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2-3 days ago I watched one of the latest Steve Cook’s videos where he spoke about his HATERS. I had already seen youtubers talk about their haters like Simeon Panda, Christian Guzman, Mike Rashid, CT Fletcher (it’s the best) but never Steve Cook. Maybe I was a bit naive in thinking he had to have less than others.

fitness youtuber

It’s funny to see Cyber Thugs excited to critics, gratuitous insult them while they create nothing. I mean the majority of Cyber Thugs don’t have the physical of all these guys, they aren’t entrepreneurs and claim to have the absolute knowledge.

cyber thug

It’s crazy, these Cyber Thugs aren’t good in their skin instead of improving their lifestyles, they rot of others. Too bad, they’re afraid of their own dreams.

Receiving a lot of negative reviews can make you want to give up but it’s important to not give up your dreams.

I had read somewhere that quote: « Jealousy is proof of success ».

Everything is said in that quote, I like it and as said the rapper Xzibit: « Enemy, Energy ».

Then do what you have to do and your dreams come true.

dream come true

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