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Unless you are forced to run 75 miles to go to the gym, the quote “The hardest part for going to the gym is to go to the gym” is not really true. In fact I think the hardest part is the number of minutes we spend there. Here are 8 things you must do during your workout for maximum results.

1. Use a dynamic visualization


Research shows that when you repeat mentally, kind Coue method, a task before you do it, your performance is better. And according to a study published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Functions, when you use the dynamic visualization and you repeated several times, your chances of success are higher than mental rehearsal because you see yourself doing the movement. Using dynamic visualization increases your success 10% more than mental rehearsal.

2. Follow your progress

track progress

Be honest with yourself about your progress by being meticulous in your training diary. Make a chart on the performance of your exercises with the number of reps, sets and weight to determine the weak areas that need attention and proof that you are in progress or stagnation. Make a check-up every three months to see what has been achieved, made improvements and adjustments it takes. This data can be a source of inspiration, while providing an idea of the direction you need to achieve your goals.

3. Limit distractions


You train hard, stay healthy and enjoy what you’re watching when you undressed in front of the mirror. And as you work to achieve this goal, you can also work on your mental health. How? Be disconnected.

Studies show that taking breaks to see emails, social media and SMS when you are in training isn’t beneficial to your well being. A simple way to avoid it is to configure your smartphone inAirplane Mode” so that you aren’t interrupted by alerts. If you use your phone for listening to music, adjust your message settings to have no noise or vibration if a message is received.

4. Listen your body.

listen to your body

There are times to push up the burn and there are times to listen to your body that begs you to stop what you are doing immediately. Ignoring what your body says and you will inevitably land on the disabled list.

Experiencing some pain after your workout is natural. But if you are bad for four days or if you feel something is not right, you’ll want to do a check-up. Ignore these alerts from your body that could take you to the injury and extend the time to reach your goal.


5. Remember fundamental


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete , the rule never changes: “The proper execution of the movement always prevails over the number of weight used”. People self-destruct because of poor technique. That’s why you need a solid foundation and a good technique during each rep of each set. If it fits with your goals, once the technique is mastered, you can switch to a heavier weight“.

6. Change things


Follow a program allows you to stay consistent. However, if the mood comes you to break the program and increase the intensity or change gears, do it.

Stagnation and repetition will make your body and your mind wander. Change your routine allows you to do some thing your body doesnt expect. Whether more cardio, more weight or less rest time, get up challenges to motivate and get results.

7. People look

people look

Even if you know a lot about bodybuilding and fitness, you do not know everything. When you see someone doing a variation of an exercise you’ve never seen either you ask this person what it does, or find someone qualified personnel to ask or write it down for consult later on the internet.

If you do not continue to learn as much as you can, you risk losing the interest and give up what you are doing. Just be sure that the person you give the information is a reliable person and then do your homework to check whether correct.

8. Drink more

drink more

If you’re thirsty, you’re probably already slightly dehydrated. And dehydration can affect your mental and physical performance. Your body doesnt work optimally when it is dehydrated. Water is what I use most often during my training, but water can also become boring. To change sometime , I drink sports drinks with a very low sugar levels. “


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