3 Fast Fat Loss Facts

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You can find a tone of advice for losing fat on the Internet or elsewhere. And I’m sure you’ve tried some without success. These 3 fast fat loss facts will help you reach your goal this time. People see body fat like something awful and useless. Body fat is crucial to survival because it’s an …

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5 common weight loss questions

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Here are 5 common weight loss questions to helps you lose weight and keep a nice shape for good. In addition, I wrote another article of the same type which could help you. It’s 5 weight loss confusions. Question 1 – Are there people who never lose weight when they train? Let’s start this list …

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How I Track My Body Progress 2020-02

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Follow this method on how I track my body progress with a low budget. Each month photos, measurements and body fat(%) show me where I am in my evolution to reach my Golden Ratio. I take my results in the morning with my stomach empty or a glass of water. I calculate my body fat …

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