Condemned to stay obese

obese transformation

While reading a NerdFitness article, I discovered that there was a study by King’s College London, who said : « the chance to returning to a normal weight after becoming obese is only 1 in 210 for men and 1 in 124 for women over a year ». If the person is seriously obese, chances are reduced.

What is this bullshit !?! Let’s look the study deeper .

The study

matrix mr smith transformation

« Of 278,982 men and woment, the study found that only 1 % of people who were obese at the start of the study were successful in losing weight AND maintaining the weight loss ».

What is highlighted is : « count calories, eating less calories than normal and exercise dutifully » failed 99% of people after 10 years.

When I read that, I see two things :

  • Once we’re obese, it’s almost impossible to have sustainable results.

  • Current strategies of conventional medicine to fight against obesity fail to help the majority of obese patients lose weight.

FUCK THE MATRIX ! You don’t have to follow Matrix’s advice. There are other ways to have a better health in the long term.

There are a huge number of study that confirms and validates that eating fewer calories than you burn (calorie deficient) gives results for weight loss for most people.

This Matrix’s study has given advice to 278,982 patients based on a strategy to be successful in the short term. The Matrix has only given a part of advices, that’s why they failed.

As Morpheus says to Neo, « There is a difference between knowing the path and walking in the path ».

Here’s what the Matrix didn’t tell to the 278 982 patients :

  • Understand how habits work (and behavioral psychology).

  • A good state of mind

  • An environment created for success

  • Understanding how sugar can be addictive

  • Having a support (family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.)

  • And more

Instead, modern medicine advises people to move more and eat less and don’t say the rest. It’s obvious that this is a strategy for failure : when your environment is against you at home, when the society do everything to make it difficult to eat healthy and when your social circle is against you, of course only 1% of people succeed.

It’s possible to succeed, just need to adjust some things to make it work for us instead of against us.

The tools

matrix morpheus neo blue red pills

Having habits to have long terme success

Once you understand how your brain work to create new habits, you can change your bad habits to create good habits and develop them.

We start with small changes with we can live with and then changes become bigger. « I just need to try harder » doesn’t work, you need to understand HOW to try and then try smarter.

Diets don’t work

Temporary diets doesn’t work. Explain me, for 9 months you eat the « junk food » and for 3 months, you eat healthy food. With this strategy, your body is healthy all year ? No, and it makes sense.

Aim the long term. We’re making efforts to change our lives and a life isn’t short term. This is a fundamental adjustment in how we make decisions every day to achieve, day after day, our success.

Building a positive environment

We’re the product of our environment and we’re affected by all that surrounds us every day. This is why all heroes have theirs headquarters. The headquarters is an environment that is designed to relax and achieve goals.

Adjust your environment to avoid having « junk food » at home, avoid roads where there are fast food, sleep earlier, prepare healthy meal for all the week, etc.

The support

Going on war alone, it’s too hard. Why not create a team ? We need people to help us and inspire us to have a better health. Surround yourself with people who care about you and want you to succeed, don’t sabotage your efforts.

Knowing food

Eating 600 calories of cookies isn’t a solution in the long term compared to 600 calories of chicken, fish, avocado or vegetable.

The majority of processed food we eat today is created for a part of our brain is dependent on this food. The processed food transforms us into junkie who wants heroine. Junkie = Junk food.

This study creates two camps :

  • I know, that’s why I can’t lose weight. I’m condemned to stay obese, go to McDonald’s

  • Ok, it’s clear, it doesn’t work. I need to try something different. I have to be smarter than the Matrix.

Which camp do you choose (red or blue pill) ?


Why Self-Motivation It’s Important


Last week, I admit I had lost a little motivation in all areas of my life. Many people told me their problems and others asked me why I was working so much on my websites because I don’t make money with. And my parents put me under pressure. They prefer that I do like all my friends, moved in with a girlfriend.

I have courses to create my startup (The Family ) , which is cool with them, it’s they take care startups that have potential. They help them to fundraiser and all. Well, a teacher told us a phrase that I liked : « Nobody congrats you for your business ». Back home, I analyzed this sentence in all directions. Personally, I never congratulated one of my teachers or my bosses for their work.

