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How Much Do You Know About Change Body Weight

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Do you know the two main facts that help you change your body weight? Yes? No? Ok, the answers are the amount of food you eat (calories you eat) and your physical activity (calories you burn). People have a hard time losing weight or gaining weight. You can find a ton of different types of diets and each claim to be the best. What is the best? How to choose? Before making your comparison, there is a principle that each diet follows. It’s the number of calories you eat and the number of calories you burn in the same period.

As you know, calories are energy for your body. But each food has its own amount of calories. For example, avocado has 180 calories per half and a single large egg has 72 calories. Ooh, I forgot, a 12-ounce (33cl) soda can contains between 125 and 180 calories. This is why you have recipes with the total amount of calories to stay on track.

Let’s break this principle down:

  • You gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn
  • You lose weight when you eat fewer calories than you burn
  • You maintain your weight when you eat the same amount of calories as you burn.

Use body fat to change weight

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Now let’s talk about body fat. When I speak with people who want to change their bodies, body fat is the devil. Why? Who is teaching this to people? Please put this person in jail.

Your body needs your body fat and here is the reason. When your body doesn’t have access to energy from food, your body fat is your emergency energy. Your body converts your body fat into energy to survive until the next meal. At each meal, your body uses parts of your food to build up a stock of body fat. When you miss a meal and are hungry, why don’t you lose consciousness? This is because your body fat helps you to survive.

Your body fat is your ally and learning how it works will help you reach your goal. if you’re overweight, it means you have a huge stock of body fat. If you are skinny, it means you have low stock of body fat. So with this principle, you know the number of calories you need to eat and burn to change your body.

The advice I give to people who want to change their body weight is to work with a professional to have a diet plan. It can be a nutritionist or a personal trainer, whatever. By using this diet, you’ll learn to control the number of calories and the basics of nutrition.

When you feel comfortable, you can control your food yourself. There are great phone apps that help you like MyFitnesspal, Lost it, Nutritionix Track and more. Learn and execute to have your best body.

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