Deadlift Correctly (Part 3)

If you didn’t read the first parts, click Part 1 and Part 2  I read a Nerd Fitness article and I learned good stuff. Grip the barbell The strength of the grip is an important part of the deadlift. There are 2 types of grip: Overhand grip => The palms of your hands are towards …

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Deadlift Correctly (Part 2)

I you didn’t read the Part 1, click here I read an Nerd Fitness article  and I learned good stuff. Setup As you know, there are several versions of deadlift that can match your training goals or your body type but the conventional deadlift is great for starting to learn the basics. Attention : It’s important …

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How To Do Barbell Bent Rows

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and I learned good stuff. Podcast : Standing with your knees slightly bent. Your have your back straight and incline your torso around at 45°. You take the barbell with a pronated grip and your hands are wider than your shoulder’s width. Your arms relaxed : Inhale, block …

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