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The Harmful Side Of Eating At Your Desk

Often, I eat at my desk because I have a lot to do during the day. But there is a harmful side to eating at your desk. I didn’t know about that. It was good because I can save many minutes for everything to be done. . We live in a hyper-competitive society and we manage what we have to do as well as possible. So usually I have my Tupperware, but sometimes I take a sandwich with my co-workers.

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You can improve your productivity. You take less time to eat to return to work. The fact that you stay at your place of work allows you to build stronger relationships. You have time to chat and joke with your colleagues.


You stay seated longer. It’s bad for your body in different ways. You may have poor posture, rounded shoulders. This is when your shoulders come forward. This increases stress on your shoulder joints. And that’s bad because it causes pain around the neck and upper back.

If the morning was bad, you will continue to stress during your lunch. Eating in this state makes you poorly digest your food. You have no satisfaction and are tempted to eat something else, like a huge dessert. You eat too much at your lunch and you feel bloated.

The fact that you don’t change the environment, your brain becomes foggy. You are less focused and thus less productive. When you think about it, it’s normal, because you stayed for hours in a closed room. You have to go out to get fresh oxygen, to get fresh blood in your brain.

Move your body to avoid losing too much muscle and hurting your joints. You know the feeling when you get up after sitting for hours. It’s a bad feeling and you know it’s harmful to your body. You think eating at your desk will make you more productive and get home sooner. But the opposite is happening. You can also add that it is unhealthy. If you want to be more productive, click here.

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