle to get results (those earning muscle easily, at the first plateau, they stagnate and cry !). Each has its genetic and we can do our best to fight in this battle but for some people the struggle will be harder than others.

« And Steph, I want more muscle but not too much »

marc fitt dennis wolf

miss bikini fitness female bodybuilder

You see, this question comes from people who are just starting a workout program, especially girls.

The unknown is scary and we’re afraid to do somethings if we don’t know how our bodies will react. Added mainstream magazine that say « lift light weights to tone arms ! » and you imagine quickly if you lift heavy weights, you will become like Hulk.

The truth: If you want to become like Hulk chose training that matches, that means: a hypertrophy training (increase muscle size), have a superior genetics, taking steroids, eat like a horse and focus on nothing except the muscle size for YEARS. If you don’t want to be like Hulk, you will not be like Hulk. Don’t do these things above, it’s simple.

It’s true that from a genetic point of view, there are people who gain muscle more quickly than others, but this is not a radical difference. It’s people who are very thin and have a fast metabolism who ask this question. Once they gain 18-22kg (40-50lbs) of muscle and fat, they’ll soon realize that their body is much better and they will never think to ask this question again.


How fast can I have the body I want ?

fitness cover 50 cent

Here’s what I hear very very often:

« I’d lose 9-22kg (20-50lbs) and I would like to have more muscle too but not too much ! I can have it in 2-3 months ? »

I know what you want, because I also thought of that when I started training. Men want to have « The Secret » to have a slimmer waistline but also have bigger arms and chest. Meanwhile, women want to lose weight and having a toned body without being too muscular.

If you have these kinds of thoughts, today’s article is for you.

Today we will see these goals and see what is the best way to get there.

Here is the truth: we are human beings. Yes, we can do amazing things.

Unfortunately, unlike in superhero movies, there is no super serum that can transform us as Steve Rogers into Captain America in a few minutes or even a few months ! Whatever the type of body you want, it will take hard work ! An insane amount of patience and dedication.

Concentrate yourself on these fundamental principles and be vigilant of Empire’s scammers.

fitness scam

These magazines, DVDs, commercials, youtubers and books are designed to increase your insecurity about your body and show you unrealistic pictures of what you can accomplish in a few months. That’s not cool ! They don’t want you to be healthy; they want to sell you products. If you’re healthy and you continue as you have learned, you don’t need them, never again !

Unless you are a member of the X-men (if you are a member, makes me know) or that you take steroids, it’s very difficult to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. To build muscle, you need to eat a calories surplus and calorie surplus is used to build your muscles. To lose fat, you need a calorie deficit to force your body to burn fat for energy. How can you eat too much and eat too little at the same time ? It’s like trying to thread a needle into the Space Mountain. It’s not possible, but in a quiet park, surely.

Fortunately, if you just start a strength training, you can seriously gain muscle and lose simultaneously weight. I’ll explain this in another article.

If you are trying to lose weight and your weight on the scale increases, you probably do NOT build muscle. This is a case that often happens with people who are overweight and in the first two weeks of weight loss attempt.

You quickly make the conclusion that « muscle weighs more than fat so I had gained muscle ! ».

Building muscle is not as easy as you think, so it’s likely that you took fat and eating calorie surplus. Or, more likely, you have the water weight surplus or your first weight was not accurate. Remember that scale lies. Increasing carbohydrate/sodium intake for a few days, the menstrual cycle for women or other factor can give you a starting weight quite inaccurate.

If you are overweight, the weight on the scale should decrease if you eat correctly and that you regularly do exercises. If after a month you don’t see results or the weight on the scale increases, you need to make some small adjustments in your diet (look at your total calories and sugar consumption).

Yes you can accomplish each goal if you have a solid plan to follow and you’re dedicated. It depends on how you want it and what you’re willing to give up to get it.

hard work

I can tell you that building a body to be proud is certainly worth but it’s better to build a superhero environment step by step, instead of everything at once !

