Techniques To Learn Quickly And Efficiently Based On Science (Part 1)

learn to learn

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and I learned good stuff.

I discovered that there were techniques to learn quickly and effectively based on science. These are things I didn’t learn at school and I think it’s the same for you.

The concept of the school system is to teach you how to memorize and use your new knowledge « at best » in new situations. It means that the school prepares you « at best » for your life. In fact, you prepared to have the minimum in your life.

You can spend 20 years or more in school and the school never teach you to learn. In fact, you only memorize for your exams.

it’s true that school can’t do everything so if the school doesn’t teach us to learn, we’ll learn that elsewhere. Here are some simple tips and tricks to learn effectively. These are things that help you improve your ability to learn to have more success in your life.

There are several universal skills you need to train to have an excellent learning ability :

Long-term memory

Learning how to properly memorize things you need or want to learn allows you to memorize more easily and for longer. Having an elephant memory is really handy.

Working memory

Working memory is where you download the element of your long-term memory to process them.

Ability to focus

Improving your ability to focus allows you to focus on something without being distracted. This improves your productivity and allows you to truly experience the present moment.


Improve your will allows you to have the strength to reach your goals without self-sabotage. For example, you make a diet and your will allows you not to eat chocolate cake or you have a workout program and your will allows you not to play video games every days.


Learning what motivates you and keeping this flame of motivation allows you to be more motivated than 80 % of people. Motivation means having more energy, more enthusiasm and more creativity in all that you do.

Know that there is good news. You can improve all these skills with tools and method in mode 20/80 (Pareto’s law).

Case study

case study

In 2008, researchers from the University of Bern in Switzerland and the University of Michigan in the United States found something revolutionary. What they discovered is that it’s possible to significantly increase our fluid intelligence. Let’s make a comeback in the past. In 1970, psychologists Raymond Cattel and John L. Horn found a concept that accepted by the majority of psychologists. This concept is that our intelligence divided into 2 main categories : fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence.

Fluid intelligence is our raw intellect. This means that it’s our ability to think logically and solve problems in new situations.

Crystallized intelligence is our intelligence regarding our skills our knowledge and our experience.

Before 2008, researchers thought it was impossible to improve our fluid intelligence. These researchers believed that fluid intelligence was innate and that the crystallized intelligence was tied to what we learn.

In 2008, Dr Jaeggi and a researchers team created a software designed to train working memory and tested it on 70 people divided into 4 groups.

Here the scientific study .

The groups used this software 20 minutes a day for 8 to 19 days. They passed an IQ test before training with the software and after training with the software. The results compared to 4 other groups that hadn’t used this software.

The results were extremely surprising. All the people who have used this software have had a better IQ test. Here is the detail of the test result :

  • Fluid intelligence increased on average by 40 %.

  • The increase of fluid intelligence is directly related to the time going on to train with this software. People who trained for 19 days had increased their fluid intelligence 4 times more than those who trained for 8 days.

This show us that we can train our working memory as we can train our physical strength and endurance by doing sport.

This is what this software does, it trains our working memory. We use our working memory to count, read, play chess, think and so on. We can train our working memory as a muscle.

This is the end of Part 1. In Part 2, we’ll see how to concretely improve our intelligence.

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Tips For Eating At Restaurants And Staying Healthy


I read a Nerd Fitness article  and there is good stuff.

It’s easy to prepare our meal when we’re in our headquarter because we have all ingredients but when we go eat at restaurant, it’s not the same thing and we enjoy to eat anything.

Eat at restaurant = unhealthy meal ? No, not cecessarily

If we have go to the resaurant, whatever reason, we can make change when we order a menu that help us to eat healthy.

Teddy Roosevelt (the 26th president of USA) said  :« Do what you can, with what you have, where you are »



Here are techniques to help to eat healthy when you’re outside.

Explores the menu before

Explores menus on the restaurant’s website and pre-selected your options before to go to the restaurant. This avoid you to struggle to have the willpower to eat healthy when you’re going to place the order.

If possible ask to place your order first. Whenever the server asks who wants to order first, speaks ! If you’re the only person of your group of friends who eat healthy, this will help you to not be influenced by the Matrix (pizza, french fries, etc). This avoid too to heard this sentence : « live a little ! ».

if you order first, the opposite can happen. You can influence your friends to eat healty and it’s cool.

Ask for help from your server

If you see a menu that who like at 80 %, don’t be afraid to modify the menu. This happens all the time and the server really doesn’t care. A chicken sandwich can become a plate of meat and vegetables.

99 % of the restaurants where I go give me a plate of chicken and vegetable, if I ask for it, even if it’s not on the menu. The goal of restaurants is to make clients happy.