And you’ve already done ? No, never. We’re always complaining because the course is too hard or because the salary isn’t high enough. Now about your body. Who have congratulated you for your evolution ? (No, your mother doesn’t count). NOBODY except if someone can enjoy what you have. An example, I know that my friends use me to pick up girls, it doesn’t bother me but they don’t congrat me for my evolution.

fake congratulation

You know what I’m talking about ! Because you, you evolve, your environment can have access to things he hadn’t access before. You open the way and others follow. We can be in a loneliness situation because our level increases but not our friends. I think in my entourage, there are people who have an inferiority complex when they see me because my body really change and girls look at me differently. You know phrases like : « No, no, don’t take off your t-shirt ».

In my course, we talk about entrepreneur’s loneliness, it’s why it’s important to have a self-motivation’s method. I do Tai Chi and I read my goals mornings and evenings. But this weekend, I watched the movie « The Secret » and it gave me a breath of fresh air that surprised me. It motivated me even more than I thought. Maybe for you it will be a book or anything else but what I noticed is that if watch « The Secret » all weekends, I would have a better state of mind and I will be more efficient.

My aunt always told me it’s important to go to church every Sunday to evacuate all week’s problems and recharge. I’m not going to church but it’s the same feeling I had while I was watching the movie.

fresh air

When you do something that no one in his entourage make, you must self-motivate you! Nobody will help you to have strong mindset to deal with problems that nobody knows. You don’t have a choice. Choosing to live the lifestyle you want create a lot of unexpected pressures. There is no magic formula but I have found my thing to have the energy and stay focused. I wish you will find also a self-motivation’s method that allows you to live the lifestyle you want.


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Losers Have Too Excuses

stop excuses

Right now, I changed my training and it’s harder. People see my face in the gym, I work hard. I have friends who tell me I do overtraining and I should calm me down. I don’t think I’m overtraining or I have my own definition of overtraining. My definition of overtraining is surpass its limits, do some more repetitions after a period to adapt.

Magazines have fitness program where they indicate the number of sets and repetitions to do to gain mass. This is a good thing but the majority of people who write these articles don’t do sports. Looking the physique of the person who wrote the article and you will know right away if it’s credible. A person like Jim Stoppani is credible, it’s people like him that we must read.

It’s clear that if you compare my training with that of a magazine, I train too much. Now imagine you train for several years, you will always follow magazine’s indications ? No, because you’re smart, you know that at some point you’re going to stagnate and you don’t want to stagnate. That’s why you’re going to customize your workout. It’s not overtraining, it’s just training as hard as possible.

fitness program magazine

There are basic exercises that are important and should be in every fitness program : Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. These exercises helps to have solid foundations to improve strength and this is for beginners, especially beginners. Whatever sport you do, these exercises will improve your performance.

Today I met someone who told me that he couldn’t train like I do because he would not be able to recover. That’s Loser’s excuse. Don’t come talk to me in the gym to tell me you can’t do this or that. I don’t care, all that interests me is that you progress at your own pace. To progress, you have to work hard, it’s simple.

Imagine that you have a job and your boss offers you a promotion. You’re going to refuse the job because you know a colleague who has a better degree than you ? If you refuse the job, you’re such an idiot !

job promotion

I know a lots of people who spend their time making excuses instead of to go to the next level. If you’re full of excuses in the gym, you’re full of excuses in all areas of your life and you will have problems in your life. You will become a weird loser (well, it makes me think of someone !). There is nothing more powerful in the world than the human‘s will. If you think you can do something, do it. And if you really, really, really, really want it, it will happen. No excuse.

It’s clear, it will not happen at the 1st shot but be strong, be a man, accepts the challenge. You think a person has more advantages than you, challenge this person. Be the challenger, be the one who wants to take the gold medal. Stop saying you can’t do that.

Think of people you admire, do they spend their time making excuses ? Be strong and work to go to the next level. Don’t say that you can’t train hard because you don’t take steroids. You see how that excuse is stupid. Forget bullshit excuses.

next level

Train hard, surpass your limits, eats healthily, sleep well to recover and do it again every day. This isn’t muscle or steroids that make you strong, it’s your state of mind and your will.

I see many people who have potential but they don’t use. That’s why I say their « Go, pushes your limits, go ahead » I know I’m not a bodybuilder but my body is the proof that I am a person who trains hard.

This blog is my tool to share the little knowledge I have to motivate others. I’m not an expert but I learn every day and I love it. That’s why I say STOP YOUR EXCUSES AND LET’S GO !

