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Bad Fitness Advice And How You Can Stay Away

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You know that exercising several days a week is great for the body, but there is a lot of bad fitness advice. On the Internet, you have a ton of information on how to get in shape. Magazines, personal trainers, influencers and celebrities. Everyone (including me) has a few tips to help you get a better body. This is a good thing because, in the technological age, gatekeepers have less power. This means that people have access to more information.

Unfortunately, there is a downside. People have to educate themselves more than ever to avoid bad education and scams.

For example, I and Steve had a conversation on Facebook. People have a bad education with that. Since the case of the US presidential election, Facebook has been bad. Think about it, you’re using an app/software for free. You can communicate with your friends, family and even create business relationships. My question is: “How do you learn to use Facebook? Did you take a course?” The majority of the answer is “no because it’s free”. This means that if you’re using Facebook in a bad way, how do you know if you don’t have access to a professional / teacher?

It’s the same with the fitness industry. You can get free information and you can do exercise in a good way or in a bad way. When you make a mistake with Facebook, it’s not the same as making a mistake with your body. If you have an injury due to exercise, recovery may take at least 6 months.

Stay away from bad fitness advice for long-term play

bad fitness advice long term

Fitness is a long-term game and with social media, people like instant gratification. Getting in shape is a lifelong commitment. Many people use steroids to get results faster but shorten their lifespan. o not compare yourself to someone who uses steroids because it hurts your mindset. People who use steroids live in a different world, believe me. You can find videos on the bad effects of steroids on YouTube for more details.

And you know, fake people make more noise than real people, which is why you see them the most on the media. Fake people must have the money as fast as possible before others find the lie.

There are scams in every industry and the best way to avoid them the most is to educate yourself. Education allows you to have bulletproof clothing to protect your mindset and body.

When you learn a new subject, vocabulary is necessary to improve your knowledge. I wrote two articles to help you learn the definition of the most used words in fitness. It’s what words to know in the fitness (part 1) and what words to know in the fitness (part 2). Let’s get back to basics to avoid bad fitness advice.

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