Order water

Order always water rather than soda or other sugary drink ! Processed sugar is bad. You want someting with taste ? Sugar-free Ice tea.

Avoid fast-foods

Go to a grocery or a supermarket to find hot good food.

Avoid french fries

Order potatoes baked, grilled or steamed.

Not chips, bread or popcorn

Ask your waitress to not bring them.

Big entree

If the entree is huge, ask to decrease protions. This avoids eating a meal at more than 3000 calories.

Eat slowly

It take 1 minute to your brain to realize your stomac is already full. Slow motion, enjoys the conversation of people with who you eat.



If you friends harass you with « live a little », explain them you have an allergy or a weird reaction with some kind of food (you can lie, it’s for the good case). You will see, they will help you to eat healthy.

Not force to eat all the plate

According to the culture from where you come, not eating the whole plate can be rude. Put a napkin on the plate and ask to take the rest for home.

Stay cool

so serious

Remember that you’re human. If you decide to eat an unhealthy meal and it not a cheat meal, you don’t do anything bad. Your human, your scheldule can be crazy, and somethimes you just want to eat a pizza. It’s OK. Remember that there is nothing wrong, if it’s a conscious decision and you have chosen to do it. But the next meal must be healthy to back to good habits.

A unhealthy meal will not destroy your day but if you thind « I ate unhealthy at the lunch, my day destroyed. I will eat unhealthy tonight and I will eat heathy tomorrow ». This type of thinking destroy your lifestyle, this is really bad.

What is your best tips to eat healthy at the restaurant ?


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Improve Sales

improve sales

I watched an Olivier Roland’s video  and there good stuff.

We will see a simple way and efficient to boost your company. Better than contact cold client by phone or emails.

Think about this. Contact companies that already have your customers and don’t compete with you. You offer them a partnership with you to increase sales.

Study case

case study

A personal trainer who just start his business had difficult to find clients. The tips is to find companies that have the same type of client but they’re not competitors to make partnerships.

This personal trainer spend 2 hours to identify his client types.

The client type majority of the personal trainer was a woman, 30-40 years old with an university degree who doesn’t have time to make play sports, who doesn’t have the discipline to do it and who need someone who comes home for motivation and training.

Now, which companies have the same client type ? After having searched, the personnal trainer found it, it’s estheticians, beauty institutes, etc.

So the personal trainer went to see estheticians and beauty institutes and say them : « Your clients come here to be more beautiful and have a better look. Me, I can help them to have a better better physique, better health and be more happy ».

One week later, he had more clients that he could handle. This was a quick start.


how to

You have several ways to do this. First, you determine your client type. If you don’t have your business yet, you can make your client type’s hypothesis to start and adjusting after. It’s important, everything is based ont the client type.

Then you identify companies that have the same client type as you.

And action ! You will offer several things to these companies :

  • You can leave them your visit cards, flyers, etc.

  • You can ask them to actively promote your services with a commission

  • You can offer something for free to their clients as a free eBook « 7 tips to…. » in exchange of customers emails to send them the eBook.

There are other ways of making partnerships but they are good to start. There are people who will be afraid to do this but it’s worth for your company.

What is your client type ? Which companies have the same client type as you ?


Bodyfat (Part 4)


Start your GPS physically Steps

Start a body reorganization program without planning is like a journey without a starting address. I guarantee that you will regret later. Do not go blindly.

Next steps:

1. Measure your circumference “before” you start. Find a simple measuring tape and measure these four locations: two arms (mid-bicep), waist (horizontal on the navel), hips (at the widest point below the waist) and both legs ( mid-thigh). Add these numbers to reach your Total Centimeters or Inches (TC or TI). The changes in this total will be quite significant to track.

2. Estimate your body fat ( BF %) based on visual table at the end of this post.

3. Choose the best bodyfat tool and schedule a session.

If you are over 30% bodyfat avoid calipers and using the DEXA, the BodPod or ultrasound .. If you can’t find them, opt for bio-impedance and follow the the hydratation rules of hydration mentionned before.

If you have less than 25%, always aim at the DEXA, the BodPod or ultrasound. If you can’t find them, opt for a calipers with a qualified professional (use the same one to follow you during reorganization) and ask them to use the Jackson Pollock’s algorithm 3-point or 7 points. If isn’t available, use another algorithm that includes a measure of the leg and at least three points in total. Leg fat is difficult to have and must be included. Save the name of the algorithm and used as future reference.



OrbiTape a tape measure in hand ( Measure all parts of the body with military precision. This is what used by US forces for physical examinations.

Find The DEXA DEXA should be administered by a certified medical personnel thus eliminating most of the gym and health clubs. First, put your city in Google, more “DEXA body fat”. If this fails, does the research “DEXA”, “test for osteoporosis” or “bone density test” with your postal code or your city. Add “installation” if research sends too many results.