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Being Aware Of His/Her State Of Mind

be aware

Since I realized I could use the state of mind I have during my training in every domain in my life, I train harder. It’s funny, I give myself challenges, sometimes I get at the first shot and sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get there. But the fact of failure, affects me no longer as before. It’s frustrating but I stay motivated because I know someone in the world already managed this challenge. So if he/she was successful, me too.

Now in everyday life, the image of failure is very very negative. It’s like when you miss something, your life is ruined. Everyone will talk about it and your reputation is in trouble. But in fact, it’s bullshit. When I read a biography of someone who have success, this person has lived some worst troubles that I didn’t experience and yet this person ended up being successful.

failure opportunity

I’ll tell you something I learned about startups. Do what you must do to achieve your dream and make many failures it takes to get there because the day you’re there and that you will succeed, everyone will FORGET YOUR FAILURES.

You know it’s true. See, Donald Trump wants to become president of the United state of America, his companies went bankrupt four times. Everyone knows and everyone don’t cares about because now he has success.

You see, then do what you must do and if you fail, do it again better and say to people #FUCK.


State of mind

state of mind

I was finishing my calves session to the Leg Press when a friend enters in the gym. She says she’s not motivated. I encourage her and I congratulate her but I feel that it’s not motivate her more. Once I finished my training, I see her to give her more motivation. By asking questions I realize that his training is OK; his nutrition is OK but psychologically or rather her state of mind is not OK.

I explain her that she must also train her state of mind as she does with her body to make it stronger. Because the pressures of life (school, work, relationship, etc.) can take us a lot of energy and it’s when our energy is low that we quickly becomes pessimistic.

optimistic vs pessimistic

I tell her that every morning and evening, I doing Tai Chi then I read out loud self-motivating sentences and my goals in front of a mirror. Already here she looks at me strangely. At noon, I read my goals once again and I look at the video of the CT Fletcher’s 10 commandments.

I didn’t feel like I make her understand the importance of the stat of mind because the mindset change the lifestyle. The next time I see her, I still talk to her about the state of mind because his body changed a lot and I think her entourage is jealous of her transformation.


There are plenty of ways to work your state of mind, try several and you will find one that suits you. I think it’s very very important to work your state of mind every day, several times in a day because in difficult times, it’s your state of mind that makes you successful or that you abandon.

With a positive state of mind, the world is yours with all that has better inside.

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State Of Mind

state of mind

The mind is a set of 3 elements: mind, body and spirituality. That’s how I describe my state of mind, it’s allows me to boost myself when I’m not motivated to go to the gym. Because when I’m at the gym is to break everything.

I work to be stronger, to lift more weight or do more reps every day, every week, every month. I do everything to be better than yesterday, by this way I am constantly in progress.

You go to the gym to do things you thought you couldn’t do, you push your limits, you explore your potential. That’s the thing. You can’t be satisfied with knowing what you can do and repeat it every day, you stagnate and you’re bored.

train hard

You boost yourself to be outside of your comfort zone or be used to being outside of your comfort zone.

It’s by making difficult things that you grow up, you become stronger. When it’s hard, you can tell yourself in your head that it’s easy to self-motivate you and uses your anger, your frustration to get there. You know yourself that someone already done this task before you, then go ahead.

When you push yourself to do difficult things in the gym, you can do the same thing everydays in your life. You can use this state of mind outside of the gym. You can manage any situation because you’re trained to have this solid, strong state of mind.

believe in yourself

Yes, the way I train at the gym, it’s to have a body fit, healthy, strong, and be sexy but it also allows me to have a strong state of mind.

Train the state of mind takes longer to train the body, that’s why train your body hard and intensely, help you in another situation. Example: There is a crisis situation where everyone cries and breakdown. You you can say : « Calm down, calm down, I take care of it ! ». That’s what you want, right ? To be strong ! Train Hard = Strong State Of Mind.

Do some unusual things as do 20 reps of squat. Somethings difficult to test yourself.

strong body strong mind

Having a body fit and healthy with a weak state of mind, worth nothing, you don’t help anyone. A body fit and healthy with a strong state of mind is everything, it’s a complete set.

It’s this state of mind I have every day and that’s why I’m doing this series of SuperHuman’s articles to share it with you. All I have good I share especially if it helps people to have a better lifestyle.