How Much Do You Know About Change Body Weight

Change Body Weight scale tape mesure

Do you know the two main facts that help you change your body weight? Yes? No? Ok, the answers are the amount of food you eat (calories you eat) and your physical activity (calories you burn). People have a hard time losing weight or gaining weight. You can find a ton of different types of …

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Adapt Your Training To Your Morphology (Part 1)

I read a Frederic Delavier’s book « Strength Training Anatomy » and I learned good stuff. In bodybuilding, it’s really important to take into account individual morphological differences. Especially for squat and deadlift. Squat and deadlift have a different muscular work for a brevilineal person and a rangy person A brevilineal person has a proportionally long torso …

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Managing Haters

I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff. Imagine you’re in a restaurant with your friends and the order is : Person A : Chicken and broccoli, please ! Person B : I’ll have fish quinoa and a salad please. Person C : I’ll take the steak, asparagus and sweet potato, please. Person D : I’ll take a …

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