Yes, I hear you ! You want to have a great physique to a wedding in two months and you want to lose 20kg (44lbs) and have bigger arms and chest to look like Daniel Craig in James Bond.

Unfortunately, here on planet Earth, there is a place we call « reality » and it’s different from Hollywood. We’re more interested in using the right track with a solid foundation that you put in place year after year to the success (rather than a 15 minute scene in a movie).


Cardio Or Training

cardio weight

I usually do 45 minutes of cardio every Sunday, it’s just 4 times a week. It’s true that in March, I made 1 time of cardio, that’s why I went back to serious cardio. I think it’s important to do the combination training and cardio to have an athletic physique and improve it.

In the gym, it’s funny, there are those who do only cardio and those who do only training. If they do this for years, it’s easy to recognize. There are those who have volume, biceps fill T-shirt’s sleeves and skinny people with a physical of marathon athlete.

When I ask people who have volume if they do cardio, they tell me « no » because they don’t want to lose their muscles. When I ask marathon athletes if they train with weights, they tell me « no » because they didn’t want to be bodybuilders.

marathon athletic

I think there is a bad interpretation of the info. A person who has volume will not lose all his muscles but it will make them more visible, it just need a good fit with time and intensity. Cardio will also help to improve heart health, increase metabolism (improving the various processes in the human body), increase the type of hormone « I feel good », improves recovery and for diabetics that helps manage diabetes.

A person who makes marathon will not become a bodybuilder but it will avoid to have injuries, it just need a good fit with time and intensity. Weight training strengthens hips and glutes to protect knees, have good abs and a good back to have a better posture while running and to impart more force into the ground to run faster.

You see the combination cardio and training works for all types of athletes, you just need to adjust to achieve your goals. I find it unfortunate that people with potential stagnated because of myths or stupid lies. It’s too stupid !

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Why Self-Motivation It’s Important


Last week, I admit I had lost a little motivation in all areas of my life. Many people told me their problems and others asked me why I was working so much on my websites because I don’t make money with. And my parents put me under pressure. They prefer that I do like all my friends, moved in with a girlfriend.

I have courses to create my startup (The Family ) , which is cool with them, it’s they take care startups that have potential. They help them to fundraiser and all. Well, a teacher told us a phrase that I liked : « Nobody congrats you for your business ». Back home, I analyzed this sentence in all directions. Personally, I never congratulated one of my teachers or my bosses for their work.

And you’ve already done ? No, never. We’re always complaining because the course is too hard or because the salary isn’t high enough. Now about your body. Who have congratulated you for your evolution ? (No, your mother doesn’t count). NOBODY except if someone can enjoy what you have. An example, I know that my friends use me to pick up girls, it doesn’t bother me but they don’t congrat me for my evolution.

fake congratulation

You know what I’m talking about ! Because you, you evolve, your environment can have access to things he hadn’t access before. You open the way and others follow. We can be in a loneliness situation because our level increases but not our friends. I think in my entourage, there are people who have an inferiority complex when they see me because my body really change and girls look at me differently. You know phrases like : « No, no, don’t take off your t-shirt ».

In my course, we talk about entrepreneur’s loneliness, it’s why it’s important to have a self-motivation’s method. I do Tai Chi and I read my goals mornings and evenings. But this weekend, I watched the movie « The Secret » and it gave me a breath of fresh air that surprised me. It motivated me even more than I thought. Maybe for you it will be a book or anything else but what I noticed is that if watch « The Secret » all weekends, I would have a better state of mind and I will be more efficient.

My aunt always told me it’s important to go to church every Sunday to evacuate all week’s problems and recharge. I’m not going to church but it’s the same feeling I had while I was watching the movie.

fresh air

When you do something that no one in his entourage make, you must self-motivate you! Nobody will help you to have strong mindset to deal with problems that nobody knows. You don’t have a choice. Choosing to live the lifestyle you want create a lot of unexpected pressures. There is no magic formula but I have found my thing to have the energy and stay focused. I wish you will find also a self-motivation’s method that allows you to live the lifestyle you want.


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