Alcohol And Sports

10 beers = 2 training days lost ! I discovered new information that I want to share with you because it’s really important. Alcohol and testosterone A study was done for 3 weeks with people who drank three beers a day. The result is that testosterone rate decline of 6.8 %. It’s not extraordinary but drink 3 …

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Cardio Or Training

I usually do 45 minutes of cardio every Sunday, it’s just 4 times a week. It’s true that in March, I made 1 time of cardio, that’s why I went back to serious cardio. I think it’s important to do the combination training and cardio to have an athletic physique and improve it. In the …

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Priorities of Dieting (Part 1)

  You see, nutrition has a lot of variables. If the change in the composition of your body is an equation, each of these variables has a place. As all variables are important to one degree or another to get the best results, you’ll want to adjust these in the right order. Back to Math …

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