Triceps Pushdown

triceps pushdown

Today was Chest – Triceps – Calves. I have 4 triceps exercises : triceps pushdown; reverse grip triceps pushdown; one arm triceps pushdown and barbell lying triceps extension.

On the cable machine, there is a place to wedge the lower back to do triceps pushdown, it’s cool. I think it’s better to do it by this way because you can’t cheat by moving your body. It’s like barbell curl with the back against the wall, trying yourself, you’ll see that the movement is more difficult to do.

This is what happens when you’re lifting heavy weights, you use others body part to help you do the exercise. This is what happened to me for shoulders exercises and sometimes you realize that you must decrease weights to do the exercise in the good form.

triceps pushdown

For triceps pushdown, I bend my legs a bit and I wedge my lower back. Then I take the bar to touch my thighs and I back to my arm makes an « L », I don’t rise higher otherwise it’s working shoulders and I pushdown until it touches my thigh.

I do the same with reverse grip triceps pushdown, it’s a little weird for thumbs but it’s ok. If in your gym you can do these exercises with a place to wedge your lower back, do it, you’ll see immediately the difference, test.

– Steph

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