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5 things to improve your self-control and willpower

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Once you’ve decided to have a better body, you need to improve your self-control and willpower. Willpower and self-control allow you to succeed and maintain it over the long term. Each year, many people set new goals for a better lifestyle, like my friend Steve. In the first few months, anyone can see Steve with fire in his eyes to achieve his goals. And something changes, Steve has less motivation. Steve begins to return to his old habits because his new ones come up against many obstacles. His friends don’t like his new routine and they told him so. Now Steve has emotional issues. His new routine is to eat healthier, exercise several days a week, sleep earlier and party less. But it seems that his environment (or the world) is against these changes. So Steve can’t trust those around him to help him, he has to help himself. Why did Steve lose his motivation? Steve has a weak mindset. It’s not his fault, no one taught him that. He must improve his self-control and his willpower to increase his mental toughness. There are some easy-to-use tips. Whatever your obstacles, add them to your daily activities to change your lifestyle.

More sleep

Do you notice the difference when you sleep 8 hours and 4 hours? It’s crazy when you sleep for 4 hours, you don’t want to do anything all day. You have no energy, you can’t stay focused, you’re nervous. The only thing you want is to sleep. But, when you sleep for 8 hours, you can do whatever you want in high quality. The quality of your sleep is as important as the quality of your food. When Steve slept for 4 hours, he is awful all day.

More sex

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Having regular sex allows you to have less depression, stress, and anxiety. And it also boosts your happiness, your mood, and your resilience. Sex is the most powerful thing to keep your willpower at the highest level. Then I encourage you to read books on sex and play with sex toys to learn your own sexuality. Sex is taboo, but all marketers use it to make you buy something, it’s weird. Don’t hesitate to learn for yourself how to have healthy sex. How can Steve have healthy and safe sex? When does he learn from pornographic films or books written by sexologists?

Exercise regularly

The benefits of a workout program are that it allows you to decrease your craving for food and drugs. It also helps you be more resistant to depression and stress. And it’s not over, it optimizes your brain function too. Anyone can see the change in mood when Steve hasn’t been training for several weeks because he has a lot to do at work. He has a lot of stress and little energy.

Less time with tech

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Watching a screen for too long and a lot of times a day disrupts your melatonin production and your mindset. Melatonin is a hormone and it controls your sleep/wake phase. Sometimes it seems like Steve is looking at his cell phone every minute. And when it’s not his cell phone, it’s his laptop. The problem is that the bad effects are heavy. Sleep disturbances, depression, and mental health issues. Mobile phone use and stress, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of depression is an interesting study.

Less media

I’m sure you have already noticed. When you see media, you find a huge amount of bad news. The world seems to be hell and it’s not. Also, the worst part is that the media uses scare tactics to trick you into buying more. Reducing your daily dose of bad news reduces your stress level. There is a friend of Steve who knows all the daily news. He follows the best-known media and shares their information. I can’t stay with this guy because it’s depressing. I avoid him to protect my mindset and my happiness.

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