( BodyMetrix The portable device uses ultrasound to measure body composition to the millimeter.

Escali Bio-impedance Scale

( Escali’s bio-impedance measures weight and bodyfat percentage to a maximum of 10 users.

Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper ( These are the most widely used calipers in the world. They are low cost yet but accurate enough for professional use. Be sure to include at least one measure of the leg in all calculations.

How to measure visceral fat

Already wonder how some people, especially older men, can have beer bellies that seem as tight as a drum ? Abdomens distended ? The answer is unpleasant: rather than having fat under the skin, fat is around the internal organs, which relies on the abdominal wall.

A weakness calipers and ultrasound is that they can only directly measure the subcutaneous fat (under the skin) and not what is called visceral fat (around the organs).

This article, written by Michael Eades MD and Mary Dan MD Eades says a low-tech method for the estimation of the latter, which is especially important for people over 25% body fat or age in average older.

Visual table: a visual guide to bodyfat

What should your bodyfat goal? For most people, I suggest the following as a starting point:

For men:

If obese, the goal 20%.

If you have a little extra padding, the goal is 12%.

For woman:

If obese, the goal is 25%.

If you have a little extra padding, the goal is 18%.

If you (man or woman) would get 5%, there will be help later.

Use images and descriptions (which is most useful) to estimate your current percentage of bodyfat. Where are you really ? Look goods photos before reading the rest.

The percentages and the following descriptions are intended to reflect the best measurement made with the calipers on men but the guidelines are still useful for women. Keep in mind that such measures calipers with a skin fold, which is both the subcutaneous fat and subcutaneous water are reflected in the numbers.

20% Bodyfat

There is no visible muscle definition and only a hint of separation between the major muscle groups, if these groups are large and well developed. For examples, see:

bodyfat 20 bodyfat 20 bodyfat 20

15% Bodyfat

Some muscle separation appears between the shoulders (deltoids) and arms. The abdominauxs are not visible. For an example, see:

bodyfat 15


12% Bodyfat

Muscle separation appears, especially in the chest and back and preview the abs begins to appear. Standing under a light from the ceiling with favorable shadows, four-pack could be visible. For examples, see:

bodfat 12 bodyfat 12


10% Bodyfat

Muscle separations get deeper in the arms, chest, legs and back and six-pack abs visible abs when flexed. For an example, see:

bodyfat 10


7-9% Bodyfat

The abs are clearly visible all the time, vascularization in the arms is important, the separations in the chest and the back are obvious and the face begins to appear more angular. For examples, see:

bodyfat 7 bodyfat 7


5-7% Bodyfat

The streaks appear in major muscle groups when contracted. Vascularization appears in the lower abdomen and legs. Bodybuilders often seek this state for the day of the competition. For an example, see:

bodyfat 5




Bodyfat (Part 4)


Commencez votre GPS physique- Les étapes

Commencer un programme de réorganisation du corps sans planification est comme un voyage sans une adresse de départ. Je vous garantis que vous allez le regretter plus tard. Ne partez pas à l’aveuglette.

Prochaines étapes:

1. Mesurez vos circonférence “avant” de commencer. Trouver un ruban de mesure simple et mesurer ces quatre endroits: les deux bras (mi-biceps), la taille (horizontale sur le nombril), les hanches (au point le plus large en-dessous de la taille) et les deux jambes (mi-cuisse). Additionner ces chiffres pour arriver à vos Total de Centimètres (TC). Les changements dans ce total seront assez significative pour le suivie.

2. Estimez votre graisse corporelle (GC%) basé le tableau visuel à la fin de ce post.

3. Choisissez le meilleur outil de bodyfat et programmer une session.

Si vous êtes à plus de 30% de graisse corporelle, éviter les étriers et utiliser le DEXA, le BodPod ou une échographie.. Si vous ne pouvez pas les trouver, opter pour la bio-impédance et suivrez les règles d’hydratation mentionnés précédemment.

Si vous avez moins de 25%, viser toujours le DEXA, le BodPod ou une échographie. Si vous ne pouvez pas les trouver, opter pour un étrier avec un professionnel qualifié (utiliser la même personne pour vous suivre durant votre réorganisation) et demandez-lui d’utiliser l’ algorithme Jackson Pollock à 3-points ou 7 points. Si ce n’est disponible, utiliser un autre algorithme qui comprend une mesure de la jambe et au moins trois points au total. La graisse des jambes est difficile à avoir et doit être inclus. Enregistrer le nom de l’algorithme et utiliser comme référence futur.



