Being Aware Of His/Her State Of Mind

be aware

Since I realized I could use the state of mind I have during my training in every domain in my life, I train harder. It’s funny, I give myself challenges, sometimes I get at the first shot and sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get there. But the fact of failure, affects me no longer as before. It’s frustrating but I stay motivated because I know someone in the world already managed this challenge. So if he/she was successful, me too.

Now in everyday life, the image of failure is very very negative. It’s like when you miss something, your life is ruined. Everyone will talk about it and your reputation is in trouble. But in fact, it’s bullshit. When I read a biography of someone who have success, this person has lived some worst troubles that I didn’t experience and yet this person ended up being successful.

failure opportunity

I’ll tell you something I learned about startups. Do what you must do to achieve your dream and make many failures it takes to get there because the day you’re there and that you will succeed, everyone will FORGET YOUR FAILURES.

You know it’s true. See, Donald Trump wants to become president of the United state of America, his companies went bankrupt four times. Everyone knows and everyone don’t cares about because now he has success.

You see, then do what you must do and if you fail, do it again better and say to people #FUCK.


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