Connect Tableau Public To A CSV File

tableau connect file csv data science

I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

After downloading the file « OfficeSupplies.csv », you will open this file with Tableau. When you open Tableau, there is a « Connect » column :

tableau connect file csv data science

Click on « Text File » and open the file « OfficeSupplies.csv » :

tableau connect file csv data science

The connection manager appears for this source file :

tableau connect file csv data science

At the top left, there is « Connect » where the file is located and below it, there is « File » with 1 file. There is 1 file because you imported 1 file. I’ll show you later how to import several files of the same type.

tableau connect file csv data science

In the center, there is a window with the files you connected. And it’s possible to connect several files.

tableau connect file csv data science

For exemple, if you do a drag and drop here, Tableau will try to connect these 2 files.

tableau connect file csv data science

You can work with data comes from several differents files, different tables from different CSV files. We’ll see that later.

At the bottom, there is a preview of the file with columns and rows. Colums « Order Date », « Region », « Rep » and « Items » identified as data in text format. Columns « Units » et « Unit Price » identified as data in number format.

tableau connect file csv data science

Now you’re gonna go on the dashboard. To access it, click here.

tableau connect file csv data science

Here is the dashboard. 

tableau connect file csv data science

We will discuss the various function in more detail in the next section.

Now, I just want to show you that we have « Data » column with our source file.

tableau connect file csv data science

If you do a right-click and click on « View Data », you see the data as in the previous window.

tableau connect file csv data science

tableau connect file csv data science

You’ve seen, it’s simple to connect a source file to Tableau.

Wait, I’ll show you how you can connect more source files. Click here to return to the connection manager where you can connect several different files.

tableau connect file csv data science

Of if you want to stay on the dashboard, you can click on the top left on « Data » then « New Data Source ».

tableau connect file csv data science

Or click on this icon on the dashboard. Here are the files types you can connect to Tableau

tableau connect file csv data science

What is interesting with the « Statistical File » is that we can connect files type SAS, SPSS and R.

tableau connect file csv data science

We have access to different server with OData and others.

tableau connect file csv data science

It’s perfect, now you can connect a data source to Tableau and you’ll see later how to connect data faster.

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Explanation Of The Challenge And Data


I have just enrolled in a Data Science course on Udemy  and I learned good stuff.

This is the 1st challenge. Use your web browser to go to superdatascience website  to download a data set. In the « Part 1 Visualization » section, click on « Offices Supplies » to download the file « OfficeSupplies.csv ».

data csv file

To organize myself, I created a folder « Visualization » with 3 subfolders. Each subfolder corresponds to the section of « Visualization ». I put the data set « OfficeSupplies.csv » in the 1st subfolder.

data csv file

« OfficeSuplies.csv » is a CSV file. A CSV file is a text file that represents an table but the elements separated by comma.

You can open this CSV file with NotePad++  for PC or with Sublime Text  for Mac.

On the 1st line (column title), we see that we have 6 columns. Each column separated by a comma and the file contains 44 lines.

data csv file

You can also open a CSV file with Excel, OpenOffice  or LibreOffice  to have a table, which is easier to read.

To open a CSV file with Excel, here are the instructions :

  • Open a blank workbook

  • Go to Data tab

  • Click button « From Text » in the general external data section

  • Select your CSV file

  • Follow the Text Import Wizard (in step 2, select the delimiter of your text).

data csv file

This data set contains data from a store that sells office equipment :

  • Order date – date of sale

  • Region – The store is in 3 region (East, Central and West)

  • Rep – salesperson’s first name

  • Item – product’s name

  • Units – product’s quantity

  • Unit Price – price per unit

Each line shows how many sales there were for a product.

The challenge is to help the manager to know who made the most sales per region in the period of this data set. The period of this data set is from July 2014 to June 2015.

The person who made the most sales in each region has a bonus and there are 3 bonus so 1 bonus per region.

It’s will this challenge that we’ll use Tableau Public.

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Tips For Eating At Restaurants And Staying Healthy


I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

It’s easy to prepare our meal when we’re in our headquarter because we have all ingredients but when we go eat at restaurant, it’s not the same thing and we enjoy to eat anything.

Eat at restaurant = unhealthy meal ? No, not cecessarily

If we have go to the resaurant, whatever reason, we can make change when we order a menu that help us to eat healthy.

Teddy Roosevelt (the 26th president of USA) said  :« Do what you can, with what you have, where you are »



Here are techniques to help to eat healthy when you’re outside.

Explores the menu before

Explores menus on the restaurant’s website and pre-selected your options before to go to the restaurant. This avoid you to struggle to have the willpower to eat healthy when you’re going to place the order.

If possible ask to place your order first. Whenever the server asks who wants to order first, speaks ! If you’re the only person of your group of friends who eat healthy, this will help you to not be influenced by the Matrix (pizza, french fries, etc). This avoid too to heard this sentence : « live a little ! ».

if you order first, the opposite can happen. You can influence your friends to eat healty and it’s cool.

Ask for help from your server

If you see a menu that who like at 80 %, don’t be afraid to modify the menu. This happens all the time and the server really doesn’t care. A chicken sandwich can become a plate of meat and vegetables.

99 % of the restaurants where I go give me a plate of chicken and vegetable, if I ask for it, even if it’s not on the menu. The goal of restaurants is to make clients happy.

Order water

Order always water rather than soda or other sugary drink ! Processed sugar is bad. You want someting with taste ? Sugar-free Ice tea.

Avoid fast-foods

Go to a grocery or a supermarket to find hot good food.

Avoid french fries

Order potatoes baked, grilled or steamed.

Not chips, bread or popcorn

Ask your waitress to not bring them.

Big entree

If the entree is huge, ask to decrease protions. This avoids eating a meal at more than 3000 calories.

Eat slowly

It take 1 minute to your brain to realize your stomac is already full. Slow motion, enjoys the conversation of people with who you eat.



If you friends harass you with « live a little », explain them you have an allergy or a weird reaction with some kind of food (you can lie, it’s for the good case). You will see, they will help you to eat healthy.

Not force to eat all the plate

According to the culture from where you come, not eating the whole plate can be rude. Put a napkin on the plate and ask to take the rest for home.

Stay cool

so serious

Remember that you’re human. If you decide to eat an unhealthy meal and it not a cheat meal, you don’t do anything bad. Your human, your scheldule can be crazy, and somethimes you just want to eat a pizza. It’s OK. Remember that there is nothing wrong, if it’s a conscious decision and you have chosen to do it. But the next meal must be healthy to back to good habits.

A unhealthy meal will not destroy your day but if you thind « I ate unhealthy at the lunch, my day destroyed. I will eat unhealthy tonight and I will eat heathy tomorrow ». This type of thinking destroy your lifestyle, this is really bad.

What is your best tips to eat healthy at the restaurant ?


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