OrbiTape un Ruban à mesurer à une main ( Mesure toute les parties du corps avec une précision militaire. C’est ce qu’utilise les forces armées américaines pour les examens physiques.

Trouver DEXA Le DEXA doit être administré par un personnel médical agréé donc ce qui élimine la plupart des salle de gym et clubs de santé. Tout d’abord, dans Google mettez votre ville, plus “graisse corporelle DEXA”. Si cela échoue, fait la recherche “DEXA”, “test de l’ostéoporose,» ou «tests de densité osseuse” avec votre code postal ou votre ville. Ajouter «installation» si la recherche envoie trop de résultats.



( Le dispositif BodyMetrix portatif utilise les ultrasons pour mesurer la composition du corps au millimètre près.

La balance Bio-impédance Escali

( bio-impédance Escali mesure le poids et le pourcentage de graisse corporelle pour un maximum de 10 utilisateurs.

Etrier Slim Guide Skinfold ( Ce sont les étriers les plus largement utilisés dans le monde. Ils sont à faible coût mais assez précis pour un usage professionnel. Veillez à inclure au moins une mesure de la jambe dans tous les calculs.

Comment mesurer la graisse viscérale

Déjà se demander comment certaines personnes, surtout les hommes plus âgés, peuvent avoir des ventres de bière qui semblent aussi serré comme un tambour? Abdomens distendus ? La réponse est désagréable: plutôt que d’avoir de la graisse sous la peau, la graisse est autour des organes internes, ce qui appuie sur la paroi abdominale .

Une faiblesse des étriers et des ultrasons est qu’ils ne peuvent seulement mesurer directement la graisse sous-cutanée (sous la peau) et pas ce qu’on appelle la graisse viscérale (autour des organes).

Cet article, écrit par Michael Eades MD et Mary Dan Eades MD, explique une méthode low-tech pour l’estimation de ce dernier, ce qui est particulièrement important pour les personnes de plus de 25% de graisse corporelle ou d’âge en moyen plus âgés.

Tableau visuel : un guide visuel pour la graisse corporelle

Quel devrait être votre objectif de graisse corporelle ? Pour la plupart des gens, je suggère ce qui suit comme un point de départ:

Pour hommes:

Si obèses, l’objectif est de 20%.

Si vous avez un peu de rembourrage supplémentaire, l’objectif est de 12%.

Pour femme:

Si obèses, l’objectif est de 25%.

Si vous avez un peu de rembourrage supplémentaire, l’objectif est de 18%.

Si vous (homme ou femme) voulez obtenir 5%, il y aura une aide plus tard.

Utilisez les images et les descriptions (ce qui est le plus utile) pour estimer votre pourcentage de graisse corporelle actuel. Où êtes-vous vraiment ? Regardez biens les photos avant de lire le reste.

Les pourcentages et les descriptions suivantes visent à refléter les meilleur mesure faite avec l’étrier sur les hommes mais les lignes directrices sont toujours utiles pour les femmes. Gardez à l’esprit que, les mesures de type étriers avec un pli cutané, qui est à la fois la graisse sous-cutanée et l’eau sous-cutanée, sont reflétés dans les chiffres.

20% Bodyfat

Il n’y a aucune définition musculaire visible et seulement un soupçon de séparation entre les principaux groupes musculaires, si ces groupes sont grandes et bien développé. Pour des exemples, voir:

bodyfat 20 bodyfat 20 bodyfat 20


15% Bodyfat

Certains séparation musculaire apparaît entre les épaules (deltoïdes) et les bras. Les abdominauxs ne sont pas visibles. Pour un exemple, voir:

bodyfat 15


12% Bodyfat

La séparation musculaire apparaît plus, en particulier dans la poitrine et le dos et un aperçu de l’abdominaux commence à apparaître. Debout sous une lumière venant du plafond avec des ombres favorables, le quatre-pack pourrait être visible. Pour des exemples, voir:

bodfat 12

bodyfat 12


10% Bodyfat

Les séparations musculaires deviennent plus profondes dans les bras, la poitrine, les jambes et le dos et les abdos six-pack abs visibles lorsqu’on fléchie. Pour un exemple, voir:

bodyfat 10


7-9% Bodyfat

Les abdos sont clairement visibles tout le temps, la vascularisation dans les bras est importante, les séparations à la poitrine et à au dos sont évidentes et le visage commence à apparaître plus anguleux. Pour des exemples, voir:

bodyfat 7

bodyfat 7


5-7% Bodyfat

Les stries apparaissent dans les grands groupes musculaires lorsqu’ils sont contracté. La vascularisation apparaît dans le bas-ventre et dans les jambes. Les culturistes visent souvent cet état pour le jour de la compétition. Pour un exemple, voir:

bodyfat 5

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